May 21, 2018

is within
you; therefore,
in it, be bold and courageous.
Set your intention to use the power of My love
for all things, this day.  It will be in this way,
as you live this day, that all around you
will see, and know, by your words,
and your actions.  And by
your words, and
your actions
you will show
The Way, because
The Way was conceived
in the power of love!  And The
Holy Spirit says . . .   Just for today, try
this: slip-off the clothing of ego; step
into the garments of God's love; bless
rather than curse; forgive, rather than
to withhold; understand that in all cases
of trespass, they do not know what they are
doing.  If you have awakened and you open and
hear Me, it is your responsibility to love, and forgive!

May 22, 2018

around you,
see, and know;
for, it is possible for
you to see, and know, yet
not go into the energies, which are
turbulent, and upsetting, or awash in grief,
and sorrow.  Look, and see, and know, and bless;
hold your space, so that it is "of peace.  Look, and see
and know hatred; but counter it, with love, and a blessing.
Look, and see, and know excess; but counter it with under-
standing, and a blessing.  Look, and see, and know jealousy,
but counter it with compassion, and a blessing.  Bless every
situation.  Look, and see, and know, and be the counter-
energy;  and  build it strongly,  and let it grow;  and,
in this way, your way will be the different way:
the kind way, the compassionate way, the
understanding way, The Way
of Wisdom.
And The
Holy Spirit says:
When you are caught
in a traffic jam, with no way out,
and horns are blaring, and tempers are flaring,
look, and see, and know, and then be still.  Begin to bless
each car, each thought, each reaction.  Do this with every encounter of
turbulence, or frustration.  It does not matter whether it is an institution,
or a municipality, or friends, or family.  It does not matter what it is.  The
turbulence reigns, and will not be subdued, until it is blessed, and calmed
by you!  And your blessing will touch others, and they, too, will feel the
peace, and soon peace will reign, and turbulence will be subdued.

*Pentecost* Sunday
May 20,  2018,  See
Jesus'  Sunday  Sermon

It was never meant for you to wander
in darkness not knowing which way to go,
stumbling in fear, gripped with anxiety.  The
prophecies of The Old Testament have been ful-
filled; yet, even in the seeing of the fulfillment, and
the working of miracles, there was the demon of doubt.
Now, within you, is *The Counselor;* and it is in this Way
you are meant to walk, each day, knowing, not hoping,
knowing... and having faith... for, you hold the key
to The Kingdom of Heaven . . . *within you!*
And The Holy Spirit says: Do not be afraid,
do not cry, do not wail,
for, I AM with you;
and, I will lead you
where you are to go.
Follow, without hesita-
tion, and you will know the
glory of God is with you, is with-
in you, is upon you, and all will know
who you are, through that which you say,
and that which you do.  Give the glory to God; and,
follow through, to the end of your journey upon the Earth;
and, once it is done, hold upon your heart, the best is yet to come!

May 19, 2018

parent might
sometimes give dif-
fering  counsel to  each
child.  To the studious child,
with their head down in books,
the parent might whisper, "Look,
look out  the window,  see the butter-
fly?"  To the child who is always running
outside, the parent might whisper, "Come, sit
with me, let's read a book."  To the child who is
bold, the parent might whisper, "Think, before you
act."  To the reluctant child, the parent might whisper,
"Run free!   Run  across  the  meadow,  without hesitation;
and feel the wind, in your hair!"  Different counsel, for differ-
ent children, bringing them balance.  And The Holy Spirit says: Do not
be reluctant ~ to follow The Whisper ~ you hear,  from within.   Do not hesit-
ate to rise-up,  when all others are seated,  when The Whisper within,  says,
"Rise-up!"  Do not stop, when The Whisper encourages you to run across
the meadow, when all others find a path that is broad, and well-paved!

May 18, 2018

Take the time
to be still and quiet,
to set yourself aside, from
all that is familiar to you;
and, I will speak to you;
and, I will comfort you;
and, I will answer your
questions; and, you will
know, what to do, because
the answer to your questions
has been found, deep within you!
And The Holy Spirit says: It is best, when issues arise,
which can put you to the test, to refrain from running around,
or calling-out in worry or concern.  When issues arise, the best thing
you can do ~ is to be still, and listen to The Whisper ~ within you!  Ask,
and it shall be given unto you!  Have faith in knowing, that the answers will
come, from within you; for the promise was made over two thousand years
ago, that each of you would have a counselor, and The Counselor would
speak to you, and guide you,
from with-

May 17, 2018

Great things
result from the doing of small things,
the doing of simple things; therefore, begin your journey
into greatness by first doing the simple things: be thankful for
the life you have been given; and, be thankful for the Earth, and
all she gives you; love one another; be kind to all things!  If you
can do these simple things, you will find you are living a life
filled with great miracles.  And The Holy Spirit says:  Go into
this day, with the intention to love one another
and be kind; and,
stop during the day
to make sure that this re-
mains your primary intention.
By doing this, all you accomplish
today,  will be accomplished  with-
in the energies of love, and kindness!

May 16, 2018

Do not focus your
attention and your energy
on what another is called to do.
Do not focus on another's mission;
choose to focus on your own mission,
on your own journey; then, at the end
of the day,  you will have a feeling, of
confidence,  rather than  frustration,
because The Holy Spirit is guiding
each of you from within; there-
fore, you might not under-
stand, where another is
going, or where an-
other has been;
but you will
that The Holy Spirit
is guiding you, from within!
And The Holy Spirit says: I will not lead you
into shadow and darkness; therefore, if that is
where you find yourself, struggling to be free, then
know, within you, your guidance is not coming from Me.
I will lead you exactly where you need to go.  I will lead you
in such a way,  that you:  hear that which are meant to hear;
see that which you are meant to see;  and,  do that which you
are meant to do. The key word, in all these words, is you, you!

May 15, 2018

Do not withdraw,
or become sullen, or sad,
or angry, if someone hurts your
feelings, speaks-ill of you!  Choose first,
when you feel offended, to bless!  Be an active
participant in your healing, by offering blessings of
healing to others, first!  As you practice this blessing
of others, you will experience spiritual growth; and,
you will find it is easier to bless, than it is to carry
offense within!  And The Holy Spirit says: Let your day
be filled with joy!  Stand in the light of God!  Be
quick to sing!  Look around you, and let all
nature ring-out, the creation story, of
God.  Be caught-up in the mira-
cles, of God; and, bless all
you see, bless all you
know; for, it is in
this Way, that
you will

May 14, 2018

I send you signs,
and I send you guidance;
and, for those who learn how to
watch for, and read the signs, and lis-
ten,  and hear the guidance,  the journey,
upon Earth is easier.   Even  when  it is chal-
lenging,  you feel fulfilled,  because you know:
you  have  read  the signs,  you  have  heard  the
direction,  and  you  followed!   And  The  Holy  Spirit
says:  As you make your way upon the Earth, taking
the  journey  of  your  lifetime,  possessions  can be
stripped  from you  in various ways; but, your fe-
eling of confidence,  and fulfillment,  cannot be
taken from you, because it is built inside you.
When you are fulfilled in the light of God,
it cannot be taken from you.  Rise-up
today, and watch for the signs,
and read them; listen for
The Whisper; and

Mother's Day
Sunday, May 13, 2018
See  Jesus'  Sunday  Sermon

If today, you find yourself upon Earth, you made it through!
You traveled, from the heavenly kingdom, departing fully spirit,
and arriving upon the Earth plane, as spirit in human form, wear-
ing a body, created, just for you!   You passed through the portal,
onto the Earth, and the portal, through which you passed, was
your mother giving birth!  As you are aware of your eternal
existence, your role as an eternal being, be aware and
honor your mother, as the portal through which
you are able to have an Earth experience.
Now I say unto you, if you are down,
rise-up, so you might grow in
strength; if you are al-
ready standing,
prepare to go forth.
Gather your courage.
Your time upon Earth is brief.
You are there for a purpose.  Celebrate
your temporary existence upon the Earth; ex-
plore; and do all, you are meant to do; for, soon,
you will hear the call, and come Home!  But for to-
day, look around, celebrate, and play, upon the Earth;
all Heaven  and Earth  moved,  together,  so that you might
have an Earth experience! And The Holy Spirit says: Hold gratitude
in your heart; for, if you live, now, you shall live, forever!  Be thankful for
your life, your eternal life, and your temporary, earthly, life.  Be thankful!

to every man, woman,
and child, on Earth, everyday!
And at The Quiet Place, we conclude
our morning prayers with these words asking
God, what we should know, today: "Our Creator,
God, what is it that You wish for us to know, today?"

God says: