Feb.  11,  2018
See Jesus' Sunday Sermon

My ways, most often, seem alien, appear to be foreign
to the ways of the world, and they are; but, they are the ways
to peace, and joy, and love.  You will gain attention, you will gain acknowledgment, by joining the ways of the world, by doing as all a-
round you are doing,  by taking part in building-up  the city of man; but when you choose to practice My ways, to walk The Way, you gain
peace, and confidence in  who you are,  and what you are doing.  And
The Holy Spirit says: The first time you experience walking, and living, upon
Earth,  so connected  with God  that you feel The Presence,  and hear
The Whisper, you experience what life on Earth is meant to be.  It
is meant to be precious... and sacred... joyous... and glorious.
Resist "the temptation,"  to trod the streets  of the ways
of the world.   I AM calling you, out: to the mea-
dows,  and  the  hillsides,  and  the  beaches,
and the deserts: to see the beauty, and
the glory;  to feel the beauty,  and
the glory; and recognize fully
that you are the beauty,
and you are the
glory, of

February 16, 2018

very little effort
on your part, you can change
the course of another's day, in a most
pleasant way, just by smiling.  As you go th-
rough your day, check, and make sure you are
not frowning, smile!  Smile when you greet an-
other; smile when you speak to another, just
smile!  And The Holy Spirit says:  It is interesting
to note, the difference in one's energy
make-up, when they see another
smiling, especially when
the smile is in-
tended for
A smile
can make
right again.  A
smile says: "Hello,
how are you, I ;ike you,
I care, I love you!"  It says
many things.  You can give
these things, to another,
by simply smiling!

February 16, 2018

When you do something for someone else, do so
with an open, loving heart!  Do not attach to your gift
the thought, or the desire, or the expectation, that you will
get something, in return; this diminishes the gift.  Give, and give
freely.  The more you give, the more you have.  And The Holy Spirit says:
Do not give with the expectation of receiving.  Give, for the purpose and
intention of giving!   Give the gift of love!  Give, and you shall receive;
but, your gift will come from Heaven!  Your gift will come from the
way you feel!  Your gift will come from the understanding that
that, which you give away, is what you truly know.  You
cannot give, without first having that which you
give.  Therefore, when you give love, it
is a sign, that you have had love,
within you, and you are
willing to give it

February 15, 2018

The wise
do not run from
their dreams, or visions,
or messages, closing their ears,
hiding their eyes; the wise pray for
the wisdom to  understand  the dreams,
and the visions, and the messages; and soon,
they know The Way.  Be still, when you are tem-
pted to run; be quiet, when you are tempted to close
your ears, or hide your eyes; wait, and you will know,
and it will be a blessing, that you recognize.  And The
Holy Spirit says: There are so many blessings showered
upon those upon Earth, that are missed, missed
because you do not remember; and, be-
cause you do not remember, those
who could show you The Way
are lost themselves.  Be
not afraid; accept
the message,
and the
and the
dreams, and
be still, and you
will  know.   You  will
recognize "the signs," and
you will rise-up and go into the
day, blessed, with the glory of God.

February 14, 2018

some time
today, to review,
and ponder, all the things
you believe, but cannot see.  And The Holy
Spirit says: You cannot see love; you see what love does,
you see the result, you see the product of love; but, you do not see
love, as you do a tree, or a flower, or a snowflake.  You cannot see hate;
yet, you do see the result of hate, the product of hate.  And, while you
cannot see hate, as you do a mountain, or a valley, or a rock, or a
river, this unseen force, this creation, is with you.  The Earth
presents you with that which you see: with the bird,
with the rabbit, with the bush, and the grasses,
and the flowers.  You see these things,
you can touch them.  You con-
sider them real; but,
the powerful
which move you,
instill you with noble
thoughts, or pull you down,
are unseen.  You see the result
of the creation of love, or hate; but,
you cannot see, or touch, love, or hate.
The realm of the unseen is with you, and
it is often more powerful, than the seen!

February 13, 2018

Every time you think of somebody, someone from the past,
out-of-the-blue their name comes to you,  or you see their face
in a flash, it is a message, it is "a sign," to contact them, or to be
prayerful, to be still, and bless, and forgive, and address, any is-
sue connected with that person.  My children, you all look for
"the big signs," for signs you feel are important, while over-
looking "the important signs, that seem insignificant,
and small."  Pay attention, and act!  The mes-
sages come,  the signs come,  the faces,
the names, the incidents come.
Be vigilant, and ac-
the signs.  And
The Holy Spirit says: You have
the opportunity to address all things
of the past, because throughout your days
faces, names, places, things, will come to you
in a flash: and, this is a sign to address the issue,
and resolve it.  Immediate ways to bless your days!

February 12, 2018

Resist the temptations to harbor guilt, or frustration,
hurt,  anger,  anxiety,  or any negative feelings,  regarding
situations, and people, in your past.  Use your past as your les-
son-book.  Let your lesson-book be your guide.  You have a great
teacher at your side. The lessons from the past will assist you great-
ly, with every step forward you take; and, with every step forward
you take, there will be new lessons, all along The Way.  You are
a noble, eternal being.  You are upon the Earth, for a reason.
You are doing the best you can to accomplish your mission,
and return Home.  Remember that Your Teacher walks
with you; The Counselor is with you, My Spirit,
My Holy Spirit, is with you.  And The
Holy Spirit says: Rise-up.
It does not matter
whether you are seated,
or sleeping.  I call you to rise-up,
and walk into this new day.  It is not
yet written.   It is  yours  to write.   How
will you cast yourself?  What will you think,
and do, and say?  Rise-up, the day is waiting.

Feb.  4,  2018
See Jesus' Sunday Sermon

Some of you will hear The Whisper
coming from deep within you, urging you to
rise-up,  and go,  where The Whisper  doth lead
you.  Some of you will hear The Whisper, coming
from deep within you,  prompting you to raise-up
your thoughts,  and your words,  and your deeds,
in such a way, that you stay where you are, but
know My glory, more and more each day.
The Whisper comes, leading some
to rise-up and go,
and some to raise-up
their thoughts, and words, and
deeds, and stay.  And The Holy Spirit says:
Listen, so that you might "know," clearly,
The Way, which is meant for you!  When you
are "walking The Way, meant for you,"  there
is confidence, comfort, contentment and peace!

February 10, 2018

day, with
great purpose, and
intention, focus your attention
on  all  that  is  good  within  you; focus  your  attention
on the attributes  you carry;  focus your attention on
the gifts you carry, the gifts that are yours to use.
Focus your attention on all that you do, that is
good, on all that you are that is good; and,
as you do this,  those things,  that are less
than stellar will fade,  will be less,  as you focus,
more, and more, on the glory, I have given unto you!
Focus on your glory!   And The Holy Spirit says:  Today, all day,
celebrate the gifts that are yours, the attributes that are yours.
Celebrate all the positive, wonderful things you do; and,
as you do this, as you focus all your attention
on the good that is you, the things, that
are lesser, will wither.  As you
focus on the divine, the
negative will with-
er, on the

February 9, 2018

I call you to rise-up.
I invite you to the banquet
of the new day; it is all set before you,
My children.   I feed you,  the first thing,
the manna of Heaven;  it is held within My
love for you; eat, and be filled with the man-
na from Heaven!  It will prepare you well to go-
out into the world: to play and to pray and to sing,
and to dance, to see the creation, and know its beau-
ty and its glory, and live, as you are meant to live!  And
The Holy Spirit says: The blessing of a new day is with you.  The
grace, of The Creator, of All Things, is upon you.  You have
been fed manna from Heaven, and you are prepared for
the day.  Rise-up, and walk into the great adventure
of a new day; for, it is yours!  It is all set be-
fore you.  Now, go!  Go-out into
the world, and

February 8, 2018

Stay connected with Me, and
I will take your hand, and guide thee;
and, distractions will not pull you from The Path.
Our Way will be one of joy, and peace, and confidence;
for, you will know that I AM with you!  And The Holy Spirit says:
Sometimes ~ it is very easy to be distracted; ~ and the distractions
do not necessarily need to be distractions of shadow, and darkness.
Sometimes the distractions can be projects, or situations, or things
happening all around you.  The most important thing you can do
every day ~ to assure that your foot stays upon The Way ~ is to
connect with God, your Creator, in prayer!  Be at peace
this  day.   Go-out  into  the  world,  and  "know,"
God is with you, every step of The Way!

February 7, 2018

Reject the temptation to run from your dreams,
or to curse your dreams.  Pray for the wisdom ~ to
learn ~ from your dreams.  Your dreams are encod-
ed messages,  vivid, and vital enough, to get your at-
tention, bringing you something you need to know,
a tool, to use to make your way through the day.
And The Holy Spirit says:  Having a dream is often like
watching a movie.  Sometimes you are the main
character; sometimes you do not know the
characters; but, you can be sure that,
if you have the dream, the dream
is for you.  Seek the wisdom
to break the code, deci-
pher the message,
and embrace
it, for it is

February 6, 2018

most important gift
you can give all the world, today,
is the gift of:  your understanding... your
compassion . . .  and your love!  By giving the gift
of your understanding,  and compassion,  and love, you
spread a blanket of peace over all you encounter; and, that
peace flows into, and through, all that is around you, and far-
ther-out, reaching more, and more, reaching many places, and
many people, that you could never have touched,  but for your
willingness to smile with kindness,  understanding,  and com-
passion,  giving love to those  who are near you.    And The Holy
Spirit says: You might never see, how far-reaching a kindness you
show to one person, really is; but, when you have an inkling
that it goes much farther than the one you touch, you are
more willing  to continue  touching those  near you,
feeding the river,  flowing into the ocean, cre-
ated by your simple acts of  kindness,
understanding, compassion,
and love!

February 5, 2018

earthly body
is an amazing creation,
miraculous in fact; and, when you learn
how to operate the body, that you are using to move
over the Earth,  then  you will be surprised  at all it can do.
You have learned  how to operate  machinery.  You have learned
how to do certain things, until you have perfected crafts, and arts,
and all manner of things.  Take some time  to learn how  to operate
your body, and it will reward you.  And The Holy Spirit says: Your body is
meant to heal itself!  You body sends you messages, letting you "know,"
what is going-on here,  or there,  whether you need to rest,  or sleep,
or stand-up,  and go out into the sunshine,  or possibly even the
rain.  Your body is a miraculous, amazing creation of God.
It is perfection, when it is used properly.  Listen to
what your body is saying, and go with it!

February 3, 2018

Watching children play in a park
prompts a smile, and that smile
is broadened with every laugh,
every song, every skip, every
indication of joy!  Today,
be as a child, on the
which you
might not notice.
Look,  and  see,  and
be amazed, all over again.
You  live  in  an eternal garden
that  flourishes,  and  nourishes  all
who enter.  And The Holy Spirit says: The joys
of childhood do not have to fade-away, forgot-
ten,  talked about as  something that happened
on a day, many, many years ago.  You can still
find that joy!  Resurrect the joy, and play!

February 2, 2018

be filled
with noble
thoughts, and
words, and deeds.
Let your thoughts hold the wisdom of forgiveness,
which comes easily, quickly, sincerely, and thoroughly.
Nobility, let nobility ring-out today, beginning with
your thoughts, gracing your words, celebrated
in your deeds.  And The Holy Spirit says:
It is good to forgive;
but, let today
be the day,
that your
is thoroughly com-
plete, and sincere, under-
standing that you have no way
of knowing, what is in the deep recesses
of another; but, you do know what you carry
within you.  Today, cleanse and clean, and let nobil-
ity reign, in your thoughts, your words, and your deeds!

February 1, 2018

are often based
on matters, and seeds,
and other things, hidden
deep within the recesses of self;
therefore, do not attempt to understand
the decisions made by others, for you will be
missing  the hidden things,  which helped make
the decision, in the first place.  Keep yourself free
from others' debris.  And The Holy Spirit says:  Be kind,
and generous, and loving.  Be quick to offer a smile,
and a blessing; but, stand quietly, and refuse to
enter in to: frustration, anger, hurt, ani-
mosity, anxiety, or
any  other  emotion
involved in another's
decision.  Simply reach-
out your hand;  and  say,
"I bless you!  I love you!"

January 31, 2018

Whenever you are willing to
rise-up in accord with another,
or rise-up to assist another, or rise-
up to deliver another, you are blessed,
many fold.  When you hear the call, and it
could come often,  leave  what you are doing,
and go out to find, or help, or stand together
with another.  And The Holy Spirit says: It is often
said, that a shepherd will leave the flock, and
go-out in search of the one who is lost, to
bring it back to the fold; and, when
the  fold  sees  the  shepherd
coming, with the lost
sheep, they
and open ranks,
and welcome the lost
back to the fold, where
there is safety, where there is
comfort, where the stories are told!

January 30, 2018

gled rope
is released one
knot,  at  a  time.
A sweater is knitted
one stitch at a time.
A journey begins
with one step
at a time.
ness is achieved,
one blessing at a time.
All things are accomplished,
one step at a time; but, nothing
is accomplished,  until  you take
the step, or the action, and begin.
And  The Holy Spirit  says:  Do not see any
situation... or relationship... which is
falling apart as irretrievable, as im-
possible to resolve.  All things are
retrievable, all things can be
resolved; but, it must be
taken into account
one step at a

January 29, 2018

yourself to
draw satisfaction
from another's misfortune,
even if in the past you feel they have harmed you,
in some way; for this, My child, is trickery.  Knowing
The Way requires you to bless them: bless those who fall;
bless those who lose their way; and, you will be bless-
ing yourself.  Stand firmly in My light, and
know, I love you,
and all My
children, no
matter where they
are, no matter where they
find themselves, today.  And The
Holy Spirit says: Focus first, on your relation-
ship with God.  Keep it strong, keep it healthy,
keep it filled with light.  Do not be distracted
by what others might do or say.  Maintain
your connection with God, today.

January 25, 2018

It is
for even the most stalwart
to fall to the trappings of temptation;
therefore, be vigilant, and watchful,
so that you might see, and know it,
as it comes to you, and rise above it,
and cast it from you.  And The Holy Spirit says:
Be vigilant, and watchful.  Do not fall into com-
placency; rather, keep your connection active, and
alive, with The Dimension of Perfection, and
soon, it will become your way, and you
will see, and know, and walk The
Way: without tripping,
without falling,
without de-

January 24, 2018

you are slow
to judgment, you
will soon find that you
do not go to judgment, at
all; for, it is more rewarding
to see, and know, and love; for
within this action,  you realize
The Divine.   And  The  Holy  Spirit
says: Be at peace, in the loving
light of God; and there-
in remain, and
your day
will be
as it is
meant to be;
and, come the end,
you will know, it was ex-
actly,  as  it  was  meant  to  be.

Jan.  28,  2018
See Jesus' Sunday Sermon

only way
that you can do
that which is the most difficult, and challeng-
ing, to do, is to set your intention to do so,
and continue to stay in that purpose.
Intention is the only way to
override that which
is difficult to do.
And The Holy Spirit says:
Be vigilant.  Set your in-
tention to do that which you
know, you are meant to do.  Re-
ject the temptation, because it will
come to sway you from The Way; there-
fore ... set your intention ... to love ... today!

Jan.  21,  2018
See Jesus' Sunday Sermon

which marks your journey upon the Earth,
is written upon your heart, and your soul, and
held, within your being.  Only you know
where to find this information,
direction, and guidance,
for it is within you, deep within you,
below the surface of your physical being,
held within the essence of your spiritual being.
Bring it forth.  Let it shine.   And  The  Holy  Spirit  says:
You carry, within your being, gemstones, of great value,
eternal value.  Much as a mountain can hold within it,
those precious gemstones, so too do you.  You are the
miner, you are the holder, and the keeper.  Bring
that of great value,  from deep  within you.
Polish it, with your intention to be all
you are meant to be, and bring it
forth from within thee.  The
glory,  and  the  story,
is  held, within
you!  Let
it be!

January 27, 2018

day is set
before you, and
as with every day, there
will be firsts: the first time
you do this, or that, or the other; the first time
you see, or hear, or know: this, or that, or the other.  Let this day
be a day where you are open to all the firsts which come to you.
There will be many, and there will be a few amongst you, who
will look and see and know; and, in the knowing their faith
will grow, and the day will be marked, forever, as the day
when they did first see, hear, and know!  And The Holy Spirit says:
When you think of every day as another leg, or a segment, or a portion of
your great adventure,  upon the Earth,  you rise-up  eager to walk into
it.  You are not sitting in a chair, watching someone else have an ad-
venture on a big screen in front of you.  You are on the big scre-
en.  You are having the adventure!  See the day unfold-
ing this way.  Welcome to the new day,
and all the firsts, that
will come your

January 26, 2018

Do not
be drawn
off-course, by
following another,
traveling  their  path,
going their way.  Stand,
and let your light shine,
so that they might see it,
and know The Way, back
to safety.  And The Holy Spirit
says: The lighthouse, with
its circling light, calls
all sailors, in the
darkest, of
and shows
The Way to safety.
The lighthouse does not go-out
to get  those  lost  at sea.  The light-
house stands as a beacon, for all to see.

January 23, 2018

and ye shall find.
Knock,  and  the  door
will truly be opened unto you.
Ask, and it shall be given unto you.
You will have all you need.  It will make
the road, and the journey easier, if you know
this, and believe it, before, and during, rather than
looking back, and seeing that you were enduring, with
the help of Heaven!  It is good to be grateful, once the task is
done, "knowing," from whence the help has come; but, it would
be joyous to know, and believe, the help is with you, while you are
working, while the task is at hand.  And The Holy Spirit says: Life will be
more of an adventure, rather than periods of struggle, and anxiety,
and lack, and doubt, if you will embrace, and finally come to
know, the truth, that God's hand is with you, and will
help you go, will help you move, will help you
distinguish, will help you know,
will help you see!

January 22, 2018

at peace
with that which
is  revealed  to  thee,
no matter whether it is in:
messages, or visions, or dreams,
or a whisper,  that  comes  to  thee.
Acknowledge that which is revealed;
see it, and know it; celebrate the great
lessons,  and the small;  cast from you
the negative pieces, all;  and,  live in
peace, and be free.  And The Holy Spirit
says:  Revelation is an amazing gift.
Do  not be confused, or befud-
dled, by that which is
revealed to thee.
Sit quietly,
and ask
for guidance,
on  what  to  do,
how to embrace it,
or how to  set it  free.
Be  at  peace,  with  that
which is revealed, unto thee!
to every man, woman,
and child, on Earth, everyday!
And at The Quiet Place, we conclude
our morning prayers with these words asking
God, what we should know, today: "Our Creator,
God, what is it that You wish for us to know, today?"

God says: