"This is my command: Love
each other." . . . Jesus . . . John 15:17
The Promise
"If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching.
My Father will love him, and we will come to him
and make our home with him."  ... Jesus ... John 14:23
Holding these words in our hearts, we opened the door
to the every day Presence of Jesus, walking
with us ... teaching us ... The Way.
And, onto the mountain,
there came the words promised...

Sunday Sermons
October 15, 2017
Freewill To 
Accept Your Mission

    I AM with you!  Push aside the doubt, which might be tempting you and plaguing you, and open your arms to embrace the truth, that I AM with you!  And while you cannot see Me, you can feel Me, you can know Me.  And as you come to know Me, your belief, and your faith, grow to such a proportion that it becomes possible for you to see Me.  All things are possible in God!      
“My brothers and sisters, some of you might not accept it, or embrace it, some of you might push it from you, rather than to face it; but if you are upon Earth right now, you truly do have a mission.  Now, each mission is unique.  Each mission looks different.  Each mission is designed, for the qualities of the individual who is sent to perform the mission.  And today, ~ My message to you is ~ accept your mission, embrace your mission, and do that which you were sent to do!

“You do not have to go far to discover your mission, for within each of you is a burning desire, or possibly a flicker of a desire, to accomplish something; and you should not compare, that which you feel you are to accomplish, with that, which another is sent to accomplish.  Focus on that which is calling to you, from within your being; for within your being is where you will find the key, and the answer!  

“Once you find your answer, and feel as if you know your mission, it is time to prepare for your mission, to take the necessary steps, to ready yourself, before you begin.  

“Once you feel you are ready to begin, and that still, small voice within you says, ‘Go forth,’ then rise-up, and go forth.  Go forth, and seek-out individuals who will support you, and encourage you, as you set about your mission.  It is important to have support, and encouragement; therefore, gather those around you, who will love you, and whose love will provide the courage you need, to rise-up, and complete the mission.  

“As you set forth, planting your foot firmly on the path, setting your focus and your intention, on doing that which you were meant to do, that which you were destined to do, surrounded by individuals who love and support you, it is important ~ to make the connection with Home Base, ~ announcing confidently that you are grateful for the gift of freewill; however, you, of your own freewill, have chosen to follow The Way: to do the work, that God intended you to do; to do that which you were meant to do; acknowledging that you cannot do it, completely and thoroughly, unless God is working through you, loving you, guiding you, supporting you, and encouraging you!  

“From that point, let it be known, that your words, are not your words; the words you will speak are the words given to you by The Creator to speak.  The great things that you might accomplish, should not be a badge upon your chest, but the glory of God, shining upon Earth, showing what can be done, through faith, and courage, and support, and love.  

“So, this is the blueprint I give you today, the guidebook, a few words, to send you on your way, “knowing,” how it can be done.

“This day is set before you.  The sun will shine upon you, or the rain will wash the tears from your face.  The wind will be a light breeze, or rage through the trees.  You do not know how the day will unfold, but you do know it will unfold for you as it is intended to do, because you have chosen The Way!” 

Sunday Sermons
October 22, 2017
Being Form

    I AM with you!  There are so many things I wish to share with you; and it is best to do this sharing, do this communicating, a bit at a time: so that you receive it naturally; so there is no hesitancy; so it is sweet, and easy to grow in your understanding, of the ways of the realm of Spirit, of the ways of God; so that you live, divinely, as you walk upon the Earth, as a human being!     
“Most of you, when you think of Me, go first: to glory; to My divinity; to My connection with Our Father, Our Heavenly Parent; to My mission, to the importance of My mission, and My ministry, upon Earth; to My miracles; to the words that are credited to Me, in Scriptures, in different languages, all over the Earth.

“Today, I would like to ask you to think of Me, in another way.  Give some time to these thoughts, during the week to come, because I believe, once you do, you will find that you are drawing closer, and closer to Me, with a deeper understanding, of who I AM!  And, I use the present tense, ‘I AM,’ because all things are in the present.

“I want you ~ to see Me ~ in the human being form, ~ because if you cannot see Me, in this way, you miss a connection, you miss a dot, along The Way to connect your thoughts, regarding who I AM.  

“When you think of Me… 

“See Me as a child, playing with My brothers, and sisters, running, jumping,      kicking rocks, playing in the dirt, splashing in the water, helping at home, with      what you might call chores.  

“See Me sitting at the knee of My earthly father, as I AM taught a worldly            trade.  

“See Me struggling, fitting the pieces together, until the wood does exactly           what I wish it to, and I learn the skills of carpentry.  

“See Me snag My finger, on a splinter.  

“See Me hammer, and miss, and hit My thumb.  

“See Me drop a vital piece of this furniture I AM constructing, only having          everything to fall apart, when I bend over to pick-it-up.  

“See Me eating with My family under a tree in the back yard.  

“See Me telling My sister a story.  

“See Me taking My mother into My arms, and drawing her close to Me.  

“See Me carrying food to an elderly, or sick neighbor.  

“See Me laughing with My friends.  

“See Me gathering new friends.  

“See us walking the countryside, avoiding the glaring eyes, and the hateful          words, faces turned toward God.  

“See Me reaching-out to help those around Me.  

“See Me shiver slightly, when the sun of day is gone, and the chill of night is       upon Me.  

“See Me praying.  

“See Me following, hearing The Whisper, of God, and going where I AM             told to go.  Follow Me, and see Me all The Way to the cross, and the                            resurrection, and the long journey Home.  

“See Me as a human being, for this is why I did say unto you that you can do       all I AM doing.  

“See Me saying, ‘These are not My words.’  

“See Me saying, ‘This miracle has been performed so that all will know the         glory of God.’  

“See Me acknowledging, that in My body, I AM the eyes and the ears and the      hands and the feet and the tongue of God.  

“See Me in this way, know Me in this way, and follow Me in this Way!” 

Sunday Sermons
October 29, 2017
Of Love

    I AM with you!  I AM with you in Spirit today, because it is possible; and, it is possible because God, The Creator of All Things, set in place the most perfect, and divine, plan; and, this perfect, and divine, plan makes room, allows change, is not afraid to permit freewill, because this divine plan, is just that, divine in every measure!           
“Many people, when preparing to cook, a very special meal, pull-out recipes, and follow the recipe, and combine the tastes, the herbs and the spices, the ingredients, to create… something very special.  Some people, wishing to put together, let us say, an automotive piece of equipment, and they pull-out the instruction booklet, and no matter what they are constructing, they follow it, they follow the booklet, they follow the guidelines, so that, that which they are creating, will function properly.

“When you are learning… to do almost anything, there are steps that you take to assure that the outcome is that which is desired, a process, a procedure.  But when you ‘know,’ what you are trying to do, to such a degree, that you can combine the ingredients, that you can construct a piece of equipment, without the recipe, and without the booklet, you have an understanding, of what you are doing.  When you know, what you are doing, the recipe is within you, the booklet is within you.  There comes with knowing, an understanding of how to do something, an obvious confidence, in what you are doing.  It is good to know the words, to know the steps and the procedure and the process; but, there comes a time, when you must practice: the words, the procedure, the process, to such a degree, that there comes the obvious, outward sign of confidence, in what you are doing.

“I brought to the Earth the new command, to set atop all other commands, ‘Love one another.’  This message is not complex.  It is not difficult to comprehend; but, it requires desire and intention, to love, in the face of what the world is teaching today.  

“I will give you an example, of how you can alter the course of your day, the rest of your days, so that you might achieve success, in understanding, and knowing, and living, this new command.  Love one another.

“There is a great ‘temptation,’ rampant upon the Earth, especially in the world created by man.  And it is the temptation ~ to gossip ~ about other people, to make a quick judgment about what another is saying, or doing; and then, with another person, or a group of other people, try… the one presumed guilty… and sentence them.  This trial, in absence, has a fatal result on those who have chosen to judge, to condemn, and to sentence.  It changes your world, when you take part in such activity, because you cannot walk away from such activity without feeling a bit of remorse, with what has been done, without absolving yourself, of what has been done, and further judging, saying, ‘Well, it is true.’  

“If you do not take part in such activity yourself, you surely have seen it, or have heard it, and realize, that this trial, and condemnation and sentencing, feels shadowy, feels dirty.  And the words, ‘Well, it is the truth,’ do not seem to cleanse those who have taken part, in this assassination.  And soon you find a way, to push aside the guilt, and take part freely; and you become hardened; and love is diminished.  Love is handed-out ~ to very few, ~ mostly to those who love you.

“Refuse to take part in gossip.  If you are tempted, the sure rescue is to turn your head, and your thoughts, to God.  Let God’s love flow into you, and through you, and understand what the power of God’s love can do for you; and then, bless, the person, who is the subject of the talk.  Connecting with God’s love, and letting it flow into you, is a process, which will work.  It is difficult to be cruel, and harsh, and unkind, with love flowing in you.  In fact, it is a sure sign that there is the absence of love, when you are in the company of those who are cruel, and harsh, and unkind; you see it; you see the result of the absence of love.  So, in the absence of love, be the creator of love!  Take an active part in what is happening.  Be the creator of love!  Be the deliverer, of love!  Be the light, in shadow and darkness!

“Yes, this will take practice.  Yes, this process does not come into fruition overnight.  It is not successful with the first trying; but, just in the trying, you are doing it.  You are making a change for the better.  And who amongst you is not calling-out for change?  Who amongst you, right now, would not stand-up and say, ‘I want to see the change of a better world.’?  And there simple ways to bring it about; but, while they are simple, they still require desire, and intention.

“Be  the  change  you  desire!   Love  is  the  answer,  you  are  seeking!  There are many things you can say that are constructive, rather the destructive.  In fact, do not open your mouth to say anything, about anyone, until you know that, that which you are about to speak is a blessing on another person.  And when you do this enough, you will begin to see ~ what positive affirmation, about another, ~ actually does.  It creates and environment, an atmosphere, in which true and honest change can take place!

“You are not upon the Earth to tear people down.  You are not upon the Earth to kick others when they are down.  You are upon the Earth to stoop down, and give your hand to one in need!  

“Practice these words this week.  You will be amazed at the change within yourself.  Be the light, deliver the love, and rescue those stuck in shadow, and darkness.  For even in the stormiest of nights, there will be a hand, reaching-out, and that hand will calm the fears, dry the tears; and, that hand can be yours!”

Sunday Sermons
November 5, 2017
The Process
Of Receiving

    I AM with you!  I whisper, and you hear Me; and as you hear Me, you recognize My tones, and vibrations; and you turn your attention toward Me; and we speak; and we hear.  As we listen, it is clear, the understanding, is made known, between us!  
“Communication between human beings can be strained, at times.  This happens when there is an exchange of information, something that one person is telling another; and specifically, I would like to address, when one person is telling another, something they do not ‘know,’ something they would not have known, before the exchange of information.  

“Let us say, you see someone, walking across a room, coming directly toward you.  You greet them, because you know them, and they come, and you speak, and the exchange is pleasant; and then, they give you a bit of information ~ about another person, or they might give you a bit of information ~ that saddens your heart.  They might deliver information regarding a loved one, letting you know of sickness, or possibly a grave situation, someone is at the point of death.  They might deliver information about an accident.  They might deliver information about a couple breaking-up, or perhaps someone’s son, or daughter, going through a very difficult time in their life.  They might bring you information about a house fire.  They might bring you information about a robbery, or some other criminal action.  There are many ways, that an ~ exchange of information ~ can impact you, sometimes slightly, sometimes significantly.

“This week, practice how to receive information in such a way, that: you do not react, immediately, to what you consider ‘bad news,’ by getting angry, or upset; you do not react to delicate news, in such a way, that you cry-out in anguish, that you are frustrated, or that you are hurt, or wounded deeply.  

“Do not permit an exchange of information to tempt you to go into negative energy.  By practicing The Way, you intend to receive, or exchange information, you allow yourself ‘the opportunity,’ to be an active participant in the process, in a positive way, in a way filled with light, and understanding, and compassion, no matter what information is brought to you.  So, this is how you do it.  

“Receive the information brought to you, no matter what it is, quietly!  Process ~ the information ~ quietly.  Pray for the wisdom ~ to piece together the information brought to you ~ in an atmosphere of understanding, and compassion.  

“This, simple process, will bring you to a position, filled with wisdom, and you will not have to reflect on ‘how you could have: done it better; responded better; and, certainly behaved better.’  If you receive this information quietly, process quietly, and pray for wisdom to fill you, you will always, ‘know,’ what to do!  

“This is a good week to practice ~ how to receive ~ information.  Pray for the wisdom to understand in compassion whether it is for yourself, or another, and let it be!”

Sunday Sermons
November 12, 2017
Carry Love
Wherever You Go

    I AM with you.  I bring you words of comfort.  I bring you teachings.  I bring you stories, which will lead you into a deeper understanding of compassion.  I open the door to a new place, wherein the first thing is to love.  You can experience pieces of Heaven with you, when you listen, for the whisper calling to you, and you follow, walking through the door, entering, The Garden of Love!  
“It is held within humility, and love, that you find, you are experiencing Heaven, upon Earth.  I placed humility before love, only because with this sense of slipping-away-from-ego, and self-service, love fills more places, and spaces, within you.  You can feel the love of God, within you, when ego is intact; but, it is diminished.  When you are willing to slip, into a sweet place of humility, where you feel, all things about you, as if they are you, then love filters through you, to a greater proportion, unhindered, by the thoughts and the deeds and the words of self-importance. 

“The greatest energy, the greatest gift, the greatest command, is love!  There is no question about it.  Love is powerful; but, the power of love is pure.  It is sweet, and tender.  It is easy to embrace, and when it washes over, into, and through you, the breath you take holds the heavenly grace of God! 

“It was important to bring the message of love to Earth, over two thousand years ago, because it was a way, for each one of you to carry with you, all the time, the most important thing to do!  It was no longer necessary to remember hundreds of rules, and regulations, and directions, that could burden the mind, and weigh-down the spirit.  All you had to do then, and do now, is to go about your everyday business, distributing, dispensing, and letting flow, the love of God, upon all you see and all you know.  The message made it simple, do that which you are meant to do, and incorporate the command to love one another!

“You might not have thought about it as so simple, before; but, it is that simple.  The farmer can carry love into the field.  The teacher can carry love into the classroom.  The assembly-worker can carry love into the factories.  The children can carry love onto the playgrounds.  No matter what your job or profession or level of skill, might be, it does not deter you, from carrying love, wherever you go.  And when it comes right down to it, this is all you need to know.  It really does not matter how many books you have read, how many lines you can quote, how many theories you are beginning to understand.  What matters ~ is, ~ if you will take the gift of love, wherever you go.  It is possible to develop your gift of love, while you are sweeping the floor.  This, My brothers and sisters, is how I want you to think about, your daily patterns: work your way through the tasks and the chores, play your way through the recreational days, but always carry with you, and be mindful of, loving, one another!  This is what will change the course of your day, no matter whether it is work or whether it is play.

“This week, let it be your intention: to accept the love of God; to nurture the love of God; to experience the love of God; and to let the love of God flow through you, to all you see, and know, to not just the people, but the places you go.  Bless the ground, and bless the Earth, bless the trees, the flowers, all of these; but, most importantly, bless your brothers, and your sisters.  Your days will be holy, and sacred.  You will grow in the love and the ways of God, and you will be a blessing to Earth.  Take love, with you, wherever you go!”

Sunday Sermons
November 19, 2017
Of Simplicity,
Love One Another

    I AM with you!  When you acknowledge My presence with you, the very air around you feels altered!  I whisper; you hear Me; perhaps you even speak to Me, acknowledging My presence with you.  Our communion is simple!  And held within our simple communion ~ is a sacred union, ~ a time of peace; I know your heart!    

“There is a beauty to simplicity!  It is extraordinary!  When you are willing to remove, all that is unnecessary, you find, that everything around you, looks: lighter, cleaner, uncluttered.  

“I would ask you, to consider, moving into an environment of simplicity, step by step, so you appreciate the process.  Take from you all things you do not need, and hold on to the useful, the things which make you comfortable, and productive.  

“Living simply ~ gives you the time to look around you, and appreciate ~ the beauty of God’s creation!  When you are living simply, that which you need to do, to maintain, all the possessions and objects and things that you have gathered around you, does not take hours, or days.  When you live simply, you can do, in very short order, what used to take you quite a while.

“When I came to Earth over two thousand years ago, to walk as a human being, My message, from God, was simple; and, there is great beauty in its simplicity.  Love one another.  

“Take some time this week, to begin paring-down, your possessions, such as: clothing, and shoes, and articles in your home.  Look around and see, what is used, and what has gone unused for quite a while, and give it away, so that you might free yourself, and live simply.  

“Love one another.    I pause, because it is so simple.    In fact, most will say, ‘Love one another, that is what we are supposed to do.  Love one another, that is the new command.’  But the importance of the message seems to be crumbling, and falling away.  It is so perfectly simple that it is difficult to believe that is all you have to do.

“If you will try this experiment, for one week, you will be surprised.  Love one another.  Write it down on a piece of paper, and post it all over, on your desk, on your walls, on your mirrors.  Love one another.  If you are living with family, two members, four members, ten members, encourage each member of your family to “practice,” loving one another; for one week, this is going to be a project.  

“What will happen, at the end of that week, is you will notice there have been very few disagreements, very few tears, and a lot of laughter, and love created within your home.  That is the place to start.  That is the place where you will see the power, and the beauty of simplicity.  Love one another.  Just from this experiment, it will occur to you, that this is really all the citizens of the world need to do: to end hunger; to end abuse; to end war; and, to live in peace.  And it does not cost, one cent.  No one has to give-up any of their possessions to another.  No blood will be shed.  

“See the beauty of simplicity, and love one another!” 

Sunday Sermons
November 26, 2017
With Forgiveness

    I AM with you.  As I reach for those, upon Earth, to impart words of wisdom, I AM with you!  Sometimes in the quiet, while you sit, and listen, the wisdom of Heaven flows into you; and in those sacred quiet moments, wisdom reveals the truth, and you not only hear it, but your soul recognizes it; and, for a brief moment, you feel you are Home!  These ‘miraculous moments,’ will be yours many times over, in fact, as many times as you choose to be still, and quiet, and open.    

“You have made the journey, through another year; in fact, you are very close to the end, of what was the new year, months and months ago; and, you have come far.  You have been an active participant, in your spiritual growth, and the things that you once thought might be difficult or impossible to do, appear less difficult, and maybe possible.  Some, of you, have even taken the step, from impossible to possible, and brought forth the miracle, and it lifted-you-up, and joy was within you, especially after the first taste, of walking upon Earth, in a divine, and heavenly way.

“There is one thing, which requires diligence, desire, and intention, as you come to the conclusion of this year… you still have time… forgiveness!  You cannot be free, and experience glee, and happiness, and joy, until your forgiveness is complete.  The act of forgiveness, might have to do with forgiving yourself, leaving nothing undone.  Forgive yourself for every, step you took, into a shadowy situation; forgive it, immediately.  And what will make the forgiveness of yourself easier, is, if you think of everything as a lesson, a golden lesson.  You see it, and you know it.  And, in the case of forgiveness, you see it, and you truly know it, not just because you are told to forgive; but, you see, and you know, the glory of the lesson, and it is easy to forgive.  Use that lesson, as a staircase, and ascend the staircase on every lesson: forgiving, and releasing, and moving on, because you know, because you have lived it, because you have experienced the lesson and it is yours.  Forgiveness, ah, it is sweet!

“Forgiveness, of others, is just as vital.  When you have dreams about someone, or an incident; or, someone, and an incident, pops into your thought; that is a sign!  It is a sign, a flag, waving to you, saying, ‘Come, this way, you have something to do.’  And while at first, the human tendency would be to turn, and say, ‘No, I will not do that.’  Somewhere within you, you ‘know,’ that if you choose to forgive you will be free.  In fact, it is the only way, you will be free.  You can do hundreds of good deeds, you can be kind and considerate, all the while pushing the person or the incident, requiring forgiveness, deeper and deeper into a corner, until it is lodged within you, becoming even more difficult to extract.

“You have ~ days of opportunities ~ before the end of the year.  Decide, make the choice to forgive.  And while, at first thought, the pill might be bitter, I can assure you, once you ‘choose,’ to take the pill, forgiveness becomes the nectar of Heaven!  The taste is sweet, once it is complete; and your freedom is wrapped within the gifts: of happiness, and joy, and peace, within your being.  

“Spend some time this week, paying attention to the signs, and the flags waving within you.  Make the choice which will lead to your freedom.  Forgive!”

Sunday Sermons
December 3, 2017
Love Within

    I AM with you. Be still.  Be quiet.  There is ~ much to do, ~ but there is much to do inside of you, perfecting your inner-being, preparing The Way!  Speak softly; walk gently; and let your heart be moved, and filled with compassion, for there are so many, longing, this day, for peace, and love and compassion.  You have an opportunity, to deliver these things, but first, you must hold that, which you desire, within your being.    

“You are embarking upon a day, which is the first day of the season of Advent, a time of remembrance, memorials, and preparation.  It is a very sacred time of year, a time when you look back, and recall events, occurring in the world, before, My coming, My birth, to the physical body.  This time ~ encourages ~ contemplative periods, during the day, when you pause, from your work and your play, and consider just for a while, what it might have been like, waiting, and preparing, for the coming of The Messiah.  

“There are also many who are preparing ~ for a holiday, ~ some as well as a holy day; and, for some, they are preparing for the holiday, instead of a holy day.  No matter what the reason, this is still the time of preparation.  It is time to begin your preparation.

“There is no better gift that you can give the world, and your community, and your family, than a heart filled with love, unconditional love, for this is truly, the most amazing gift; and it cannot be purchased, at any price.  The love that you can offer ~ your family, and your friends, and the world itself: is created within you; grows within you; flows within you; bubbles-up, and moves-out from you; and blesses all around you; the gift from within, blessing friends, and kin, and all who know you; but, this gift of love touches many more, because when you touch one, or two, or four, with your gift of love, it continues through them to others, and it multiplies, and grows.  When you touch four, the possibility to touch a hundred, or more, is great.  And it all begins, with ‘a desire to create love,’ within your being, and offer it, as a gift!

“Creating love within requires intention and purpose.  By creating love within your being, it is then possible to let it flow to all you encounter, without hesitation, because it is overflowing from you.  Let your creation be intense, and glorious, and vital; and do not stop creating this energy of love.  As it bubbles-over, and flows from you, it will touch those, who need it most.  So, held within your desire to create love ~ is the gift of God, ~ God’s love flowing to you, being magnified by you, and together, you and God creating a new energy of love, that has never been felt before, because your component ~ is the ingredient ~ that makes it so much more!  

“Let this first day of Advent begin, by creating love, within!”   

Sunday Sermons
December 10, 2017
The Gift
Of  Humility

    I AM with you.  I AM with you, in a whisper.  I move close to you and you feel Me.  I reach-out to you; and, you ‘know,’ I will lead you, where you need to go; so be not concerned: about what to say, or where to stand, or who to touch, or take their hand.  For as you make your way, through the great journey of your lifetime, I will be your comfort, your compass.      

“The Gift of Humility ~ is a gift for all!  For some, it comes rather easy, this gift of humility, especially when you grow-up in an environment filled with love, and that love, providing, confidence, in who you are!  

“Humility can be settled on the one who has very little, or the one who has access to great wealth.  Humility is knowing who you are, and being content in the knowing.  Humility allows you to celebrate the gifts you have, and to celebrate the gifts of others, without showing any sign of jealousy.  Humility permits you to sing a song of joy, acknowledging the gratitude within your heart, for that which you have.  

“The one who walks in the ways of humility does not have to announce to the world, or to one, the amount of money they have, the success they believe they are.  They do not have to show, or brag, or speak highly of their position, their wealth, in material terms. The one who knows The Way of Humility, lets the way they live, and the way they speak, announce who they are.  The one who knows the ways of humility: is quick to sit-down, with one who has fallen; is quick to give a hand to help, anyone, rise-up; is quick with praise, for the accomplishments of others.  Humility can be settled on the pauper, or the prince.  It is knowing.  It is confidence.  It is caring.  It is compassion.  Humility does not make a big splash.  It is as the gentle ripple, rolling over the surface of the water, continuing its journey until it reaches the shore, beckoning you to watch, beckoning you, to desire more, of the gentle ripple, touching the shore.

“In this season: of hustle and bustle; of gift buying; and decorating; and parties; take some time to sit with this thought of humility.  Do not use your time, or your words, to brag.  Reach-out your hand to help others.  Let what you do be done in quiet; for the one who bends-down to help others, stands tall.

“Humility ~ is a gift ~ available to all; and it is a gift, when used, brings peace, and joy to the heart.  Do not squander your time, struggling to gain wealth, and possessions, which will fall from you.  Spend your time ~ doing good ~ for yourself, and others, for your family, friends, and those you do not know.  Be the light in the darkness.  Be the bringer of joy, and peace.  Know, who you are, and walk in the light of God!

“Humility is settled on the pauper, and the prince, a gift, the same, no matter what your name!”

Sunday Sermons
December 17, 2017
Of Love
Upon Earth

    I AM with you.  I reach-out to you, not from a place far away, but from a place near to you, close to you, separated, by a veil.  You are a spiritual being, walking upon the Earth, and when you reach the place, where you can truly embrace, this truth, then that which seemed a mystery, will no longer be a mystery; for you will be enlightened, and illuminated: with wisdom, and truth; and, your experience upon Earth, will not be a journey of drudgery, but a glorious adventure, of a lifetime!  Awaken, and see!     

“Today, most of you are in the midst, of preparation, for a day which celebrates, My birth, upon the Earth.  You are in the midst of Advent, a time set aside, for waiting, for the promise to be fulfilled, a time of watching.  

“In this time of year, it is easier, for those of you living upon Earth, at the present time, to embrace the spiritual, and mingle it with the physical, and material world, in such a way, that, for a brief time, you can believe: that angels do walk with man; that angels bring messages; that angels will show The Way; that miraculous things happen every day, especially when there are those willing to hear the message, and follow in faith.

“In this time of year, it is easier to accept, and to believe, because the energy being created, at this time of year, is a good environment, for the belief in things spiritual: to grow, to blossom, to bloom.  Children’s eyes seem bigger; the adult’s heart seems bigger; the stories that are read, and shared, are more spiritual; and, the belief, that one sent from Heaven, to walk upon the Earth, delivering a message of love, is acknowledged, and embraced; and, for a few days, Earth is more at peace, because of this belief!

“It is easy to tell these stories because you have heard them, many times.  It is easy to repeat these stories, to your children and friends, because they are the salt and pepper of the days of December, the seasoning to your life, when miracles did abound, and Heaven and Earth were more connected, drawn together, by a birth.  

“There will be a temptation to tell these stories, and let the glory ring through the smiles, and the eyes of those you love, but categorize them more as just that, stories, fables, something that happened a long time ago.  

“This week, I want you to spend some time, ~ pondering ~ those who were the instruments of this miracle birth; for they were willing to do much, so that I could be born, upon the Earth; and, the sacrifices they were willing to make were not myth, were not fables, were not stories to be told, and then put back on the shelf, until another season rolled around: take them out, dust them off, and read again.  

“The individuals that came together to make this possible stood, and listened, and followed the dreams and the visions, and went, and did, as they were led.  Elizabeth’s journey required faith, along with her husband Zachariah, for John to be born, and show The Way.  Mary required courage to stand-up, and say, ‘Let it be done,’ when the reality was, that her condition, could bring her to a place of punishment, most severe; she would be ostracized.  Joseph saw the visions, and had the dreams, and risked being ridiculed to follow as he was led, no matter what the rules of man said.  The shepherds left their work, because of the angelic apparition, filling the hillside with beings of light, and the tones, and vibrations of the heavenly realm.  They did the unspeakable, hey left the flock in the field, at a time when they could have stripped of their position as a shepherd, and thrown into poverty, and hunger; but the apparitions were so compelling, that they did follow.  And those men of science, miles, and miles away, saw the signs, and followed, leaving their home, and taking the journey of great distance, because of the signs.  These noble beings were not promised great wealth, they were not promised things of Earth; they put all of this aside: to work with the angels, to walk with the angels, to deliver God’s love to Earth.

“This week, think of what they did, in a different way:  

“Would you be willing to risk being ostracized, or severely punished?  

“Would you be willing to be ridiculed?  

“Would you be willing to lose your job, your livelihood?  

“Would you be willing to rise-up, and begin a long journey, following a star?  

“If you said yes, to any one of these questions, you are: part of that journey, part of that experience, part of the adventure, part of the birth, of love, upon Earth!”  

Sunday Sermons
December 24, 2017
New Way
Of Living

    I AM with you.  I AM with you; and for many of you, your faith, your belief, has brought you to a place, where you too, can say, ‘I am with you.’  I AM with you, in the darkest times.  I AM with you, in the sunlight.  I AM with you as you are tossed on turbulent seas.  I AM with you when you are quietly on your knees.  I AM with you when there is no one else around, save the angels, looking down: watching over you, guiding you, whispering to you, ‘Come, we will show you The Way, for God has sent us to go before you, walk with you, and follow after you, so that a child of Heaven does not lose The Way.’  

“There are many things, that are considered everyday situations, occurrences, which show, that there are things going on, life occurring all around you, which you do not see.  No matter how well you clean your house, it is possible for there to be a colony of very small mites, living in dust, hiding under a bed.  You do not see this community of life, but it is still there with you.  Using a very strong magnifying glass, or a microscope, you can actually see, something living, sometimes right on thee; you cannot see it with your human eye, but it does not mean it is not there with you.  Sometimes you will accidently walk through a swarm of insects, that you did not see, before they were caught in the light of day in such a way, that they were revealed to you, and there are thousands of them; and in broad daylight, you did not see it; yet, just because you did not see it, does not mean it is not there, for you are standing in the midst of it, as they swarm in the air.

“The Kingdom of God is with you!  You cannot see it, with your human eyes; but you can feel it with your heart; you can know it, with your soul; and you can live within it, in your spirit.  Do not permit preconceived notions, or perceptions, keep you, from believing, in what is; for oftentimes, that which you would deny, possible, is living with you; but you do not see it, or know it, because you will not accept the possibility, that it is with you.  This is a journey of faith!  You know it within, even when you cannot see it, all around you.  You know it, you feel it, you sense it!

“I came upon the Earth exactly, as it was prophesied; so why were there not thousands in a line, waiting?  Why did so many, miss, the signs?  How is this possible?  It was foretold, and it happened; yet very few saw, and knew.  I was not hidden from view.  But just because most did not believe, it did not mean that I was not there, that I did not have a mission; and I rose-up, and completed My mission.  You too have a mission; for not one being is born upon Earth, without purpose; and when you find your purpose, hold to it, and complete your mission.  Even when those around you, those who love you and care for you, deny your mission, does not make it your mission any less.  Even when those around you say to you it is impossible to do, just because they say it, does not make it so.  If it is written on your heart, it is yours to do.

“Very soon, in fact within hours, a large portion of Earth will be celebrating, and remembering My birth.  Take some time to ask for guidance: so that you might understand more; so that you might have a bit of comprehension about what it took for Me to be born; for the faith, for the courage, for the strength of those, who surrounded Me with love; for the faith and the courage and the strength it took the men to come in, out of the fields to find Me; for the faith, the courage, the strength it took those who were called from lands afar to follow the star, so that they might see and know.  Do not let others tell you not to go, when you have heard The Whisper, and know, it is so!

“Give birth, today, to a brand-new way of living; for those who follow Me, do not walk, with the old rhythm.  I gather those around Me, who believe, and I will show The Way, every day, to those who believe!  Have faith, be strong, and this faith, and strength, will lead you to a place of peace; and, you will find, there is a song upon your heart, at last; because you know who you are, and what you are doing; and it has nothing to do with the ways of the world, it has everything to do with the ways of God.  Rise-up, My brothers and sisters.  It is time to celebrate, and sing a song!”    

Sunday Sermons
December 31, 2017
What You
Are Creating

    I AM with you.  I move amongst you.  I walk beside you.  Some, see Me.  Some feel My presence.  Some hear My whisper. Some embrace My direction and guidance; and, some, know not, of My presence amongst you.  Still, I AM with you!  

“You have made the journey through the year!  You are about to experience the last day of the year.  What an opportunity you have!  I AM here to encourage you to embrace this opportunity, with enthusiasm and intention!  

“If you glance-back, through the last twelve months, ever so briefly, perhaps there are one or two times during the year, when you remember feeling joy, being happy; and with this remembrance, might possibly come, the feeling: that you were thoroughly in the light; that you had created an environment, and an atmosphere, wherein you mastered the light, and all about you, by creating the light within you; and, this light, from within you, did shine, all around you, enfolding others, in the beauty of the light!  It is also possible, to quickly travel back, to recall possibly one or two times when you felt you were in a dark pit, no way out, trapped; and if you can remember, then possibly you can recall, as well, that it is in these times you found darkness and shadow, and there seemed to be an absence of light.  My brothers, and sisters, as you remember this, know this, you were the creator, of that darkness, and shadow.  This is a valuable lesson.  You experienced the entire year, and how you created each day was the outcome.  The taste of your creation, sometimes sweet, and sometimes bitter; but, you made it through the year; and in just a few hours, you will be standing at the doorway of a new year.  Let it be that you do so, with wisdom.  Let it be that you do so, embracing the power that is within you.  Let it be that you do so, without blame or judgment of others.  Let it be you do so, embracing the power that you are.

“While you are upon Earth it is easy to follow the path of others, to listen to the voices: encouraging you ~ to blame another; encouraging you ~ to look the other way, to not let fault fall in your lap, but on another; ~ discouraging you from accepting responsibility, for what you were creating.  Ah!  There is the key to the new year.  Embrace the responsibility, because in that embrace is held the understanding of the responsibility.  Once you understand you are responsible, for that which you create, then your creation begins to evolve in a different way.  

“All the world, and all eternity, will know you, by your creation.  Your creation lives with you, and goes before you, and remains after you.  It is how… you will be known … by your creation!  

“So, how do you wish to be known?  Create it!  This is the perfect day: to alter a course; to change your perspective; to cast from you, all things which have kept you down, and in place, and refuse to be bound, by the ways of the world, or the ways of darkness, and shadow.  

“Rise-up, My brothers, and sister.  When I said, ‘… you can do all that I AM doing, and even greater things,’ I was speaking the great truth; but, the key to unlocking this mystery is, you must set aside darkness, and shadow, and form your energy in such a way, that it is My energy; and, that is very easy.  Resist the shadow, and darkness!  Once you are free of shadow, and darkness, there is no end to what you can do; but first, you must accept responsibility, because in giving away your responsibility, by blaming others for the situations all around you, you are diminishing your own ability to create.  You are handing-over something very important to another, and you are giving them power over you.  

“Rise-up, My brothers, and sisters, and see how great everything can be, at all times!  You can be the light, creating joy and happiness, when you are sick, when you have a broken leg.  You can be the creator of light, and joy, and happiness, even as you are standing, at the door between the dimensions, ready to come Home.  There is nothing that can hide your great light, or that which you create, when you realize who you are, and the powerful gifts you have been given; but first you must rid yourself of the cloaks, and the capes, of shadow, and darkness, so that you might be enlightened, so that there might be illumination!

“Before I departed Earth I did leave you with keys, which will be The Way, for you to find, and recognize, the power that you are!  First of all,… ‘love one another.’  Do not just say you know love is the most powerful energy of all, that love can resolve all issues.  Live it!  That is one of the keys, ‘love one another.’  You have heard it said, that it is easy to love those who are being nice to you, and this is true.  When I was upon the Earth, I asked those who followed Me to take it another step further.  ‘Love one another.  Love those who hate you!’

“And then, there is one of the greatest keys, ‘turn the other cheek!’  The world tells you: stand your grand; if someone hits you, hit them back; if someone pushes you, push them back; if someone insults you, insult them back; do not be a doormat; do not allow others to walk all over you.  What has this direction done for the world?  Nothing good I can assure you.  I gave you the key, ‘turn the other cheek.’  When someone is cruel, or mean, or hateful, if someone spits in your face, or slaps you, ‘turn the other cheek.’  If you find that there is any way possible for you to do just these two things, ‘love one another,’ and, ‘turn the other cheek,’ you will have reached the place where miracles will come from you.  It is that simple.  The only reason it is difficult ~ is because of ego, ~ self-importance.  Ego is necessary, if you wish to make your way, through your lifetime, on your own.  Ego is a barrier, if you wish to make your way, through your lifetime, connected with God.  It is that simple.  

“So, I have said three (3) things, which will lead you into a great year.  ‘Love one another.’  ‘Turn the other cheek.’  And, ‘cut the ego away,’ so you can walk nearer to God every day!  

“The new year is coming, there is no stopping it.  Bless the old, and prepare for the new!”  

Sunday Sermons
January 7, 2018
Promise, The
Great Adventure

    I AM with you.  You are about to begin a new year; and I AM with you.  This new year will bring change, and growth.  It will bring opportunity; and as you move through the year, you will cross-over many thresholds, onto new plateaus you will go; and, as the year ends, you will not be the same, as you are now, as it begins.  So ready yourself for the adventure of this year, and do not take each day lightly.  Embrace each day, acknowledging the importance of each day, and that which it will bring to you.  Prepare yourself, for we are off!  The great adventure, continues!    

“When a child is born, the infant is held close, fed by the parents, nurtured by the parents, clothed, and bathed, and kept warm by the parents.  And, as with every birth, there comes growth, change, maturity in so many ways; and, soon this child, once held in arms, is crawling, and walking, and feeding itself, growing, changing and maturing.  

“The child who begins to walk, does so, with confidence, knowing the parent is close-by, reaching-up to take a hand, when feeling slightly off-balance, returning to out-stretched arms, when something does not seem right.  And as the parents continue to nurture, and feed, and support, this child, now walking, the child grows in confidence, in courage and strength, propelled by the guidance of the parents, the source, of their confidence.  Under the loving eyes of a good parent, a child will grow, and confidence, and courage, and strength will be a constant companion, because of that, which has been given, by the parents.

“No matter how old the child gets, the hand of the parent is always out-stretched, the arms of the parent always open, safe sanctuary, from any storm, or threat.  I speak these words, because each of you, hearing My words, or reading My words today, can associate, and understand, these words, in your life.  You have either experienced it, or watched it unfold before you, the guidance of the parents, the support, the love, and the courage, and the strength, which come from that support, and love, all contributing to a confident, adult.  

“My brothers, and sisters, that is exactly what happens to the spirit baby, to the child of spirit that you are, first, and foremost.  You are a child of flesh, but for a short time; but you did spring forth, from God.  God is your Eternal Parent; and as your spirit grows, and matures, your Eternal Parent is close-by, watching over you, providing safe harbor, open arms and outstretched hands.  You find your courage, to do the most incredible things, from your Eternal Parent.  Therein, you also find confidence.  For those of you who accept, and believe, there is nothing that can stop you, from whatever you are to achieve; for God has sent you forth, and sent you forth well prepared.  Now, you stand at the beginning of a new year, and all that will come with this new year, will add to your confidence and strength and growth and maturity; and, with every step you take, the hand of God will guide you; and, every step you take will be enfolded with the love of God.

“Begin this year, with a new intention, to walk with God!  The door is open.  The year is set before you.  Let us walk it together!  It is time, and you are ready!”  

Sunday Sermons
January 14, 2018
Your Part,
And Be Not Afraid

    I AM with you.  What an exciting day this will be, especially if you will rise-up, take My hand and follow Me; for I will lead you to exactly where you are meant to be; and I will encourage you, to play the role, that is your destiny, that is you, right now, as you are.  Do not diminish your role, by looking all around, and watching what others ~ say and do, ~ thinking they are in such a better position than you; for this is not true.  You are the only one destined to play the role that is you!  

“There are many of you, who enjoy a ‘good read,’ to sit in a comfortable chair, with a cup of tea, and read a book; and there are just as many of you who enjoy going to a movie, watching a story unfold before you on the big screen; or perhaps, going to a play, seeing, a script, come to life, and the roles played by characters, that possibly, you know, especially if the play is in your own home town.  There might be others of you who enjoy finding a bench, and watching people as they walk by.  

“If you stop for a minute, and review what was just said, you will notice that each of these pass-times, is an atmosphere, in which you are watching, or reading, or observing others.  I would like to encourage you today, to rise-up, and come with Me!  Walk with Me, into this day, and I will point-out, all along The Way, every opportunity that comes to you, that offers you a chance: to be the hero, to be the benefactor, to be the comforter, to be, ‘anything you wish to be!’

“Your lifetime is unfolding as a book, or a movie, or a play; and there are many characters in it, many locations; but, none of them are cast in the starring role.  In your lifetime, you, have the starring role!  There is no director who is going to hand you a script and say, ‘Read those words.  I insist that you play the role this way.’  That is not going to happen, you have been given free-will, free-rein you might say, over your role, and how you wish to play your role.  If some of you give this a bit of thought, you might say, ‘I like the role I play; but I can make it better, every day.’  There might be some of you who will say, ‘This is not turning-out, exactly the way, I would like to see my role, unfold.’  You can make a change mid-chapter, mid-page, mid-sentence!  If your character has been a bit off, alter the course.  Whatever you do, is yours to do.  You cannot go back, and rewrite chapter one; but you can create an environment, and an atmosphere, in which your character comes out of chapter one, and into two, and three, and four, growing, learning, maturing, gaining wisdom, mastering the gifts of love, and compassion and understanding.  Do not lose sight of the importance of every hour, of every day in your lifetime.  

“Do not diminish your role.  Play it!  Bring it to center stage, and grow with it!  Do not be afraid ~ to play the part ~ you are destined to play.  There is no set way for you to do it, it is yours; and you will figure it out.  I AM with you!  The Holy Spirit is guiding you, that is your Director!  There are many ways to continue your role; and it is all up to you.  You can do it quietly; you can do it singing; you can do it sitting under a tree; or walking next to a brook.  The role is yours.  What will you do with it?  This is the greatest adventure.  It is the greatest adventure, and it is your opportunity!

“God has whispered, ‘It is time, be not afraid;’ I AM with you, and I call to you, ‘Come, walk with Me, and be not afraid;’ and the wings of The Holy Spirit lift-you-up, and you hear a chorus, ‘Be not afraid!’”