December 13, 2018

Winter falls during the coldest time of year, when
the days are shorter, darkness is all around you
for a longer period of time, or at least it is so
in the place upon Earth in which you live.
During the winter you are given the op-
portunity to be more introspective, more
contemplative.  Do not use this time of stillness,
of longer periods of night, to lament the lack of light.
Make the decision ~ to take the journey within ~ and once
you are within, create great light!  The wisdom, the strength,
the courage, and the love you find within, will illuminate
the periods of day, which are darker.  And The
Holy Spirit says: Do not lament
the lack of daylight
in the winter,
for this time
will pass.
Do not
let it pass
without using it
to its best advantage.
Sit in reflection,
seeking light, so you
might see The Way more clearly.
Use the season for opening the passageways within.
December 12, 2018

Know, you are living a piece of your eternal life, right now!
Many of you reading these words, or hearing these words,
say you believe. in eternal life; but, you tend to think
eternal life begins when your physical body fails,
when you come to the time of your passing;
and, this is not true, eternal life is now!
You are living your eternal life now!
Do not let this portion of eternity
slip through your fingers, going
unnoticed, unattended.  Live
eternally, now!   And The
Holy Spirit says: Your life-
time is not limited to the lifetime
you are living upon Earth.  You were
created, to live forever, and you shall.  Your
life is not limited to the body you can see now.
You are walking upon the Earth as the seen, and
the unseen, child of God, and you shall live for-
ever; therefore, do not forsake living today.
Live eternally today.  You are the seen,
and the unseen, creation of God!
December 11, 2018

It is often not easy to maintain an open heart, when
others around you are in chaos, or acting-out; but, remem-
ber My child, it is you, who must make the decision to permit
others to control you: with their anger, with their frustration,
with their dissatisfaction with the way things are happening,
or unfolding.   Do not give yourself over to the energies of
others.  Knowing this,  will help you stand,  firmly,  in My
light,  and be still,  and this will bring you peace!  And
The Holy Spirit says: Do not permit yourself to be
controlled by another's anger, or frustration.
Stand in The Light of God!   In this Way
you will be able to sing, to see The
Glory of God, to "know," The
Peace of God, when others
find themselves in turm-
oil or chaos.  Be a re-
flection of God's
Love, upon
the Ear-
December 10, 2018

the healing
power of kindness!
Every time you are kind
to another, or yourself, it has
an impact upon your health,  and
the health  of the other,  or others.
It does not take extra time to smile.
It does not take extra time to greet,
as you are passing.  It does not take
extra time to take someone's hand,
or give them a hug, or say,
"I love you."
It does not take
extra time to be kind; but,
the healing that comes forth from
kindness is overwhelmingly successful
and complete.  And The Holy Spirit says:
Kindness is a blessing upon another; there-
fore, in your kindness, you are blessing.  And
held within a blessing is a healing energy, that
is quite thorough, in the process.   Today, create
an environment of kindness; come the end of the
day, you will find that you feel the presence of
kindness, and you have come to know the
qualities of kindness, in a deeper,
and more meaningful way!
December 9, 2018
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When you need it most, the gifts will come to you,
and the gifts will include: fortitude, strength, courage
of heart, and bravery.  When you need it most, you will
feel My Presence stronger than at the times when you
did not need it.  I AM always with you;  but,  in times
of trial,  you feel My Presence,  and know, you are
My child!  And The Holy Spirit says: When you
are willing to rise-up, and embrace that
which comes to you, as yours
to do, you will have
the angels of Heaven,
and God: supporting you,
walking with you, providing every-
thing you need.  All that is necessary to
summon this majestic following is to say, "Yes!"
December 2, 2018
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When you see the signs,
hear My Whisper, and rise-up
to follow, you begin, that portion
of  your  journey  upon  the  Earth
with confidence, "knowing," who
you are, ready to complete your
destiny!  And The Holy Spirit
says: So many flounder,
wonder what
they are to do,
wander from here to there,
trying to find, what they are to do,
when all the time, the answer to
every question they have
is held within
their being.
At the core
of your being,
is a piece of God, God
that sent you forth, giving you eternal life,
to exist forever.  Seek wisdom, from The Creator, and it will
be all you need.  Do not be distracted, by the ways of the world.
Stay focused, rise-up and follow ~ The Voice ~ The Whisper, within!

November 25, 2018
See   Jesus'   Sunday   Sermon

you seek
to know more,
set your intention to live, that, which you do know;
then, when you are living that which you know now,
you will be led, step-by-step, into new revelation,
and it will be appropriate, and proper; and,
you will "know it," in your heart,
rather than in your head.
Set the intention to
live that, which
you already
know, to-
day!  And The
Holy Spirit says:
Gathering information
can become a habit, something
you do.  However, as the days of this year
you are living now draw to an end, set a course,
wherein you will begin, living, that, which you know,
not just knowing  the words,  not just identifying the
source of the information, but letting it settle within
your heart, and move through your veins, as blood,
bringing life to all extremities: fingers and toes,
and knees and elbows. Let that which, you
know, become that, which you live!

December 8, 2018

Make the time, every day, to be still, to be quiet.
Still your body, as you sit.  Still your thoughts,
by whispering My name.  Check any dis-
traction to wander to people, places,
incidents, or things, by whisper-
ing My name.  Soon, My name
will resound through your body
and spirit, as an echo, created with-
in the chamber of your sacred self; and,
you will find you are at last at peace.  And The
Holy Spirit says: When it seems as if every-
thing around you is moving too fast,
is too loud, is too harsh
be still,
and whisper
the name of God,
and God will fill you with peace!
December 7, 2018

Resist the temptation to look for the wrong, the bad, in others,
or in what others do.  Resist the temptation to look for the wrong,
the bad, in situations, which might come to you; for, it is true, that which
you seek, you will find!  Therefore, keep your thoughts on the light, on the
sublime:  look for the good, in what people say, and do; look for the good in
every situation that comes to you;  for,  that which you seek, you shall find!
And The Holy Spirit says: How you see things always comes from your per-
spective.  How you see the sunrise and the sunset changes, depending on
where you are standing.  How you see the rain, that too changes, with
your perspective.  How you see others, that changes, with your per-
spective.  Is your perspective colored ~ with bias, with prejudice,
with anger, with deep-seated hatred, ~ or, have you been able
to master  the old energies,  the negative energies,  in such
a way, that all you see is light?  That is right: you mas-
ter your destiny; you master the course of the day;
and, the course of your life!  Do not be quick
to point the finger at others.  Be wil-
ling, be responsible, stand-
up, and mas-
ter, your
December 6, 2018

a craftsman,
begins a creation,
carefully molding it, and holding it, in such a way,
that they watch what goes into their creation,
quickly eliminating any debris, or something
that might take away from the beauty of
the end-result.  A writer does the same thing,
composing a piece carefully, eliminating words that
do not add beauty ~ conciseness ~ or truth to the piece
they are writing.  And once the creator
assures her/himself
that the piece
is free from
and needless,
or incorrect, wording,
they offer it as a gift, to any
who will look,  and see,  or read.
It is a gift of love, a gift of creation;
and, it is offered to all,  who will hold it.
Let this standard be the standard you use
when creating your day!  Do it with mindful
consideration of:  your thoughts,  your words,
and your deeds.   Eliminate the debris, and of-
fer it as a gift ~ that ~ which you created!  And
The Holy Spirit says:   You are embarking upon
a new day, and the day will unfold as you guide
it, as you master the energy, which comes to
you.  Use your creative power to create
a day of great light, and then offer
it, as a gift, for all to see!
December 5, 2018

and  vigilant,  that
you do not purchase fear
from those selling fear,  that
you do not accept it, as a gift,
from those purveyors of fear.
Do not accept, or purchase,
anger,  or frustration,  or
doubt, from the sel-
lers, the pur-
veyors, of
these things,
for your strength
is within you; and, when you
are still, and listen, The Whisper
will lead you to the truth, in such a way,
that even if you are in the midst of a sea of fear,
or anger, or doubt, or any of these things, you will see
the glimmer of truth, and it will be My truth, as long as you listen to
The Voice within!  And The Holy Spirit says:  As you make your journey
over the face of the Earth, you will find that there are many who are eager to
dissuade you; some do not even know,  or recognize,  they are attempting to dis-
tract you from your path, from The Way.   Your journey upon Earth is not a boring
trip; it is the greatest adventure of this lifetime, and it is yours; but, it is also your re-
sponsibility to avoid the negative, and hold to the positive; turn your head, and let it be.
December 4, 2018

send you
My love; and,
once you embrace it,
you live in peace, and meet every bit of chaos,
created in the world of man with a calm presence.
Be at peace, and do not surrender your peace, for
it will bring you comfort; and, in the peace and
comfort of My love, you will know My ways,
all the days you walk upon the Earth,
until I welcome you Home!
And The Holy Spirit
says: Before
you open
your mouth
to speak, be still!
Often, once you are
in stillness, you close
your mouth, and rest
your tongue, and
let it be,
trusting that
the love of God
is with thee, knowing
words pale in the wisdom of God,
for the wisdom of God is love, and peace;
therefore, walk in God's love, and know God's peace!
December 3, 2018

you will hear Me;
in stillness, you will feel My presence
with thee; and, in this sacred communion
you will come to know Me,
and know My ways.
And The Holy
Spirit says:
When you sit
in the presence
of God, the wisdom
of God fills you, and anoints you,
in such a way, that when you rise-up, you
are ready, you are prepared, to carry His love
into the day; and, as you walk along The Way, all
you pass are blessed, recognizing the love of God
has passed, and will remain with them, as you go!

December 1, 2018

When I tap you on the shoulder, and say, "Rise-
up, to meet the glory, of your destiny,"
do not encumber your ascension
with all the reasons why
it might not work, or
it cannot work; for,
when you are called,
and you rise-up to follow,
The Way is made clear for you,
by My hand over you and before you!
And The Holy Spirit says:  When there is a
stirring, from deep within you, and The Whis-
per becomes as clear as an echo, resounding
from mountain to mountain, it is time.  Do
not impede your journey by listening to
those who say, "It cannot be done."
When God calls you it is time to
rise, and fly upon the wings
of The Dove. Let no "if,"
block The Way!  Let no
"doubt," cloud the day!

November 30, 2018

You are where you are for a reason;
therefore, look around, assess the situation,
resolve all issues, and move forward joyfully.
Do not set a course wherein you are less happy
in any one place; for the truth is happiness and
joy are from within!  And The Holy Spirit says:
You can be in a castle, or you can be in a shed,
you can be walking in a meadow, or on a city
street, but you are just as happy one place
or the other as soon as you remember,
happiness and joy are created
from with-

November 29, 2018

Do not
be afraid
of rejection,
angry retorts, hurt feel-
ings, or any other experience
which throws a cloak of shadow upon you.
Dismiss these things immediately, as you do not
have to incorporate them into your being at all.
Send them from you.  Do not be afraid to lift-up
your voice in song.  Do not be afraid to express
compassion and love.  Do not be afraid to dis-
pense mercy.  Do not be afraid to dance
in the light.  Do not  be afraid  to ex-
press the love I send to you; for,
this fear will rob you, of the
glory, of all you can do!
My child, do not be afraid
of the shadow or the darkness;
for,  you can send them from you!
Do not be afraid of living  in  My light,
openly,  completely,  and  fully;  for,  that  is
your destiny!  Do not be afraid!  And The Holy
Spirit says:  There are many faces of fear: fear of
the dark side  fear of the shadows,  and these are,  al-
most,  easier to address,  than the fear of  embracing the
light, and walking in it,  no matter  what others say is right.
Do not be afraid to live in the light of God, and do not be af-
raid to be a sign of love, and peace, and compassion!   Even
when tongues wag, against you, stand in the light of God!

November 28, 2018

standing upon a stage,
and then imagine each scenario coming to you,
and you mastering the scene; and, as each scenario
comes to you, and goes from you, you make your way
through the play, growing more comfortable in the role
that is yours; and, confidence grows within you, and
the spotlight grows brighter around you; and soon,
you see the glory, life can be, as you master
all that comes to thee!  And The
Holy Spirit says: At
the present time
you are holding
the main role
in the play
that is your life.
Choose to be brave;
choose to kind; choose
to be bold and courageous;
choose to be loving,  and compas-
sionate!  Play your role with enthusiasm!
Prepare ~ for the next act, for the next scene
confident ~ that the lines you speak will be perfect
for the part you are playing, because you have chosen
to let The Holy Spirit be your Director!  You are the star,
and your life is the play.  Now, rise-up and go forward, today!

November 27, 2018

is available,
in unrestricted, and
unconfined, proportions, for all
those who will open and receive it.
You will find great peace of mind, if
you will practice doing the same,
and blessing those around you
with My name, with My
love for you.  And
The Holy Spirit says:
When you reach the place
where you can bless,  in the
face of a curse, then  you will
find, you are living a contented
life ... you will find ... you are at
peace, sitting in the lap of God!

November 26, 2018

is better
to turn your head
from the chatter, and the clamor, of words,
coming from others, telling you what you should do,
and choose to sit quietly, in The Presence of God,
to be filled with The Light of God, so
you know exactly, what
you should do,
what you are
meant to do.
And The Holy
Spirit says: When
looking  for  guidance,
trust The Hand of God, and
it  will  lead  you,  safely,  Home!

to every man, woman,
and child, on Earth, everyday!
And at The Quiet Place, we conclude
our morning prayers with these words asking
God, what we should know, today: "Our Creator,
God, what is it that You wish for us to know, today?"

God says: