Nov.  19,  2017
See Jesus' Sunday Sermon

It is easy to see perfection
in simplicity.  And The Holy Spirit
says:  Live simply.  Do not clutter
your life.  Remove  chaos,  and
confusion, and you will see
clearly!  Strive for
in all you do.
Clear away that
which is unnecessary, and
you will see the truth is simple!

November 25, 2017

When those
who inhabit the Earth
establish peace within their being,
then Earth will know peace.  And The
Holy Spirit says: It shall not be through
discussions, and debates, and wars,
that peace comes onto the Earth;
it shall be, when those of Earth
are willing to establish
peace, within
their be-

November 24, 2017

Be mindful of what you are saying.
Do not use laughter to cool the sting, of
mockery.  And The Holy Spirit says: Hold your
tongue; be mindful of what you say; there is
a Way to celebrate each individual, do so;
and, laughter, will flow naturally, not
at the expense of another; but
in celebration of all
others, and

November 23, 2017

even thinking,
you are thankful for
all  that  you   can see:
your possessions; and,
those around thee;
but today, I ask
you to be
for the
of forgiveness,
within you, and others;
for the creation of love within you,
and others; for the creation of understanding,
and compassion, and charity, within you, and others.
Be thankful for that, which you cannot see, the powerful en-
ergies, all around thee, created from within you, and created from
within others. Let this day be a celebration, in thanksgiving, for all that
is unseen, and sacred.   And The Holy Spirit says:   Be thankful, that you live!

November 22, 2017

It does not mat-
ter, whether you are preparing
to be with  one person,  or  many people,
it is still good to prepare; prepare in such a way,
that you use the opportunity of the day, and prepare
to bless every person, with whom you come in contact.
And The Holy Spirit says: Making preparation to bless, those you
encounter, is important; for, as you go through the day, bles-
sing each one, you are less likely to fall to the temptation
to judge; for, it is impossible, to bless and judge, at the
same time!  Therefore, set your intention: to bless,
rather than to judge; to bless, rather than to
curse; and you will find, that the bles-
sings come back to you,
many fold.

November 21, 2017

It is
for you to know, that
you must forgive all things,
so that you might know peace.
One who is unwilling to forgive,
will not know peace; it is that sim-
ple.  If peace  is your goal,  then for-
giveness  is  your tool.  And The Holy Spirit
says: There is absolutely nothing, that can-
not be forgiven.  The difference is the desire
to do so ~ the desire and the intention ~ to do
so.  When you create forgiveness, within, that
is what you experience; and, the one who can
create forgiveness within, forgives instantly,
without a thought, without a worry, with-
out a concern.  Forgiveness is held
within unconditional love
for God!

November 20, 2017

Be a sphere
of  peace,  in  a  sea
of  chaos.   Be  the  bringer
of light,  to a body  of darkness.
Be the arms of comfort,  to those  in
stress.  And The Holy Spirit says: Just as gentle,
sweet notes of music  can prompt peace, so too
can the one holding inner-peace,  prompt com-
fort, where there is frustration,  and confusion.
Create peace,  within!  Do not "react," to cha-
os.  Act within the love of God, and your pre-
sence will be the presence of peace; for, it is
impossible to be in the presence of peace,
and not be impacted by the power
of a peaceful presence!

Nov.  12,  2017
See Jesus' Sunday Sermon

My love ~ lives ~ in you!
Let My love, flow, through you.
Let My love continue to live, through
that which you do!    And  The  Holy  Spirit  says:
No matter: what you do, where you go, what you
are thinking,  or saying,  you can incorporate love,
into your actions ~ into your thoughts ~ and your
words; and, in this Way, you continue the love
of God, throughout, every day!  Let your
present piece of eternity, be filled,
with the love, of God,
flowing to

November 18, 2017

and sit
with Me,
and together
we will see!  You
will find peace, sit-
ting with Me, because
you will "know," that
which you are to do,
it will be made
clear.  Sit
And The
Holy Spirit says:
Reject the temptation
to be concerned about what others
are thinking,  or saying,  or doing,  and
focus your attention,  on,  your relationship
with God!   Feel the power of God, moving into,
and through you!  Understand that this is what you
can do.  Sit with God,  and learn,  and:  your  thoughts
will be filled with the light;  your words  will be sprinkled
with grace and become a delight to all who hear them; and,
your deeds will be true, and filled with confidence, because
you did sit with God, and you "know," what you are to do!

November 9, 2017

not be
by the doubt, and
the fear of the world.
Do not be dissuaded from
embracing your mission.  Re-
fuse to be held in place.  Do not seal-
off your heart.  There is no need to be afraid.
There is no need to hold your love from others.
Give, and give freely, to those in need, without
worry or concern about that which you give a-
way.  Live your life as if you "know," you are
My child, and you will have all you "need,"
to grow, and complete your mission, to
follow-through, upon your jour-
ney, and return Home!
Celebrate!  And
The Holy Spirit says:
When you know,
you have eternal life,
fear slips from you, and
you look forward, eagerly,
to every minute of every day.
The adventure cannot be taken
from you, it is yours; but how you live,
and experience, the adventure is yours to create.

November 8, 2017

the realization
that Heaven is with you,
that Heaven is near to you, settles,
completely, within you, your days take on
a different meaning, your pace is altered,
your voice, and words, are more gentle,
and caring; and, you feel the presence
of angels with you.  And The Holy Spirit
says: Acknowledging the presence
of Heaven with you, brings Heaven
into the third dimension of Earth more
fully; and, once you bring it more fully into
your present time... you feel it... and others a-
round you, feel it... as well!  Today, spend some
time acknowledging that you are,
truly, walking with

November 17, 2017

there is a crisis,
and dark clouds are rolling-in,
it is easy to recognize, it is easy to see,
that, which threatens peace, and equanimity.
And, in those times of turbulence, the ones wishing
to conquer darkness and shadow with light, pull together,
and do what is right.  It is much more difficult to be victorious,
to recognize shadows, and darkness, as tempters, when they tiptoe
in the night, when they seem to be tempting you, into righteous in- dignation, or anger, when they seem to be slipping in to, your thou-
ghts, unrecognizable.  You must be "well-prepared for these," ~ the
"small things," the things that might go unnoticed;  and,  the only
way to be well-prepared ~ is to be still, and quiet, and go within,
to seek the answers ~ to know how to be victorious, and bring
light, where there is shadow.   And  The  Holy  Spirit  says:  Check
your thoughts . . . check your words . . . check your deeds!
This is The Way to proceed, down the path, walking
The Way, preparing to go Home!  Do not be
tricked, do not be duped, into feel-
ing you are justified;
go with The Light,
where you are glorified;
and sing the praise of God all day,
and all night,  down every road  you trod;
and you will be victorious, and light will be yours.

November 16, 2017

Another day has begun, another
segment of the great journey, and
much will be revealed as you make
your way through this day.  You will
have choices to make, and the choices
will be yours.  There will be doors to be
opened, and they will be yours.  You will
find the keys to open the doors, and your
choices will lead you to the keys.  In fact,
often, the choice you make, during the
day, is the key to open another door,
so that you might understand
more fully, grow in
and find
your way
to wisdom.
And The Holy Spirit says:
Every thought you have,
every word you say, every deed
you do, this day, is all incorporated in
this piece, of your journey.  Choose wisely,
and use that which you create with your choices
to throw open the doors, and let revelation be yours.

November 15, 2017

Me first,
above all things,
for I will show you The Way,
and all things will unfold, and fall into place.
Let Me be your doorway.  Let Me be your threshold.
Let Me be your Comfort, your Guide.
And The Holy Spirit says:
When God is first,
there is order.
With God
there is no ego,
God gives freewill;
therefore, you must choose.
God does not strangle you, or drag
you forward.  God beckons you with a
whisper, and those who will, will follow.

November 14, 2017

act of forgiveness,
begins, with the desire to do so!  Once
you set the course, and place your foot upon it,
you move toward forgiveness, with every step.  It is
"a process," coming to understand the importance of
forgiveness: the wise are willing to learn the Way, the
foolish turn their heads, and reject it.  And The Holy Spirit
says: Do not listen to those who encourage you to be spiteful,
or to hold a grudge;  for,  when you hold onto things, which
should be forgiven, you fill your body, and soul, and spirit
with unnecessary burden,  with debris,  with chains, and
rocks, which will hold you down.  Listen to The Voice
that  whispers  "Forgive.  Forgive,"  and  learn
the ways  of forgiveness:  forgive your-
self; forgive all others; and,
you will be free,
to love!

November 13, 2017

desire is to
make the world
a better place, then,
the  choice  should  be
to Love!   That is what
the world needs most!
And  The  Holy  Spirit  says:
There are many ways,
in which you might
assist people,
or make
the lives
of people,
their com-
munities, even
their environment,
better.  And these projects
are good, and noble; but, to make
your projects, no matter what they are,
sacred, they must be infused with the energy of love!
Fill yourself with love; embrace the love of God; magnify
the love of God! This should be the first ingredient, of any
day; for, this is what the world is missing, in so many ways.
Let it be your intention ~ to share the love of God ~ this day!

November 5, 2017
See Jesus' Sunday Sermon

is brought to you, be
mindful of how you accept
it, be mindful of your energy!
Do not  receive  information,  by
creating the energy space of anger,
or frustration, or sadness.  Receive
information, process information,
without going into frustration,
anger, sadness, or hurt
And The Holy Spirit says:
In the everyday world,
created by man, you encounter
those, who will bring you information.
Sometimes the information is relatively useless.
Sometimes the information is helpful, like how to get
from one place  to  another.  Sometimes  the  information
would better be labeled "gossip."  Sometimes the information
contains the energy,  of hurt,  in speaking of another,  or,  possibly
directed toward you.  Receive information, and do not react!  Process
the information, by praying for wisdom, understanding, and compassion!

November 11, 2017

Some of you
I will call to sit with
Me, quietly.  Some of you
I will send-out to tend the hun-
gry, and the lame,  and the wounded
of spirit.  Some of you  I will send-out  to
gather  the  children,  so they might feel My
love: through you, through your smile, through
all you do.  I will whisper  to each one  of you,  and
while the message might be different, at the core, it
is the same,  when I call your name, I AM asking you
to be My love, upon the Earth.  And The Holy Spirit says:  It
might take a bit of time, but soon, you come to realize, that
abundance has nothing to do with coins, and dollars, and
big houses and clothes and cars.  Abundance has to do
with peace, and faith, and comfort in knowing that
you live eternally, and you are a child of God!
There  is  no  greater  abundance,  than
to sit in the presence of God!

November 10, 2017

the best gift you can give an-
other is:  a smile on your face,  an
easy laugh, a fond embrace.  If today,
you can eliminate  a bit  of sadness, by
smiling, and touching, and sharing, do
so; for, come the night the smile, the
touch, and the love, will be your
gift; for, you will remember,
and the night will come,
sweetly.  And The Holy
Spirit says: It might
seem a bit, of
a mystery,
but it is
That which
you give away
always comes back
to you, so be sure to give
a smile, to give a touch, to give
a gesture of love, and then these things
will be yours!  Be at peace this day, and smile!

November 7, 2017

Reject judgment, outright;
choose to practice forgiveness, always, in
all things; and, love one another.  And The Holy Spirit says:
The Messiah came, delivering the new words, the new messages,
and the banner The Messiah carried was love, Love One Another.
The Messiah pronounced that all judgment was given to Him; but,
He would not judge.  The Living Word was the example of forgive-
ness, forgiveness for all things, even unto death.  Therefore, it is
good for you to "know," these things; it is good for you to
talk about these things; but, what God wants you to
do, is to stand up, and live these things. Re-
ject judgment, choose forgiveness,
and Love One An-

November 6, 2017

upon the Earth,
to proclaim certain days
as very special: days of remembrance;
days of celebration; days dedicated to recreation.
But, I say unto you, My child, every day
is to be celebrated, as every day
is a sacred gift, a gift
which gives you
the opportunity
to continue the creation.
And The Holy Spirit says: Every person,
walking upon the Earth, has the opportunity,
today, to create, in such a way, that Earth is better,
for every word they did pray, every thought
they did have, every deed they did
do!  Every day should be
a sacred

October 29, 2017
See Jesus' Sunday Sermon

easy part
of knowing The Way
is to read books, attend classes, or
go to school, gathering the words together,
committing them to memory, and speaking them.
The more challenging part of knowing The Way, is to apply
the words you read, and hear, and say, to every living situation,
to the common occurrence, to the present day!  My Living Word:
Who walked amongst you, thousands of years ago, was the glowing
example; did practice, that, which He did teach; did practice, that
which He did preach; so that the words: could be heard, and seen,
and known.  Practice My words!  And The Holy Spirit says:  The new com-
mand presented to those of Earth by a man whose name was Jesus holds great power; for, love is the most powerful energy, period!   There might
come a time, when you cannot remember words, when that, which you
have read ~ is lost ~ in a fog of age; but, you will still be able to love
one another!  This is the lasting energy, the eternal energy,
and the new command, of the time, of Jesus!

November 4, 2017

process of life:
the process of birth,
and the process of death,
are the same, because life
is eternal, and birth and
death are held with-
in the circle
of life!
Do not think
of death, as death,
think of death, as birth;
in other words ~ think of life,
and think of birth; for, as the child
outgrows the womb, and is born, unto
the world: to see light, to taste; to experi-
ence; to know love, and the touch of love; so
too, those who are aged and mature, or feeble of
body, prepare to be born, prepare to leave the con-
fines of the womb of the body of Earth, to be reborn,
into The Kingdom of Light!  It is a circle of life!  It is
a circle of light!  And The Holy Spirit says:  Moving from one
phase of life, to another, is a process!  It is a loving pro-
cess, it is a process of light!  Be at peace, about the
cycles of life, and "know," you are a child
of God, and you shall live, forever!

November 3, 2017

Be the
of My light,
to all who sit in
shadow and darkness.  Let
your light shine.  Do not walk past one
in need.  Bring the light, so all might see.
Where there is need for: compassion, and
understanding, for a tender touch, or a
gentle word, fill that need, fill that
space, with My light; for, what-
ever you give away, freely,
you too, shall receive.
And The Holy Spirit says:
When you offer
the gift, of
compassion is
the gift you shall
receive, as well.  When
you offer the gift of under-
standing, understanding is the gift,
you shall receive as well.  Offer the gifts you
carry.  Let the light shine to illuminate The Way; for, all
that you do for another, shall be returned in great measure one day.

November 2, 2017

I will give you the grace you need
to practice  kindness,  and  compassion.
I will give you the wisdom you need to prac-
tice understanding.  I will give you all you need
to do that, which comes to you; for, that which
comes to you, is yours to do.  And The Holy Spirit
says: Walk through this day, knowing you are
blessed, knowing the grace of God
is with you, knowing,
as you walk
upon the Earth,
you have the great
opportunity to be
the ears, and
the eyes,
and the hands,
and the feet of God,
continuing  the  creation,
delivering compassion, and kind-
ness, and understanding.  Live, today!

November 1, 2017

There is
a special feeling
"of accomplishment,"
when you tackle something
which has needed to be done;
when it is complete, so are you.
And The Holy Spirit says: The feeling of
accomplishment is one that can-
not be replaced; accomplish-
ment: "knowing," you
have done it;
you did not want to do, and
doing it; taking something that you thought
might be difficult to do, and doing it; and, in some
rare cases, taking something you thought impossi-
ble to do, and doing it.  Today, put yourself in a sit-
uation, where you can experience accomplishment!

October 31, 2017

I whisper.
Go forth, I speak.
Go forth, I sing-out.  Let
us go forth, this is My plea.  Take
My hand, and I will go forth, with thee!
And The Holy Spirit says:  When you have been given
the opportunity of an entire day, a day, during which,
you can go forth, and create, do not let it pass you by.
It does not matter, if you must sit.  It does not matter,
if you are confined to bed.  It does not matter, if bars
hold you still.  It does not matter, if you are fleet
of foot, or slow.  What does matter is
your willingness, to go forth!

October 30, 2017

When you make
every  breath  you  take,  a
sacred  prayer,  your  day  unfolds,
as a litany,  rising into the air,  encircling
those around you, enfolding them with love, and
rising into Heaven; every breath you take is as solemn,
as a prayer!  And The Holy Spirit says: There will be times, during
the day to be quiet, and still.  There will be times during the day
when your heart cannot hold-in the joy, and you spin and dance,
in the light of the sun.  There will be times, during the day, that
are poignant and sweet, as you recall, as you remember.  The
day holds many times.  This adventure is waiting for you,
to begin this sacred day; so, bless it, in all you do!
Bless it in the quiet, and bless it in the song!
Bless it in the dancing!  Bless this
day, with every breath
you take!

to every man, woman,
and child, on Earth, everyday!
And at The Quiet Place, we conclude
our morning prayers with these words asking
God, what we should know, today: "Our Creator,
God, what is it that You wish for us to know, today?"

God says: