February 12, 2017
See Jesus' Sunday Sermon

are My child;
you are a miracle; you
were created to live, forever;
you are upon Earth for a brief time,
and then you will return Home; at the present
time you are on a journey, the journey of your lifetime.
Live your life, upon Earth, as if you know, you are My child;
live your life, as if you know you will live forever; live your life
by being the miracle; live your life by delivering the miracle.
And The Holy Spirit says:  Let this day be the day you announce to
the world who you are, by the love you carry within you,
by the love  you deliver  to others.  Let this day, be
the day you exchange all fear for confidence
in "knowing," you are a child of God.
Let this day  be the day,  you
deliver  the  miracle
of love to the
February 4, 2017

your physical body
is racked with pain, or disease; stop,
be quiet, and be still!  Open to My healing light,
and let it fill you, until you feel the light within you.
Then, come the night, you will find, you are better
in every way!  Let My light heal you,
and make you whole!
And The Holy Spirit says:
Many times, the
state of peace,
which is the gift,
which is a derivative
of love... and light... God's
healing light,  is the state  in which
you  know  you  are  healed,  and  you  know
you are whole, as you are meant to be, at that time, and
in that piece of eternity;  and,  this brings comfort  to know
you are exactly where you are to be, and you are on your way,
to where you are to go.  Let there be peace!  Let there light!  Let
there be healing!  Let it be that you are made whole!  Let it be so!

February 5, 2017
See  Jesus'  Sunday  Sermon

As you grow, you mature.  As
you study, and learn, and practice
you open to more, and more; until,
truth is with you; and, in you!   And
The Holy Spirit says: I was sent to deliver
the messages!  I was sent, so that you
might know the truth! I was sent to
all beings of Earth.   I was sent
so  you  would  not  be  a-
lone.  I was
January 30, 2017

not be
by your Earth
experience, in any way.
See the beginning of each day
as a window, of opportunity; for, it is
a window, a portal, looking-out to forever.
My child, I cannot emphasize this enough;
yet,  I do,  bring it to your attention, often.
You are going to create this day, and it will be
what you create it to be!  Set your intention
first; and the best way to accomplish the
goal is set your intention while sitting
with Me! In this way, your everyday
experience will be sublime; and,
sacred!  And The Holy Spirit says:
When you begin, and end,
each day with prayer,
you rid yourself
of all despair,
and frustration,
and yes, anger too.
You forgive all things, and
begin anew; for, you do not wish to
carry these burdens  into the day,  or
the night with you.  Right now, set the
intention for the day, you are going to
create, and bless it, with your prayer.

Jan.  29,  2017
See Jesus' Sunday Sermon

Greet Me
with enthusiasm
for  every  day.   No day
should be dreaded, or met with
anxiety.  Every day is worthy.  When
you meet Me,  first,  I will show you "The
Way,"  to create every day, so it is significant,
a shining ray of hope, and glory, worthy to be ad-
ded to the procession of the eternal days, created by
you; for, once they are created, they live forever!  So,
what shall we do with the day today?  And The Holy Spirit
says: Every day is significant!  Every day brings an op-
portunity.  Every day  opens the doorway  to what
you will create.  You have the ability to create
a significant day,  worthy,  in every way,
to join the procession of eternity.
Meet with God;  and,  God
will  show  you,  The
Way, and how to
create the

January 22, 2017
See Jesus' Sunday Sermon

not let
the thoughts,
the words, the actions,
of others, become the measuring stick
for you.  Do not meet aggression, and tyranny,
with the same.  Let your goal be peace; and, let peace
emanate from your body, from your soul, and from
your spirit.  Do not be swayed by what others are
doing, or saying.  Hold peace within your being.
And The Holy Spirit says:  When you find you are walking
through times of turmoil, chaos, and confusion, seeming
to be the rule of the day, move inward, refuse to be swayed
by what is happening around you; knowing
that Heaven is within you, go
there.  Find your peace
in the lap of

February 18, 2017

Could it be,
after days of toiling,
of  working  diligently,  that
you have come to a day: for leisure,
for laughter, for singing, for looking around
and seeing the beauty, that is with you; and then,
in recognizing the beauty around you and with you,
reaching the realization, that the beauty is you?
Today, be leisurely. Today, be at peace.  And
The Holy Spirit says: It is with great joy
that you turn around,
and realize that
you have arrived
at the place, you have
reached the date, you are
about to celebrate the day, that
has been set aside, for leisure, and play!

February 17, 2017

is not
the length
of the journey,
but the substance
of  the journey,  that
tells the story.   And The
Holy Spirit says: It is not the
length of the lifetime, but
the substance of the life-
time, that tells the

February 16, 2017

every smile
you  write  your  own
prescription for happiness!
With every song, you write
your own prescription
for joy!  With every
dance, you write
your own pre-
scription for
health!  And
The Holy Spirit says: Be
a fountain of: forgiveness,
compassion and understanding,
and  you will find  the prescription
for strength, in the waters you create!

February 15, 2017

it be
let the bells
chime, and ring-out;
let the great proclamation go forth
resounding over Earth, echoing into Heaven,
reverberating through the hallways of eternity,
continuing down the corridors of all time;
you are My child!  And The Holy Spirit
says: From revelation
to acceptance,
you are ask-
ed to go.
is revealed
unto you, you are
a child of God, celebrate, enjoy,
and live forever in the love of God.  Your
inheritance is eternal life, live it in love, and joy!

Happy Valentines Day
February 14, 2017

Every time you create
thoughts of love, you stand
on the doorstep of Heaven.  And
The Holy Spirit says: Every time you
sprinkle seeds of love over the
soil of Earth, with your
words you walk
in the fields
of Hea-
February 13, 2017

a thought
is not created
within the energies
of love and light, reject it,
and do the same when choosing
your words, and your actions, and
your deeds.  Good ~ comes ~ from good.
Love, comes from love.  And light, comes
from light.  Peace, comes, from the good
created within light, and love.  And The
Holy Spirit says: Hatred does not give
birth to love.  Anger does not
give birth to peace.
does not
give birth
to compassion.
Be vigilant, regarding
your thoughts, words, and deeds.
Create in love, and light, and you will know peace!
February 11, 2017

what ailment
you had to face,
what injury you had to
endure, whether these things
might have been physical, or spiritual, or emotional,
you begin to see the light, and begin to know The Way;
when you realize, because you have been sitting with Me:
you are better, you are lighter, and you are ready to face
the new day!  Do not go wandering here and there,
in misery.  Stop, and sit with Me,
in prayer, and you will rise-up
in victory; for, we will heal
all things, together, as
we are one.  And The
Holy Spirit says:
takes longer
than at other times;
and, it is in the longer times, that
you are required to be still, and quiet, for
a period of time.  In fact, the period of time
is regulated by how you hear, and listen, and
know, accept and embrace the truth that God
is with you, that you are not alone, that there is
nothing, that cannot be made right and whole.
Take the time to put faith, and trust, into
action, and you will watch it grow!
February 10, 2017

your thoughts
as if you are in sacred communion
with Me, as if we stand together
in The Cathedral of Eternity.
Do not let your thoughts wander
to any less.  Let your thoughts create,
and let your creation be noble.
And The Holy Spirit says:
there comes
the temptation
to allow your thoughts
to become more as a courtroom
for judgment, than a Heaven, divine,
where you are blessing all things.  As you
elevate your thoughts, lifting-them-up, as, an of-
fering to God, you feel lighter, your entire body feels
lighter, because you are creating light!  Do not give-in
to the temptations of shadow, or darkness.  You are the
creator, you are the creator of this day!  Therefore: let
your thoughts, say beautiful things;  let your thoughts
create magnificent blessings; let your thoughts give
sublime  forgiveness,  to yourself,  and others;
let your thoughts sing-out, in praise
of the glory of God.
February 9, 2017

When you are feeling low,
or sick... or ill... or you are injured,
do not spend the time focusing on the pain,
or the sickness,  or the illness.   Use the time,
while you are infirm,  to focus on  the present
moment, blessing all things that come to you.
Use it as a time of sacred silence.  Use it for
anything, other than, focusing on: your
pain, your misery, your discontent.
Use it as  an opportunity:  to see
and know, and be in the pre-
sent moment;  for  I AM
there, with you!  And
The Holy Spirit says:
When you find
you are stop-
ped from
from your
daily activities,
due to something
beyond your control,
such as illness, or sickness,
or injury, it might help to remember
that God is there, with thee.  Listen, use the time
to be taught, and then the healing time will be the learning time.
It is possible to find joy in every situation.  Be at peace, and be with God!
February 8, 2017

Resist the temptation to speak-ill of anyone:
even if that one,  you feel,  has spoken-ill  of you;
even if you feel that one has trespassed against you.
See the temptation for what it is.  Do not give-in to
the ego.  Do not feel you can rise-above, by step-
ping-on another.  Resist  the temptation  to
speak ill of another!  Rather, in that
time of temptation, sit with Me,
and I will fuel you, with the
manna, of Heaven; and
as we speak, you will
find your desire
to speak-ill, of
another, fades,
in our union.  And The
Holy  Spirit  says:  The  world
teaches you to speak-up, to say
what is on your mind, take a stand.
I encourage you: to speak-up to God;
to take a stand in the light of God; to resist
the temptation to belittle another, for any reason
whatsoever; for, your strength is standing-in the light
of God, and your courage is found by speaking, with God!
February 7, 2017

Do not let your present circumstances, leave you in a state
of despair.  Do not feel dejected, no matter what has occurred;
for, when the world rejects you, turn to Me; for I will not reject
thee.  And, in the quiet, as we sit, I will fill you with purpose, and
wisdom; and you will use that, of the present moment, to create a
future, filled with light; and you will be guided, into that light,
through the wisdom, we share; for there is no situation be-
yond repair.  No matter what is waiting at your door
it is a lesson, and so much more.  Be at peace,
see the truth, and walk The Way.
And The Holy Spirit says:
There are times in your life
when you feel that what has been
done, cannot be repaired, and you lose faith,
and you fall into a pit of darkness and shadow.  And
this is trickery.  There is no need for you to be in dark-
ness.  Accept the situation.  Rise to the occasion.  Learn
the lesson, and move forward, wearing the wisdom
of the present, as you move into tomorrow! 
February 6, 2017

Whenever you see
someone who is lonely,
dejected, heart-sick, filled
with sorrow, or grief, hurt,
or injured,  in any way,  let
them know  My light,  and
love, and peace through
you.  And The Holy Spirit
says: There are
many times
during the day,
when you have an
opportunity to deliver
the presence of God to another.
Pay attention; do not pass-up this op-
portunity; because, as you touch, another,
God's  Sacred  Light  passes  through  you,  to
them; and you, too, are healed, and made whole!
February 3, 2017

You have heard this,
and you know it, intellectually; but
now, it is time for you to live it, spiritually!
You create with your thoughts; and with your words,
you bring your creation into the third dimension; and
your deeds confirm your words, which announce to the
world, what you have been thinking.  What are you
saying to those around you?  What are you
announcing to the world?  And The
Holy Spirit says: Let
your thoughts
be of the outpouring
of Heaven.  Let your words
caress  those  around  you,  and
move-out  into the world,  delivering
grace, and blessings.  And let your deeds
announce that wherever you go, and what-
ever you do, there too, is Heaven, with you!

February 2, 2017

You cannot return to Heaven, carry-
ing  things,  of  the  material  world;  but
you can go into the material world, carrying
the things of Heaven!  And The Holy Spirit says:  There
are objects, and energies, which can only be held, main-
tained, in certain areas, certain dimensions; and then, on
the other hand, the eternal energies, the things of Spirit,
can go anywhere,  into any world,  into any dimension,
because  ~  they are, and have, eternal worth  ~  and
value. Today, spend some time considering, what
energies,  and  things,  you  value;  and,
be quick to dismiss the others;
for, they no longer
serve you

February 1, 2017

It is time for our relationship to grow, beyond the initial stages
of friendship; it is time for our relationship to grow beyond the
teachings about God, about Me.  It is time for our relationship
to move into that very unique and personal place: where the
first thing you do, when the first thing you consider, is
that you should sit, and talk, with Me!   It is time
for us to speak, and in the speaking, develop
wisdom, within you!  It is time to move
from childhood!  It is time
to mature.  And The
Holy Spirit
are stages, in
every relationship!  First, it is
simple, just getting to know a name, a lit-
tle bit about someone.  And if this peaks your interest
you move to another stage where you exchange information
about each other; and, you begin to speak on the heart level, and
you not only begin to know, what they do, in the material world, but
you know what is written on their heart because of  the sharing involv-
ed as the relationship grows; and, as the relationship continues to mel-
low and mature, there comes the time when there is no need of speak-
ing; for, your hearts are intertwined, and there is "The Knowing."

January 31, 2017

you think
you can, you
begin to see; when
you  know you can, you
begin to be.  And The Holy Spirit
says: When you begin, each day,
with prayer:  you rise-up,  filled
with grace, and a blessing, from
your Creator, God; you rise-up
with a commission to go forth,
and do!  And, in the rising-
up, you find, you know
what God wants
you to do;
and, in "The
Knowing," it is all
created.  Let this day,
begin with prayer; ask for
guidance, and it will be there;
then take The Word, and give it life.

January 28, 2017

are realms
of eternal reality
that are available to you,
even as you walk upon the Earth; but
to gain entrance, to come into the realization
of their presence with you, there are things you must
do, and the things you must do, only require you: to be
still; to be quiet; and to be open to all the possibilities;
to refuse to be held in bondage, by limitation, or
boundaries, of what is real, and what is a-
round you.  Today, you are ready
to embrace the truth.
Heaven is with you!
Heaven is in you, and
all around you; Heaven is
near to you.  Realization of this,
will bring you to a new way of living;
and, the new way of living will be known
to  you  as  "The Way."  And The Holy Spirit says:
Do not deny, the possibilities;  for, in the recognit-
ion, comes "The Knowing," that they are with you!

January 27, 2017

for the good
in  all  things;  and
even  when  it  lies  dormant,
it will rise-up.  Look for the light
in  all  things;  and  the  flicker
will  become  the  flame.  And
The Holy Spirit says: Be the
inspiration, for
good, and

January 26, 2017

you under-
take "the trying,"
you begin "the doing;"
for,  there  will  come  a  time
when the trying, becomes the doing.
And The Holy Spirit says:  If it is important enough
to try; then, it is important enough to do.  Do not let
the dream slip away, before the trying, becomes the doing!

January 25, 2017

do not
know, what
today will bring
to  your  doorstep;
but,  if you will work
with Me, we will meet
that, which is upon
your doorstep,
and together, we
will  shape  another
day in eternity!  And The
Holy  Spirit  says:  Embrace  the
new day, with the understanding
that it will be what you create it to be.

January 24, 2017

Stop, and take the time,
to listen to the one who seeks
your company, in time of need;
for it is in this way that you bless
another by your presence; and My
Presence is felt through you!  And
The Holy Spirit says: Even in the bus-
iest of days,  you can find  the
time,  to help  another  a-
long the way.  Take
the... time... to
show The

January 23, 2017

In the
for  the  one
who is  unsure,
there is  a journey
into something "un-
known."  In the begin-
ning for the one who is
confident,  and  sure,
there is  the jour-
ney into some-
thing un-
And The Holy Spirit says:
In the beginning, there
is what you will make
of it; the unknown,
will become
the seen,
and the unseen,
will become the known!

to every man, woman,
and child, on Earth, everyday!
And at The Quiet Place, we conclude
our morning prayers with these words asking
God, what we should know, today: "Our Creator,
God, what is it that You wish for us to know, today?"

God says: