April  9,  2017
See Jesus' Sunday Sermon

when chaos
seems to "reign
supreme," and angry
voices shout-out, cursing,
you will find, if you are willing
to turn your head from the frustration
and anger, that "silence," will be your san-
ctuary, "prayer," will be your refuge, and "wis-
dom,' will be the gift you bear.  And The Holy Spirit says:
Silence is sacred; silence is something you can always find
if you will take the time to set yourself aside  from the world
created by man,  and walk in The Garden, created by the hand
of God!  Be still and you will feel The Presence with you and wis-
dom will be your reward, and peace, will be the garment you wear!

April 15, 2017

I will show you The Way.  I will feed you,
so that you will not hunger.  I will clothe you,
so you are warm,  and protected.   I will give you
shelter,  so you have a place  to be  still.   I will show
you the wonders of Earth as you walk with Me.  Your
life is the greatest adventure!  And The Holy Spirit says:  At
the present time, you are in human form; but your spirit
is with you; therefore, in this present piece of eternity
you have the golden opportunity to experience life
in human form, and spirit form!  This truly is
a gift!   Use it ~ to ~ its fullest potential!
You are spirit, first;  but,  for a
while,  you are  also  hu-
man!  Use this

April 14, 2017

you establish
and maintain your
relationship with Me, your
walk upon the Earth will be different,
for I will be with thee, all along The Way.
Fear will not invade your space.
Doubt will not creep around
you; for, trust and faith,
will be the lights that lead you,
and we will walk, and you will see,
and in the seeing will come the knowing.
And The Holy Spirit says: When you "know,"
there is no doubt; therefore, spend
this day, upon the Earth,
living-in The

April 13, 2017

you know
the origin, of
your birth, then,
you will be able to understand
the illusions of Earth; for, My child,
your human experience is temporary, and
fleeting; you are a being of eternity; and
you were created to live, forever,
to experience forever!  Do not
limit yourself, now.
Live, as if
you know,
this!  And The
Holy Spirit says:
It is possible for you to live
upon the Earth, as "an eternal being,"
without fear, without doubt, without hesitation;
therefore, throw your head back, and sing with joy,
for God created you, each one, to live forever.  Live!

April 12, 2017

Once you remember your important,
your unique, place, in The Divine Plan,
then, you rise-up, with confidence!  Doubt
no longer plagues you, because you "know."
To gain this confidence, to remember who you
are, it is necessary to spend some time with Me;
for I will talk to thee, and I will tell you the story
of who you are, without hesitation, because you
are My child!  And The Holy Spirit says: The ways
of the world created by man can be tricky,
leave you frustrated, wandering
in doubt.  The only Way
to keep yourself
in the state
of confidence,
is to talk, with God, and ask;
for, in the asking, it shall be given
unto you!  But first, you must knock, so
that the door is open to you.  The connection
is always there, but you must activate the com-
munication.  Ask ~ and it shall be given ~ unto you!

April 11, 2017

the sun, as
it rises, rise too;
see the sun as it shines,
shine too; see the day as it unfolds,
unfold too; for, I call you to rise, and to shine, and
to unfold.  You are My child, and you have stories to be told,
paths to be experienced, and adventures, which hold the glory
of your days upon Earth.  And The Holy Spirit says: Let every day,
upon the Earth, be an adventure, filled with excitement,
and laughter, rising, and shining, and unfolding;
for you too, can do all that Jesus did do;
but, it takes confidence, and
a desire to do so.
Rise-up, and shine,
so that your adventure does
unfold, like the day set before you.

April 10, 2017

When the ways of the world are troubling, I will show you trust.
When  the ways of the world are challenging,  I will show you confidence.  When the ways of the world are hurtful, I will
show you love, and kindness, and generosity.  I will show
these things,  so that you might grow,  in these things,
so that no matter what you encounter,  you are the
example of trust, and confidence, and strength,
and courage, and love, compassion, and un-
derstanding.   And The Holy Spirit says:  Do not
give in to  the ways of the world,  and fall
into the net,  and the webs, of shadow,
and darkness; for you carry, with-
in you a guidebook, written by
the hand of God; and, it is
within your being, that
you will find trust,
courage, confi-
dence, and
Rise-up, and
walk, into the world,
for you are ready, and the hand
of  God  is with  you.   Rise-up,  and  walk!

April 8, 2017

It is best, to wake, and rise-up slowly,
moving into the day confidently, gain-
ing strength, and momentum, as you go,
accomplishing your tasks, then beginning
to go slower, as night approaches.  It is
a cycle.  And The Holy Spirit says:
It is best
not to rise-up
on the run; but to
rise-up, slowly, and
see the day has begun;
and walk into it, with con-
fidence, that you are not alone.

April 7, 2017

not be-
moan the winds
of change, as the winds of change
bring growth.  And The Holy Spirit says:
To grow, there must be change. When
you are willing to change, you are
ready for growth.  It is a sign;
and right now,
you are

April 6, 2017

I send you the words, and guide you,
so that you might see The Way; but,
in order for you to know The Way,
and walk The Way, your desire
to follow The Way, must
override your desire
to follow ego.
And The Holy Spirit says:
Words, and guidance are of little value
until they are put to practice,
every day practice.
the words,
following the
guidance, will lead you
to knowing, and walking The Way.

April 5, 2017

Do not hurl words like stones and rocks,
meant to hurt or harm, others; rather,
choose your words wisely; and, then,
sprinkle them upon The Wind, as
seeds of love!  Be mindful, of
what you say, today.  And
The Holy Spirit says: Your
words are as
the gardens,
they can be things
of beauty, they can be seeds
of: joy, contentment, and happiness;
but, your words have the ability to sting,
and hurt, as well.  So choose wisely what you
say; and speak the seeds of joy, and love, today!

April 4, 2017

the day, as
it comes to you
in confidence,  and
in faith, "knowing," I AM
there, with you!  And The Holy Spirit
says:   If you believe, that God is with you
then: what you think is altered; what you speak
is up-lifted; and, what you do is sacred, in every way!

April 3, 2017

If you have it, give it, when you are asked.
Love ~ with all of your heart; and ~ when you are
confronted with anger or malice, turn the other cheek;
for you shall be known by these signs: charity, love, and
peace! And The Holy Spirit says: Do not permit anger to invade
your peace.  Do not allow, or permit, greed to stop you
from giving.  Do not lock-up your heart, when you
have the opportunity to "know love," by giving
love.  These things are the cornerstones of
the new teaching, The New Covenant!
And  when  you  believe,  and hold
them as guideposts,  you be-
come a cornerstone, you
become a strong
pillar, for

April 2, 2017
See Jesus' Sunday Sermon

Do not
permit, or allow,
the voices of darkness,
and shadow, to consume you
from within; for, they can be whisked
away, with your thoughts, and your prayers!
Sit with Me, today; and, I will teach you how
it is done, I will teach you, that we are One!
And The Holy Spirit says: When you are vigilant,
you are quick to notice your thoughts
getting heavy, and this is
the time to be still,
and sweep
those thoughts
from you.  Will
them, gone; and,
they shall be gone.
Bless all you are thinking
about, and it shall be blessed.
Be patient, for God is with you.

April 1, 2017

you have
the opportunity
to rest, rest; because,
a body rested, is a body that
will fend-off germs, and disease.
A body rested will be less likely
to fall to temptations,
to be frustrated,
or impatient,
or to lose
A body
rested is
a body as
it is meant to be.
And The Holy Spirit says:
It is important to remember
that there is a time for everything;
and, as there are days which call you
to labor, to work diligently, there are days
that whisper, "Come, and sit, and be still, and
feel The Presence with you, and just let it be."

March 31, 2017

might try
to teach you
to see things, or people, one way;
but, I will show you how to see,
and know, in a sublime,
and divine way.
And The Holy
Spirit says:
There are
many ways
to see; there are
many ways to know;
but, when you see, and
know, in the ways of God,
your life changes, completely;
and, you understand, and grow; you
grow, by the hand of God, and you are free!

March 30, 2017

is a deep peace
that comes with knowing
you are doing My will, for My will
is that The Divine Plan unfold; and,
you My child, are a unique piece of
The Divine Plan; you have a place
in The Divine Plan.  And The
Holy Spirit says:
When you
hesitate, or
are in doubt
that you are doing
The Will of God, be still,
and ask.  The answer will come
in a flow,  or  a rush  of peace,  and
you will know.  Perhaps you cannot see
all of   The Divine Plan,  as it unfolds;  but,
you can know, your peace of The Divine Plan.

Mar. 29, 2017

Do not lament your past.
Do not be concerned, about
what you did, or did not do; for,
your lifetime is filled with lessons,
which are always coming to you.
Lessons are the threshold:
to the completion
of your story;
to the
of your mission;
to understanding the glory
of All That Is.  And The Holy Spirit says:
When you truly awaken, you see all things
in a positive light: they are either shining
with the glory of God; or, they are the
symbols, and lessons, and signs,
which are the threshold,
showing The Way
to the glory
of God.
See all things
in a positive light.

Mar. 28, 2017

will never know
the full glory of the signs
around you, until you: practice
the signs, use the signs, and are led by
the signs.  And The Holy Spirit says: If you have a car
in your garage, but you have not learned how to drive the car,
the car is of little use to you.  If you practice, and learn to drive the car,
the car will take you far, much farther than you can go, on your feet, walk-
ing.  It is the same with the signs from God that are all around you!  Do not
leave them parked in the garage.  Open the door, take them-out, and pract-
ice; and, as you practice using the signs around you, the signs sent from
God will take you far, much farther than you can go, on your own.

Mar. 27, 2017

Do not
give-up hope,
even when all around you
there appears to be a perilous chasm,
too deep  to fathom;  or  a steep mountain,
impossible to climb; for, I have sent unto you
messengers, angels, to show you The Way!  So,
if you are tempted to doubt, and fear, today,
be still, and know, they are with you; and
then, ~ listen, and rise-up ~ and go
where  you  are  led,
it will lead you
away from the chasm,
and  off  of  the  mountain,
and you will be happy, instead.
And The Holy Spirit says:  Be quick to ig-
nite the flames of your faith, with trust.
While it might appear that all is lost, it
is not; for within you, all can be found!

Mar. 26, 2017, See
and Hear, Jesus' Sunday Sermon

which is taught
out of fear, or anger,
bears the fruit of fear,
and anger.  That which
is taught out of love,
and compassion,
bears the
of love,
and compassion.
And The Holy Spirit says:
When you teach a child,
using the instruments of fear,
and anger, the child dwells with-
in fear, and anger.  When you teach
a  child,  within  love,  and  compassion,
the child dwells within love, and compassion.

March 25, 2017

you come
to the place
where you can
forgive all things,
then,  and  only  then,
you  will  find  you judge
no thing, no person, no one.
You will find your heart open,
filled with My love, and compas-
sion, for all things,  and all people;
and  in that state,  you will see,  and
know.   And The Holy Spirit says:   Be content
to walk  your path,  to work with your mis-
sion. Be vigilant so that you are not tempted
to wander onto the path of another,  or to be
drawn into the mission of another. Keep the
goal, within your sight, and you will not be
tempted to meddle in this, or that, or with
another.   Be forgiving in all things, and
you will find your way to a life with-
out judgment, and you will find
that you are loving,
and understanding, as
God, your Creator, is loving,
compassionate, and understanding!

March 24, 2017

not let
pass you by:
Look,  and  see,
and know, and love,
that you are alive; for
My child, you are alive,
forever!  And The Holy Spirit
says: Notice all things, and
you will soon know, the
song of The Wind;
and from
the knowing,
you will sing the song,
and from the song, you will
know the dance;  and,  upon
The Wind you will find The Way!

March 23, 2017

When you look into the new day,
look with wonder, eager to see,
what will come your way; for,
therein, waits the adventure.
And The Holy Spirit says: Gather all
that is good, within you, and go-
out to live the new day, making it
a grand adventure,
for it is the
of your life-
time, waiting for
you, to fill the pages,
and announce each chapter!

March 22, 2017

Let today be the day
you measure your words
before  speaking,  so  that
the cup, you offer others
is full of kindness, and
generosity.  And The
Holy Spirit says:
are most often
rewarded, with respect.

March 21, 2017

are not
you will be
tempted into
the sea of gossip
where no good thing
washes-up on the shore.
And The Holy Spirit says: Fill your
words, with mercy, and compas-
sion.  Understanding will follow;
and wisdom will be your reward!

March 20, 2017

the rain falls,
it cleans the earth;
when the sun shines,
it warms the earth.
Your tears are as
the rain,
smile is
as the sun. And
The Holy Spirit says:
All will be cleansed
and made whole;  it is
the  promise  of  the  rain,
and the fulfillment of the Son!

March 19, 2017
See Jesus' Sunday Sermon

With the dawn of each new day,
a great opportunity comes your way.
It is the opportunity to create perfection.
Do not close your ears to The Word, do not
close your mind to the possibility; for I say
unto you, at the core of your being, is a
piece of Me, the piece of Me, that
created you, and therein, is
perfection!  And The
Holy Spirit says:
of the most
important things, you
can do,  is to take  each day,
hour by hour,  and let God's love,
and power, flow through you, bringing
Heaven upon Earth! Do not look ahead to
tomorrow.  Create Heaven, on Earth, today!

to every man, woman,
and child, on Earth, everyday!
And at The Quiet Place, we conclude
our morning prayers with these words asking
God, what we should know, today: "Our Creator,
God, what is it that You wish for us to know, today?"

God says: