March 11, 2018
See Jesus' Sunday Sermon

The message was delivered to those of Earth; and,
the message was, "Love one another."  It is easy to
look, and see, any around thee, who are carrying
this message on their heart, who are living, as
they are told, ~ "Love one another." ~ For,
My child, I tell you this, it is impossible
for you to do,  unless you are totally,
with Me,  in My light;  then,  My
love for all My creation flows
through you; and, in this
state, it is, most assur-
edly possible to do.
And The Holy Spirit says:
Look around, and see,
who is  quick  to love,  who
hesitates to condemn, to judge;
seek the company of those who love,
and their ways, will become your ways!

March 17, 2018

Love is the answer; there-
fore, love one another.   And
The Holy Spirit says:  The Way has
been given  unto you;  The Way
has been shown to you; there-
fore, if you hear the Word,
then ~ Love, ~ one

March 16, 2018

of what you say,
and how you speak.
Let your words reflect
My glory, shining, in you;
for then, your words will tell
the story, of the light, and the
glory!  That way, all those a-
round you, will know Me,
through you!
And The Holy Spirit
says: Everyone hearing
your words, knows exactly
where you stand, and who you are.
Therefore, be mindful that you speak in
the light, and push the shadow, and darkness,
from you.  Just as you know that someone is from
the East, or the West, or the North, or the South, when
they speak, all those around you know where you are, where
you stand, and who you are, by the way you speak, and the words
you use.  Therefore, let it be your intention to bring forth the glory
of God,  upon the Earth: in how you speak, and what you say, every day.

March 15, 2018

you master
the practice, of
holding your tongue
in order that you might hear
what is being said; and therefore, know
what is on the heart of another, your reward is peace.
And The Holy Spirit says: Too often it is the case that words are
spit from the mouth in anger,  or frustration;  and, it only
adds to the frustration when one realizes that the words
cannot be taken back.  The wise learn, early, to hold
their tongue, and let others speak.  In this manner, they
know, what others are thinking, by what they are saying.
Unspoken words do not have to be gathered-up.
Those words, better left unspoken,
do not have to be forgiven.
Practice holding your
tongue, and then
you will

March 14, 2018

your actions speak louder
than do your words!  If you want to deliver a message
of great importance, first, let your words, be your deeds; then,
when others see how you live, they will ask the questions, and you
will answer, and the timing will be exactly right; therefore, hold
your words, and set forth your deeds.  And The Holy Spirit says: You
can tell when a person is living that, which they believe, because
it is so completely within them.  There is  no effort  to living
what you believe, because, it is within you.  You are not
stumbling, you are not falling, you are not grasping
for an understanding,
because it lives
within you; there-
fore, you know it; to-
day,  let  your  actions  be
the words that you would say.

March 13, 2018

Whenever you have the opportunity to create an
environment in which others "feel comfort," do so!
Let them be comfortable in the things that you say,
let them be comfortable  in the things that you do;
and all of this comfort,  begins,  in your thoughts;
in your thoughts  ~  create  ~  a place of comfort
for all today.  And The Holy Spirit says:  In the world
you are taught  ~ to have good manners ~ and
it is good  to  understand  the  acceptable,
and appropriate, etiquette of the day;
in reality, you can throw all those
books away; and, concentrate
on one thing, letting your
thoughts, and words,
and deeds, "create
a place of comfort,"
not just for yourself, but
for those around you; let them
be comfortable, in your presence!

March 12, 2018

"thank you,"
you could pass to Me,
is to use the gifts, you have been given!
And The Holy Spirit says: Use the gifts you have been given.
They are a unique combination, crafted, and molded, solely
for you, so that you could do all that you are meant to do,
while you are upon the Earth.  Look around you.
See, and know, and do.  All that you
accomplish, using the gifts
you have been given,
is a song of thanks-
giving, a song
of gratitude,
saying, "Look
God!  See what I did
do, with the gifts, which
came to me ~ from ~ You!"

March 7, 2018

The trust, the belief and the faith, that I AM speaking to you
and you are hearing Me, and I AM guiding you all along The
Way, begins in increments, usually.  Complete trust, enduring
faith that I AM speaking to thee, guiding thee, sending mes-
sages, and signs, to thee, is something that comes quietly,
slipping into place until it is full, until it is complete,
until it is done; and, during this process you be-
come whole, and can acknowledge that we
are One!  And The Holy Spirit says: There is
more happening around you
than you can even imagine.
Many of you are finding it
possible to accept, and believe
in the power, of the unseen.  Many
of you are catching glimpses of what
is happening in another dimension,
which is right next to you; but,
for most, the first step is
accepting the possibility.
Life is eternal, and it is amazing; and, as you breathe,
it is a sign, that you are a piece, and a part of the eternal
life, which began, which took its start, in the thought of The
Creator God, your Parent.  Take some time today, to close your
eyes, so that you might see the unseen, and all that is around thee!
March 8, 2018

you see,
and recognize
the glory in creation,
you then know the joy of creation.
And The Holy Spirit says:  Most of the time,
you feel so distracted, by the things
you must do, the task
that is yours,
the trip
you must
take, and on-and-
on,  that you  miss  the glory,
all around you.  You miss the tender
greens of spring.  You miss the aromas
of summer blossoms.  You miss the radiant
colors of the light, touching autumn leaves.
You miss the sacred prayer, of falling snow.
You miss these things, all around you,
and wherever you go, because
you allow the world
created by man
to distract you from
the handiwork of God!
March 4, 2018
See Jesus' Sunday Sermon

ways of
the world,
and the people of
the world, will try to
prompt, and coerce you,
sometimes demanding of you
that you do, as you are told to do:
go this way; and then go that way; un-
til there is much confusion about you, re-
garding who you are, and what you are to do;
but, My child, if you will sit in quiet, and be still,
you will hear My whisper, you will feel My presence,
and you will know My call; and, I will say unto thee,
"Be still; take My comfort.  Rise-up, and I will show
you The Way.  Let the trappings, and the tempta-
tions, and chaos, all fall from you, and walk
in the light.  Be exactly, who you are!
Try not to be another, or go
another's ways.
Live exactly
who you are, be-
cause, you are divine!"
And The Holy Spirit says: Do not try
to please, this one, or that one; for, surely,
you will end-up pleasing no one at all, including
yourself.  Be still, and in the stillness, you will find the
courage, and confidence, to rise-up, and be exactly who you are.
March 10, 2018

You will understand how it is possible for Me to be with you,
and speak to you,  and hear you,  each one of you, all the time,
when you return Home,  when you pass through the veil and re-
turn Home.   Until then, it will require faith,  and trust , that I do
hear you,  that we do speak together,  that you are My child,  and I
care for you!   And The Holy Spirit says: There are many things you take on
faith; and that faith comes from a seed, deep within the core of your be-
ing; it was planted there, before you passed through the veil, from Hea-
ven, traveling to Earth;  and, that seed grows in fertile soil,  and pro-
vides the faith you need  to believe, that, which seems impossible;
but,  one day,  you will be called back Home!   "It is time ~ to
come Home."   You will hear The Whisper, and you will
pass through the veil,  once again;  and,  through
the passing,  all the mystery  will be shed,
and you will understand, and comp-
rehend, all that you could not,
when you were upon Earth.
Be at peace this day, and
carry faith, with you,
for it is the truth,
you  are  a
child of

March 9, 2018

There is no such thing as an ordinary day;
for, every day is another piece of eternity;
it is a piece of the present, eternity; and,
it is with you,  and it will live,  forever.
So, when you think about it, in this
way, there are no ordinary days;
but, there are some extra-
ordinary days, days
which call for
a light heart; singing;
laughing; deciding you will re-
member only good things; deciding
you will create, only, good things;
and, making it your intention
that the future brings,
only good things.
Let today be
a day
of celebration.
And The Holy Spirit says:
Decide, right now, that this is
going to be an extraordinary day;
and, set-out to make it so, in every way.
Today ~ create ~ an extraordinary ~ day!

March 6, 2018

will surely lead you
into the shadowy, and
dark energies, of: worry,
concern, anxiety, frustration,
and many more such emotions, and en-
ergies, which come with procrastinating.  Do not
put-off for tomorrow, what can be done today.  Take this
from you.  Be your savior, and free yourself.  Rid your-
self of the albatross of things that need to be done, by
doing them, and then running-out into the sun
to sing with joy, the task is finally done!
And The Holy Spirit says:
For those of you
who are well-practiced
in the art of procrastination,
it might seem as if there is no bur-
den attached; but, there is, pushed way
back in the corners of your being.  Bring
these forward.  In fact, ask, prayerfully ask,
"What am I missing?  What should I be doing?"
These things will come to you, one at a time; and, as
they come, pick-up the rhyme, and go forward, with
the intention to complete the task, and be done with it!
March 5, 2018

the Earth
with all you do;
bless, your fellow tra-
velers  in  all  you  do; for,
every blessing, which comes
from you, flows back to you.
Everything you give, you
shall receive; there-
fore, bless!
And The
Holy Spirit
says: It might be
a challenge to stretch
your understanding, to com-
prehend that all is One.  What you
think, impacts the One.  The words you speak
flow from you, and continue out, into the world,
and beyond; for, once a word is spoken, it cannot be
undone.  Bless the world, bless your fellow travelers.
See  all  things,  from a different perspective.  Begin
living eternity, now; because now, eternity is living!
Feb.  25,  2018
See Jesus' Sunday Sermon

Do not
let your mind
run in to "the world
of others," worrying about
what another is saying, or doing,
or, not saying, or not doing;  for,  this
will surely lead you astray, lead you away
from, what you are meant to do, that day.
Instead, focus on what you are meant to
do, and then, set about doing it; for,
you will find that during the day,
when you concentrate, and fo-
cus, your energy, on, what
you  are  meant  to  do,
a  sense  of  content-
ment grows, with-
in  you,  and;
you are at
You are at peace,
because you are doing your part,
and without your part, there is no whole,
there is no complete One.  And The Holy Spirit says:
When you have project where each person is responsible
for one thing, each person must do their thing, so that the
project is complete, all parts assembled, done.  Today,
do your part, do your thing,  come the night, you
will be content, ~ and you will be ~ at peace!

March 3, 2018

all those
around you
see the promise,
and feel the fulfillment
of the glory,  of a new day,
through  that  which  you  do,
and through  that  which you say.
Throw  open  the gates,  and  welcome
all,  to see the glory,  and the beauty,  that
is, meant to be.   And The Holy Spirit says:  Know this,
know  it  well!   Your thoughts  lead to the words  you say,
and the words you say ~ are greatly magnified ~ by your deeds;
within this power is a golden opportunity to throw-open the door to
the light, and the glory, that is shining all around!  Many do not know
the glory, because they cannot open the door;  but,  you have been given
the gift, and the way to tell the story, which holds the glory, of All That Is,
and All That Will Be. Go forth, and let the glory of God, shine through you!
March 2, 2018

When you hold to the course set for you,
through the answers you receive in prayer,
your life will be filled with light, and glory,
and  a  song  will  spring forth,  because
you are so eager  to tell  the story
of how easy it might be
when you are
with Me!
And The Holy Spirit says:
Even when those around you
do not understand, or comprehend,
stay  the  course,  follow  the  guidance,
ask,  and listen,  and do.  As the answers
come to you,  it then  rests  in your lap,
in your place, in your time.  Rise-up,
without hesitation, ~ and ~ do!
March 1, 2018

Encourage those around you to use the gifts they carry
within them.  So many gifts are hidden, or locked away;
they go unused, set aside, perhaps, for another day.  It is
time for the gifts to spring-forth from the children.  Let
them ring-out.  Use the gifts you have been given, and
see the joy their use will bring.  And The Holy Spirit says:
For every feeling you have of darkness and shadow,
for every temptation into darkness and shadow,
there is a solution, a remedy, within you.
You carry, within you,
spiritual gifts,
gifts that can change
the course of your life,
can alter the path, you are
walking, can lead you into The Light.
Use the gifts you have been given, and do not push them
away.  Do not cover-them-up, or hide them.  Bring them out, and
use them, today.  Do not discourage others, from using their gifts, es-
pecially if they differ from yours; no, encourage all individuals, all those
around you, to use the gifts they have been given, and Earth will sing, and
peace will be restored, because those of Earth are using the gifts of Heaven!
February 28, 2018

I shower blessings, and grace, upon those of Earth,
who are seeking the light, who are seeking a place.  I
wipe the tears from your face, and bring you comfort.
I feed you the manna of Heaven, so that you might not
hunger.  I send you the nectars of Heaven, so that you
might not thirst.  This day, look around you, feel the
wonder, and stand in awe, of All That Is, majestic,
of Mother Earth; for, you are there, just a while,
and then, you will return to Me.  Look around
and tell Me, "What do you see?"  And The Holy
Spirit says:  When you spend  a great deal  of
your time, confined within the walls of
a building,  or a house,  any dwell-
ing really, you begin to believe
that experience is what is
meant to be. You go to
work, you go home,
and sometimes, in-between
there are games, and dances,
and fun, there are prayers, there
are passages of challenges, and diffi-
culty;  but then,  one day,  you walk-out
into the cathedral of the forest:  the spires,
reaching high into the sky; the stream is flowing, as
the blood of life; birds singing as the song of angels; and, you
begin to feel ~ at home ~ at last!  You are living in God's great crea-
tion of Earth, for a while.  Take some time, to realize the majesty, your majesty, because ~ you are a piece, and a part of ~ God's Great Creation! 
February 27, 2018

the time
to set yourself aside
to be quiet, to be still, so you might
hear the answers coming to you, hear
the answers, which are difficult,
if not impossible to hear
amidst the chaos,
and confusion
and clatter
of the day.
Set yourself aside,
away from the noise,
and you will find peace.
And The Holy Spirit says: Take a
walk in the woods.  Sit under a
tree.  Rest your head in the lap of
Earth, and look-up, at the sky.  Stop,
and listen to the songs of the birds. Stop,
and breathe deeply, inhale the fragrance
of the plants, of Earth.   Make the time to
be at peace, in The Garden, that is Earth.

February 26, 2018

the time
to acknowledge
a kindness!  Make the time
to acknowledge a gift, a call, a letter, a card.
Make the time, to acknowledge that another
is traveling a difficult road, or facing a chal-
lenge.  Make the time to smile,
to bring joy to others.
Make the time
to be kind.  And
The Holy Spirit says:
Reject the temptation
to convince yourself, that
you do not have time, to pick-
up a telephone, to write a few words,
to reach-out to another.  In fact, you do
have time, you just forget; or, you do not
want to stop what you are doing, to turn to
something else.  Let this day be the day that you
make the time, to touch another, with the love of God!

Feb.  18,  2018
See Jesus' Sunday Sermon

child, might ask
the parent, for: cake, and
ice cream, and candy; but, the good
parent provides exactly what the child needs,
a balanced meal, and a treat at the end.  Every
good parent "knows," what the child needs,
and provides it.  And The Holy Spirit says: Do not
think your prayer has not been answered
when you do not receive, exactly
what you wanted, what you
thought you needed.
Before reaching
that conclusion,
look around, and see
what has been given unto thee;
and, use that, which you have been given.
Soon, you will find there is no lack in your life.
There might be desire for something else; but, you
have exactly what you need;  and,  you can be sure,
that your Eternal Parent is saving a treat for the end.

February 24, 2018

Tend to that which ails you.
Remove the thorn in your side,
and I will heal thee, and you will be
free of the pain, and you will be whole,
once again!    And The Holy Spirit says:   Just as you
address a health issue, something that is causing you
pain, in the physical, the material world, it is important
for you to address that which is causing you pain in the
spiritual world.  If it is fear, cast it from you.  If it is an-
ger, or pride, cast it from you.  If it is jealousy, or re-
sentment, cast it from you.  Pull it out of you, and
you will be healed, and you will be free of the
pain, which is caused by fear, and anger,
and all the other negative tempt-
ations, which come to you;
and, often, abide
within you.
as you free your-
self physically, and be whole.

February 23, 2018

Address your spiritual challenges and struggles
with the same resolve,  and  determination,
you address the physical, and the world-
ly struggles and challenges; and, you
will see the spiritual struggles and
challenges melt, and reform, in-
to the greatest lessons of your lifetime
upon the Earth.  Be at peace with spiritual
challenges and struggles, recognizing that they
have come to you, because you are ready to resolve
them, in My light.  And The Holy Spirit says: When a child gets
a splinter in their finger, you do not ignore it, and neither do they.
First, you remove the splinter that is causing the pain; then, you clean
the wound to make sure that there are no germs, nothing to resurrect
the pain again; and then, you cover the wound until it is healed, with
a Band-Aid.  When you are driving down a country road, and all of
a sudden you hit a pothole, and a little distance farther you find
that your tire  is losing air,  and can no longer  propel you
down the road,  you stop,  observe the tire,  remove
your spare,  change the tire,  and continue
on your way.  Use these same tactics,
and address spiritual struggles
and challenges, with
the same enthusiasm, be-
cause, if they have come to you:
it is a sign that you do know what to do;
it is a practice in applying what you do know,
what you are meant to do; and, with this practice
comes perfection.  Practice, and welcome perfection!

February 22, 2018

Be thankful for every kindness shown unto you.
Be thankful for every loving touch, offered unto you.
Be thankful for every day which comes your way.  In other
words, and simply put, open your heart, and be thankful!  And
The Holy Spirit says:  The only way, you can enjoy a new day, thoroughly,
and completely is to be thankful for the day, and to realize, that ev-
ery single day which comes to you has already been numbered!
Life upon Earth is fleeting!  Complete joy, in living your life,
upon Earth comes to those who "know this," and who
treasure, every day!  Today, let your thoughts,
and words, and deeds, exhibit that
you feel thankful,
for this

February 21, 2018

have the
ability to connect
with all creation: people, places, things;
the animal kingdom, the green kingdom, the kingdom of minerals.
You have the ability to connect.  You have the ability to know, all
things.  You have the ability to rise-up, above all things, and
look, and see, and know; and, in the looking, and the se-
eing, and the knowing, love will grow, to immense
proportions within you, because you are
created of the energy of love.  You
have the ability; the question is
will you unlock it, and let it be
free to grow, within thee?  And The
Holy Spirit says: When you reach the place, where
you comprehend that all things are within you, then
every breath you take is sacred.  Look at the small acorn.
It is beautiful,  in its form;  but,  within that small acorn is held,
every single property of the majestic oak; it is all there; it is waiting
to be placed in fertile soil, so its glory can be released, and the mighty
oak spring forth.  You are as an acorn; you have it all,
now; choose to be
All That Is

February 20, 2018

say they know.
Many speak the words,
proclaiming they know; but,
you can see in their actions, they
do not know.  Today, know, that you
create... your own reality.  No one else
creates... your reality.  You choose: how
you feel,  what you think,  what you say,
and what you do.  Your actions proclaim
what is inside of you.  Create a day fil-
led with love, and you will feel new!
And The Holy Spirit says:  Today, let it be
your intention to know, not just
to say you know, but to
No one else,
but you, creates
your reality.  If you are
based in love, and operating
in  the light,  and energy  of love,
you will feel love,  no matter  what hap-
pens around you.   If you are based in shadow,
and darkness, you will ~ react ~ from a base of shadow,
and darkness; and, these things are the things you bring into
the world, around you.   So today  ~ know ~  you are the creator
of light, and love, or darkness, and shadow.  Today, let it be your
intention to create love, and light, so that you might live in peace.

February 19, 2018

Within you
there is a great capacity:
to love, and live, and enjoy life; to laugh,
and dance, and sing-out with delight.  Do not overlook
this capacity, this ability, until it rests, and grows dormant.
Even when there are tasks to do, you can still let the joy,
envelope you.  Sing-out with delight.  Laugh, love,
as you live your life upon Earth.  Enjoy
the creation of Earth.  And
The Holy Spirit says:
Do not fall, to
the temptations,
to be dragged down
into  feelings  of  remorse,
or frustration,  or dismay.   Break
those ties that are pulling you, pulling you
deep, into a hole.  Do not go any farther, into the hole;
break the ties and rise-up, and you will soon feel the sunlight
and then, you will be in the sunlight; and  all things around you
will be illuminated, by the sunlight.  Live in the light, of The Son!

to every man, woman,
and child, on Earth, everyday!
And at The Quiet Place, we conclude
our morning prayers with these words asking
God, what we should know, today: "Our Creator,
God, what is it that You wish for us to know, today?"

God says: