May 13, 2017

you are
upon the Earth
right now, you were
given "the opportunity,"
to travel to Earth, to do good,
to lift-up the vibrations of Earth,
to bring it in-line with Home.  Therefore,
if your thoughts are not of good, be still, and
pray; if your words are not good, speak not this day;
if your deeds do not hold, and embody, goodness, be still,
do not move.  And The Holy Spirit says: When you awaken, you know
the sacredness of life upon Earth, and there is nothing you would do
to create anything other than light, and love, and peace.  This day,
clear your thoughts, harken to the words you say, and let your
deeds be glorious,
in every

May 12, 2017

You can have a car in good running order;
but unless you fuel the car, and use the key
to start the car, the car will not take you any-
where; it is of little use to you, even though it is
there.   You can live in a house; but, until you flip
the switch and permit the electricity to flow, you live
in darkness, everywhere; it is of little use to you, even
though it is there.  You can have access to water; but,
until you turn the handle of the faucet, releasing
the water to run into your home, you cannot
drink, you cannot bathe; it is of little use
to you, even though it is there.  You
are upon the Earth; but, until
you connect, with your
eternal Home, and
walk with
and respect,
for your Mother Earth,
you cannot complete your mission
successfully!  You are a being of spirit!
You are upon the Earth,  for a reason;  but,
you will not be able  to complete  your mission,
totally, until you make all the connections, flip, all
the switches, turn all the knobs, and use what is avail-
able for you!  And The Holy Spirit says: Make it your intention to
use all that is available for you to use today; and you will see
the glory,  all around you;  it will never be the same,  when
you connect with Home, connect with Earth, and live!

May 11, 2017

As you awaken, you will find it possible to see the unseen,
as well as the seen!  Those who are still sleeping, cannot see
the unseen; so they must acknowledge it by faith alone; but,
once you have awakened, and you are able to see, then, you
are able to embrace the touch, and receive the words, and
to walk the Earth, "knowing," you are not alone!  And
The Holy Spirit says: Do not restrict  your lifetime to what
you are experiencing now, in a brief time; for, you
truly are an eternal being; and this experience
of Earth, is fleeting, temporary; but what
awaits you, is eternal, and forever!
When you awaken, and know
this, your experience of
all time is enhanc-
ed, and glori-
fied, and

May 10, 2017

You have risen-up to receive.
Receive the gift, of the new day.
See it, as a garden, the soil is turned,
and prepared to receive; now, it is yours!
What will you sew, what will you plant, in the
garden of this day?  Let your thoughts be the flowers
that you select,  carefully,  and set in their place,  tenderly.
Let your words be as the seeds of the plants which will feed you,
the vegetables: beans, and cabbages, and tomatoes, leafy salad
greens, squash, all manner of vegetables, created from your
words, which will feed you.  Let your deeds be as the good
gardener, tending the flowers, and the vegetables,
pulling the weeds from the garden,
picking-up the rocks, and
moving them.
Today is set
before you, as
an empty garden.
What will you sew, what
will you plant?  And The Holy Spirit says:
Create your thoughts, as beautiful bouquets.
Let your words be food, feeding, not destroying.
Let your deeds tend these things, all through the day.

May 9, 2017

Temptations, of
darkness,  and  shadow,
are  even  more  threatening
than a gun,  or a knife,  or a fist;
it takes courage and bravery to resist
the gun, or the knife, or the fist; it takes
great wisdom  to resist the temptations,  of
darkness,  and shadow;   but, as long as  you
do not bite, from the apple, of the temptation,
then the temptation  cannot harm you, or hurt
you at all!  It requires intention, vigilance, dil-
igence, and a constant presence "in the light."
Once you see it,  and know it,  stand-up in the
light!    And The Holy Spirit says: That which arrives
on your doorstep,  in the shape,  or the form,  of
a temptation, comes, for a reason; the reason
is that it is yours to master!  See it know it
and choose the light!  In this way you
master, the temptation, and be-
gin to enjoy the day; and,
look eagerly toward
the night!

May 8, 2017

will choose
the experience of
this day.  The choice
is made in the creation
which stems from you.
Focus on the beauty
of Earth, and
create, as if
you were giving birth
to great beauty!  Master the energy,
in such a way that, that which you create,
is, as a symphony, floating, over the Earth,
and all who hear it, smile!  And The Holy Spirit
says: Everything you create lives forever.
Choose your thoughts, and words,
and deeds wisely, because
therein is your creation.
This is a day worthy
of the creation of great beauty;
therefore, let it flow from you, this day.

May 7, 2017
See Jesus' Sunday Sermon

Cast from you
all fear, and doubt,
all worry, and concern,
and come sit with Me;
for, in knowing Me,
you will find peace;
for, I will whisper,
and you will hear Me,
and I will show you The Way.
And The Holy Spirit says: When you know
God is with you, there will be no fear,
no doubt,
no worry,
no concern;
for, these things
do not stand in the presence
of God.  Therefore, awaken, rise-
up, and stand, in the presence of God.

April  23,  2017
See Jesus' Sunday Sermon

instruments, when
played, send forth a sound, a
tone, and this tone, rides upon waves.
The vibration goes out from the instrument,
and it is pleasing.  Consider yourself an instrument!
Be mindful of what you are "thinking," because within
your thought is born the seeds of what you will say, and
what you will do; and your thoughts and your words
and your actions, flow from you, like the tones
of a musical instrument; and, the vibration
goes out, and touches all those around
you.  Be mindful, and let the vibra-
tions, reaching-out from you,
bring peace, be calming,
deliver comfort.  And
The Holy Spirit says:
Be thoughtful
of what you are saying.
Hold all mean-spirited thoughts;
do not speak them; cast them from you; it
is good practice, for mastering, what you create.  Let
your creation, be a symphony, a sacred symphony, of peace!

May 6, 2017

new day
has come to you;
let it be sacred, in all you think,
and say, and do; be mindful of each hour; the day
will unfold, and you will see; you will see the power of
your thoughts, and your words, and your deeds; and,
you will be lifted-up on the wings of The Dove; and
you will fly through the day, until it is done.
And The Holy Spirit says: Walk quietly.
See what God
has created
all around you;
and,  stand  in  awe;
for,  it is impossible  to see,
and not recognize, and know, the love
of God.  Create this day, carefully, and mindfully,
and let your creation, be the reflection of the love of God!

May 5, 2017

your faith,
and trust, in Me,
and I will teach thee
all you need to know, and
together, we will build a stair-
case, taking us beyond knowledge,
into wisdom!  And The Holy Spirit says:
When knowledge stumbles, wis-
dom is with you.  Place
your faith, and
in God;
and therein,
you will come
to know wisdom!

May 4, 2017

As a tree,
when your roots
are planted deep in
fertile soil, the fertile,
living-giving soil of Earth,
you are strong, you are able to
withstand the winds of change, and
you hold your place, and the fertile soil feeds you,
and nourishes you, and comforts you.  As a child of God
when you sink the roots of your belief, and trust into the fertile soil
of God, and all that is good, then, when the winds of change come: you know comfort, you know strength, you know courage, because
God is the soil; your faith and trust is anchored there, and none
can move you; for, you are held fast, in the arms of God!
And The Holy Spirit says: Do not misunderstand the importance
of faith, and trust.  Do not walk away from
these; for, faith, and trust, will
carry you through, all
times.  Be at peace,
knowing that your
strength, and courage,
come from God, not the things
of Earth.  Therein, in The Garden of God,
let your roots reach deep, and hold tight, and for-
ever be at home, in The Garden of faith, and trust in God!

May 3, 2017

is no mistake,
no matter how small
or how great, that cannot be used
as a stepping stone to mastering every situation,
to growing stronger, every day; and, there is no act
of love and kindness and generosity, no matter
how small or great, that can-
not be used as an
The Way,
so all might see
the presence of God
with thee.   And   The   Holy   Spirit   says:
There is no day, no matter how small, or great,
that cannot be used for learning, for mastering, for
sharing, and giving, and loving, for showing The Way.

May 2, 2017

Trials, and temptations, and challenges, visit all peoples
upon Earth, they even visit those termed "Master."
The only difference is those who are masters,
have learned how to "master the trials,
and temptations, and challenges."
Therefore, even as they come,
they are disbursed, sent
away, cast from them
because The Master
doth see, and know;
and, in the seeing, and
knowing, blesses, and lets it
go!  Strive to be The Master, of all
that is a temptation, and a trial, or even a
challenge for you.  And The Holy Spirit says: As you awaken
you come to know certain things, and this knowing leads you to
a place, where you have the ability to master all that is around you:
forming it, shaping it, creating it to be perfection.  Each one of you, has
the ability to master all that comes to you, and in-so-doing, show The Way!

May 1, 2017

ever you find
there is more to do
than seems possible to do,
be still, first; ask for guidance
and you will be led to that which
is most important to accomplish;
and then, you will follow, with the
next, and the next, until you find
you have accomplished, even the
least, on your list.   I will guide
you, and show you The Way;
and, in the guidance, and
in walking The Way,
you will find
comfort, and
live in peace,
all of your days.
And  The  Holy  Spirit  says:
Sometimes there is so much to do, that
you feel scattered; you are moving from this to that,
accomplishing little, if anything.  Focus your determination
on that which needs to be done the most; and, go about your task
joyfully, do not be remorseful.  Sing; and, be happy, that you have the physical health to work, and to sing, and to dance, and to play!  Be thank-
ful you have the spiritual health, to know it is important to stop, and to pray!

April 30, 2017
See Jesus' Sunday Sermon

Every day you practice, that which you learned: as a child;
or as an adolescent; or as an adult.   You practice doing
what you have: read in books; been taught by others;
or,  have seen others  do.  This is how you learn to
walk, and to talk; this is how you learn to read;
this is how you learn  a profession,  or a skill;
this is actually how you do everything; and,
it is no different in your spiritual life; you
must "practice,"  to become proficient,
to become one who walks The Way.  And
The Holy Spirit says: Every child falls, when learning
to walk.  Every child mis-forms the words, when learning
to talk.  Every child makes mistakes, when they are studying
in school.  And, every now and again, even the best professionals
make a mistake, when putting into practice, what they have read,
or been taught; and, this is fine, this is okay, this is how you learn,
this is called "practicing."  It is the same, with your spiritual life;
therefore, do not be upset, or frustrated, if you make a mistake,
if you fall, or mis-form the words.  "Practice makes perfect."

April 29, 2017

ever find
that it seems as if
you are "lost," unsure of
which way to go, doubting every
turn you make, begin again!  Begin from
wherever you are; ask for guidance, and follow.
If the guidance is to go left, fight the temptation to go
right; sometimes, it is the temptation leading you away from
The Source, from The Path, from The Way.  And The Holy Spirit says:
In the eternal reality of All That Is, believe it or not, it is very simple.
The illusions of Earth seem to make it difficult, when it is very
simple.  If you are breathing the air of Earth, right now,
then, the plan is that you should be happy,
breathing the air of Earth,
right now,
quick to laughter,
quick to song, and dance.
If it is not that way, stop, and
begin again.  Begin with breathing,
then with opening your eyes, and looking
all around, then with opening your heart, to see
the glory, that is, found, all about you.  Begin again!

April 28, 2017

Those who practice patience,
ultimately, know the gift of wisdom.
And The Holy Spirit says: When you are able to
hold your tongue, you soon find that all things
pass, and they pass without frustration, being
sewn into words, better left unsaid; pract-
ice patience, instead of permitting
anger, and frustration to
live, in your

April 27, 2017

to dwell in
the kingdom,
or realm, of anger,
and frustration, of worry,
and concern.  Cast these things from you.
Let your burden go.  Set it down.  Free yourself
of all things negative, and you will find peace.
And The Holy Spirit says:  The day set before you
is good.  Make it your intention
to see, and experience,
the day set before
you... in... a

April 26, 2017

It is
far better,
to bless another,
or a particular situation,
rather than to fuss about another,
or a particular situation; for, held within
the blessing, is the gift of freedom.  And The Holy Spirit says:
When your permit your thoughts to entertain anger, or frustration, with
another, or a particular situation, you are creating an atmosphere wherein
you are existing within their energy!  This can feel, as if you are in prison;
and in a way, you are; you have imprisoned yourself!  So, when you are "tempted," to wander into frustration, or irritation, with an-
other, or a particular situation, see yourself in a
small cell; and then, bless that individual,
or particular situation, and see
the door swing open,
and set you

April 25, 2017

first step
toward always
saying the right thing,
is to listen more and speak less.
And  The  Holy  Spirit  says:  Often times,
there is confusion, and you can see it
when people engage in conversation;
or, better put, in what they believe
is conversation.  Conversation
is: listening, then speaking,
then listening, then
often times,
conversation can be
listening to what another is
saying... without speaking... without
responding!  There is an art to conversation!

April 24, 2017

only way to
"know," compassion,
understanding, generosity, for-
giveness,  and  love,  is to  practice
these things, to work, in such a way,
that you create these things, within
yourself, within your being.  And
then, at the appropriate time,
you give the gift you have
created, to another.
This is the only way to know these things,
to give, that, which you have created;
for in the giving, you understand;
for, in the giving, you see!
And The Holy Spirit says:
It is possible
to know a piece of compassion
when it is given to you; but the only way
to know fully and completely: compassion
and understanding, generosity, forgiveness,
and love, is to create them, within your being,
and give them  to another!   In this way,  the circle
is complete; in this way you know what you are doing.

Easter Sunday
April 16, 2017; See
Jesus'  Sunday  Sermon !

the normal
into the sublime;
live beyond the everyday,
into the divine; for, you too, are
"the bringer of miracles, and life;"
therefore, live in the sublime, in
the divine, delivering life!
And The Holy Spirit says:
Be the light!
When darkness
seems everywhere,
be the light, and you shall
be "The Miracle of The Light!"

April 22, 2017

If you find yourself feeling a bit low,
speak My name, take My hand, and together
we will go: into a sweet... green... meadow; and sit
with flowers, and trees; and in this sacred presence,
we will find the peace; and the peace will lead you
into the light, and into the light you will go, for-
getting, in every way, that you were ever, low!
And The Holy Spirit says: When you take the time
to talk with God, and therein doing
are filled with The Light,
then when you find another
filled with doom, or fright, you
will calmly take their hand, and
together you will go; and in the
walking, and the talking, you
will share your light
with them,
and watch it glow,
and watch it grow, and
in this way you both will know
that God is ~ with you ~ in The Light!

April 21, 2017

When you live your life
from the eternal perspective:
there are no boundries; there are
no barriers; there is The Promise,
fulfilled!  And The Holy Spirit says:  Live
every moment, as if you "know,"
it is the eternal present,
and you live e-

April 20, 2017

Where are you going,
and what are you doing?
And  The Holy Spirit  says:   Stop,
look, and see!  Can you see
the light?  If you can see
the light, you can
come to
the light,
and live within
the light; for, you are
meant ~ to be ~ the light!

April 19, 2017

If you will trust Me,
I will lead you through
every storm.   And  The  Holy
Spirit says: There is no promise
that... there will be no storm,
the promise is... that you
will be guided thr-
ough the
to the steps
of a new day, in-
to the dawn, of forever!

April 18, 2017

ways of
the world are
trying.  Do not give-
up hope, because you feel
the pressure of trying times,
or the onset of tears and crying.
And The Holy Spirit says: Often, it is in the
darkest hour, that you see the light; and,
know the power of God, within you.  You
shall see, and you shall know, and within
the power of God ~ you shall grow ~ be-
yond that, which you could imagine.

April 17, 2017

yourself to
slip into a place
wherein you are at-comfort
when another is in need or distress.
Allow yourself to feel, that which
is around you;  then,  change
the energy with a thought,
and a prayer, which is creation,
releasing despair!  And The Holy Spirit says:
Let your creation, be a day
you pray exists, and
it will... some-
where in

to every man, woman,
and child, on Earth, everyday!
And at The Quiet Place, we conclude
our morning prayers with these words asking
God, what we should know, today: "Our Creator,
God, what is it that You wish for us to know, today?"

God says: