May 23, 2017

It is
easy to
completing a task
you do not want to do;
it is easy to put-off forgiving
past transgressions.  However, the
state of denial,  does not serve you well, it
bars you from the peace of knowing you com-
pleted the task, you forgave the transgression.  And The
Holy Spirit says: Do not delay joy, by procrastination, or refusing to
forgive; accomplish the task, forgive all things, and live in peace, and joy!

May 22, 2017

you see
all others
as individuals
on a journey, you
begin to see all seekers
as One.  And The Holy Spirit says:
On your best day, how do you feel?
On your most difficult day,
how do you feel?  It is
the same for all
others!  Re-
this, and
you will
see all seek-
ers, united, as one!

May 21, 2017
See Jesus' Sunday Sermon

matter what
you believe, you are
My child; and I will love you,
forever!  And The Holy Spirit says:
Open to the eternal gifts
you have been
Open to
all that is
yours, and be-
lieve; believe, that,
you are a child of God!

May 20, 2017

in Me, and
I will deliver to thee
that which you need.
And The Holy Spirit says:
Put your trust
in the
of God,
and all will be
as it is meant to be.

May 19, 2017

Learn to
set your ego aside, and
learn to serve: those in need,
those in misery, those without com-
passion, those who are hungry and
thirsty.  And The Holy Spirit says: Make
Earth a better place, with your
presence,  and  your
to ser-

May 18, 2017

When you take the time, to show kindness
to another, you open the door to peace, and
you find you are in-harmony with all around
you.  That, which you give, you also receive!
And The Holy Spirit says: Time spent, up-lifting
another, is an investment in your own
well-being, as, that which
you give,
with you,
only magnified
to a greater proportion,
because you were willing to give it away.

May 17, 2017

When you
are ready to love,
love, with your heart;
and do not let your mind,
or ego,  lead you away,  or
lead you to doubt.  And The
Holy Spirit says:  Love, with
your heart, and you
will "know,

May 16, 2017

When you awaken, and
see the glory all around thee,
your heart leaps with joy; and,
the song ~ which comes, from
your heart, and thee, rings
through-out ~ eternity!
And The Holy Spirit says:
Awaken, and find
your song,

May 15, 2017

sist the
temptation to
meddle-in, what others
are saying, and doing!  Resist
the temptation to correct, or punish,
others, for what they are saying, or doing!  For,
more good  will come  from  your going within  yourself,
working within yourself, ~ creating ~ within yourself, a perfect
sanctuary, resisting the temptation to create anything, other than
light, and love, and peace.  And, when you reach that place, that
plateau, where all that comes from you is good, then you will
make it so.  And The Holy Spirit says: Let the work be within your
being; for, when you have perfected that which you are,
there will be no desire to correct others, because
you will know the importance of leaving
every person where they are, so
that they are not denied
the great journey,
into perfect-

Mother's Day;
May 14, 2017; See
Jesus' Sunday Sermon

Think twice, before you open your mouth, to speak.
If your words are not a blessing upon others, upon Earth,
do not speak!  Do good!  Do not harm others with your words!
It is better never to speak again, than to curse another, with the
words you spin into a story; if you speak to tell a story, let the
story reflect the glory!  And The Holy Spirit says: Let this day be a
day of reflection upon the power of the spoken word; for,
once a word falls from your lips, it can never be
gathered-up again, it rolls through
eternity!  Think twice,
before speak-

to every man, woman,
and child, on Earth, everyday!
And at The Quiet Place, we conclude
our morning prayers with these words asking
God, what we should know, today: "Our Creator,
God, what is it that You wish for us to know, today?"

God says: