June 3, 2018
See Jesus' Sunday Sermon

It is good to know My words;
it is good to be familiar with The Way to live;
but, until you put the words, and The Way into action,
they are just words.   Let today  be the day,  that you become the
living words!  And The Holy Spirit says: It is good to say to yourself,
"I forgive all things;"  but,  until you put this into practice, it is not com-
plete, it is not done.  You know the words, but the action evades you.  It is
good to say,  "Turn the other cheek;"  but,  until you put it into action, it is
a phrase, something you say;  but, the practice and the action,  evade you;
you have no idea how to turn the other cheek, how to apply this teaching.
Today, gather-up all the good words, the good sayings, the good things,
that come from God, as they are directions on living your life u-
pon Earth.  Begin to put these directions into action, so
that the words are not just words, they are
living, through you!

June 9, 2018

Make the time to enjoy nature, to walk: amongst
the flowers;  beneath the birds;  with the bees, and
butterflies;  out, into a tree-filled area, where your
breath is fresher, and your thoughts are purer, and
cleaner.  Spend some time today with Me, in The
Creation.  And The Holy Spirit says: The crea-
tion of God is magnificent, and beauti-
ful, and sustaining, and renew-
able in every way,
and so are

June 8, 2018

lead you
into all truth,
step-by-step, you
will  know The Way.
Whether or not you follow
The Way is your choice, as you
use your freewill to make the decision
to go the ways of the world, or walk the path
of enlightenment; it is your choice! And The Holy Spirit
says: God does not force you to open to the words of wisdom;
God does not demand ~ that you walk The Way ~ of Illumination;
God provides all you need; and, you choose, that, which you accept,
or that which you reject; it is your choice! Today, open to all that is
available to you, in copious amounts. The abundance flowing from
God is full, and complete, and unending; but, you must choose it!

June 7, 2018

a deep breath,
and let yourself be filled
with My Light; for, it will lead you ex-
actly where you are to go!  And as you are filled
with My Light, you will hear My Voice, and you will know
exactly what to say.  And as you are in the light, in the right place,
hearing My Voice and knowing exactly what to say, that which you do,
will be sacred, and a blessing upon the Earth.  And The Holy Spirit says:
Do not let your thoughts wander into places, deep in darkness, or with
people who are playing with shadow.  Do not wander there; stay in
The Light of God; be The Light of God; listen for The Word
of God; and speak The Word of God; and then,
all will be right, within you!

June 6, 2018

It is
easy to see that
another has not forgiven someone:
a friend, a co-worker, a member of the family.
It is easy to see in the words they say, or the feelings
they express. Make sure that you take the journey inside
to address those you have not forgiven, so that your words
might not reveal to others, what is so easy to see in them;
for, when you have forgiven all things, you find a peace,
reserved only for those who know The Way to for-
giveness.  And The Holy Spirit says: It is
easy to see, it is easy to hear,
because people
will freely speak,
and readily make clear,
that they are still upset with
someone, for this, or that, or the
other.  And it rains-down, on you;
and you feel  their  unforgiveness,
in the air.  Today, go quickly with-
in your being, yes, there, at the
core of your being, and re-
solve those things
which need forgiveness,
so that when you are around others
what you bring is the energy of peace, and comfort!

June 5, 2018

The only things that can block My love
flowing to you in great abundance are
the obstacles: the debris, the boulders,
and walls, you have placed, within thee!
To receive the full abundance of My love,
clear-away all of the blocks, the impediments,
the boulders, the debris, and then, My love will flow
freely, into, and through thee.  And The Holy Spirit says:
It is difficult to focus on a project when you have a pain, or
a blister, or a splinter, in some part of your body.  Full focus
on your project is rare,  when some piece of you,  travels
there... to the point of discomfort.  To focus, fully, on
the project, you must address the injured, or
sore place, on your body; then,
you are ready to go
In order
to absorb
the full, abundant flow
of God's love, it is necessary to clear-away
the things you have placed, within you, that block
this flow.  Address these things, and then you will
"know," all, that God's love can do, through you!

June 4, 2018

in the times
when you feel most
unworthy of love, of any kind,
My love flows to you; and it is stopped
only: by you; by the dams you build; by the
obstacles you place, by the door; by the denial;
by the rejection; and many more such bags of sand
you place between us; but, once you remove the bags
of sand, and the obstacles, you feel My love embrace
you.  It is always there, My love for you is always
with you!  And The Holy Spirit says: It is a
blessing, and it is true.
You can
come to know,
in a small portion,
how much God loves
you, by allowing God's
love to flow through you
to others, no matter who
they are, no matter what
they do, or say.  It is in
this way, every day,
that you can
nearer to God,
by letting God's love
flow through you to another.

May 27, 2018
See Jesus' Sunday Sermon

I wish for you to "know," you are My child;
for, when the time doth come, that you know,
truly know, you are My child,  then your jour-
ney, upon the Earth, will not be smothered, and
burdened with strife, it will be lifted-up with the
promise, and the knowing of eternal life! And The
Holy Spirit says: It is obvious when someone is happy,
you see it, you hear it.  It is obvious when some-
one is content,  comfortable,  you see it, and
you know it; it is present, with them.
It is obvious when someone
accepts their heritage
as a child of God,
because you see
it, and you
hear it, and
you know it
in their ways.
Let the words you say,
and the deeds you do, exhibit,
and reveal, who you are, a child of God!

June 2, 2018

Do not turn your head, or run away
from that,  which comes  to you  to do.
See it as a key, a key which will open a
door, which has been closed to you be-
fore.  Each opportunity which comes
to you  is the pathway,  the door-
way; and, this doorway will
lead you onto
The Way;
and, with
every step
you will grow
in wisdom, as My
light  illuminates   the
path.  And The Holy Spirit says:
See opportunity as a key; and,
with the key,  of opportunity,  open
the door which is before you.  No op-
portunity comes that is not a doorway
to a more illuminated life upon Earth!

June 1, 2018

Teach your
children, by example, al-
lowing them room to grow, avail-
able  with  unconditional  love,  rather
than  being  overbearing,  and  impatient.
And The Holy Spirit says: You can see the living
word; and, you can hear it, with your heart.
The living word  impacts all around it.  Let
the words you live be the words of love,
so that there might be light, and in
the light, ~ peace, ~ so  that
joy, might abound!

May 31, 2018

Freewill is a gift, I have given unto each of you!
Do not attempt to rob another of the gift I have
given unto them.  Do not trample the gift; for,
it is sacred; it is sacred even when they use
their gift to reject My call.   The Divine
Plan ~is~ that I will teach each one
of  you.  All  of  My  children
will eventually hear My
call, knock down
the walls
they have
erected, and
come Home!  And The
Holy Spirit says:  Honor the gift
of free-will; honor it within yourself;
and, honor it within others.  Have faith
that  the prophecies  will come true!   The
Divine Plan is that God will teach each of you!

May 30, 2018

When faith dwells within you:
you see blessings when others see
calamity; you see grace, when others
see disruption; you see My love, when
others see only darkness, and shadow.
When you live in My light, you know
all that comes to you is meant to
come to you, for a reason;
and, as you walk
through each
better, and
better equipped to
face the days before you.
I AM your Eternal Parent, and
I will care for you eternally.  And The Holy
Spirit says: Embrace the ways of God, and the seed
of wisdom: shall blossom, shall flower, shall bloom within you.

May 29, 2018

I will heal your weary body,
and it shall be whole.  And The Holy
Spirit  says:  Sit  with  God,  and  listen;
for, once you sit with God and listen,
the words  you hear  are as manna
from Heaven,  filling your spirit
and soul; and your spirit then
energizes your body; and,
where you were once
weary, you are
now made

May 28, 2018

turmoil tumbles,
and rumbles, all around you,
it is possible to be still, to be quiet, to know
I AM God, and that I AM with you!  It is this faith,
that: will calm the angry seas; will make straight
the  twisted  path;  will  be  the  light,  in
the darkness!   And  The  Holy  Spirit  says:
The faith that God is always with you
is as a beacon, a light house, light-
ing, not only  The Way  for others,
but lighting the path, so you can see;
for, while the tempest does stew, and brew,
there should be love, and only love, within you.
Love is the answer.
Love is the key.
Love is The

*Pentecost* Sunday
May 20,  2018,  See
Jesus'  Sunday  Sermon

It was never meant for you to wander
in darkness not knowing which way to go,
stumbling in fear, gripped with anxiety.  The
prophecies of The Old Testament have been ful-
filled; yet, even in the seeing of the fulfillment, and
the working of miracles, there was the demon of doubt.
Now, within you, is *The Counselor;* and it is in this Way
you are meant to walk, each day, knowing, not hoping,
knowing... and having faith... for, you hold the key
to The Kingdom of Heaven . . . *within you!*
And The Holy Spirit says: Do not be afraid,
do not cry, do not wail,
for, I AM with you;
and, I will lead you
where you are to go.
Follow, without hesita-
tion, and you will know the
glory of God is with you, is with-
in you, is upon you, and all will know
who you are, through that which you say,
and that which you do.  Give the glory to God; and,
follow through, to the end of your journey upon the Earth;
and, once it is done, hold upon your heart, the best is yet to come!

May 26, 2018

When you
wish to make a point, let
the words you would say, "live."
Bring them forth in what you do, then
all will look,  and see,  the intention  that is
on your heart.  Very rarely is the goal accom-
plished when the tool is an argument, or de-
bate.   Almost  always  the  goal  is  accom-
plished  when the words are  living.  And
The  Holy  Spirit  says: Today, rise-up in the
light of God.   Open  your heart  to
the words of God, and let it be
your intention to live the
words of God;  for, in
living  the  words
you will surely
show The

May 25, 2018

the one
you are now
meets the one you are meant to be,
you will awaken to your destiny,
you  will  remember  who you are;
you are My child!
And  The Holy Spirit says:
God's creation is sacred,
and  pure ~ and ~ powerful.
You  are  a  creation  of  God;
therefore, you, too, are meant to
be sacred, and pure, and powerful!

May 24, 2018

is with you,
and all around you,
occupying far more space
than  you  can  now  imagine;
yet,  that  which is termed  unseen,
will reveal itself to you, when the light
is just right  and  you are willing  to look
with  the light.  It is much like  the column
of insects,  in its great  and  vast numbers,
remaining unseen, and unnoticed, by you
until the light of the sun catches it in
just the right way, and you see
what you could not see
before it was held
in the light.
And The Holy Spirit says:
Your  journey  upon  the
Earth, can seem dull, and flat,
until  you  open  to  the  possibility,
and begin to acknowledge the unseen;
and  then,  your  journey  upon the Earth
becomes more like an adventure of Earth.
Today, walk, and let your journey be the ad-
venture of Earth.  You are surrounded by that
which you cannot see, most of the time; but that
does not mean ~ it is not with you ~ all the time!

May 23, 2018

It continues, today, in you; the creation continues, today,
in all of your thoughts, and your words, and your deeds.
If you have ever wished the creation story could be a
certain way... now is your chance to do it... today!
Create in your thoughts, and your words, and
your deeds.  Let everything you say, hold
the seed of what you have wished cre-
ation could be, and let it be done
today; for, My children, cre-
ation is in your hands.
Create this day.
And The Holy Spirit says:
Take a look at the world around you.
The creation of God is everywhere,
and it is amazing, and staggering
in its magnificence.  It is now
your opportunity to create
magnificence.  The world
does not need any more build-
ings, or bridges, or financial institutions.
The world is longing for love, and forgiveness, and
compassion. Ponder, pray, meditate, reflect until you know,
exactly what you are to do today; and then, rise-up, and create
it, in the way only you can do, today!  Go-out, and create, this day!

May 22, 2018

around you,
see, and know;
for, it is possible for
you to see, and know, yet
not go into the energies, which are
turbulent, and upsetting, or awash in grief,
and sorrow.  Look, and see, and know, and bless;
hold your space, so that it is "of peace.  Look, and see
and know hatred; but counter it, with love, and a blessing.
Look, and see, and know excess; but counter it with under-
standing, and a blessing.  Look, and see, and know jealousy,
but counter it with compassion, and a blessing.  Bless every
situation.  Look, and see, and know, and be the counter-
energy;  and  build it strongly,  and let it grow;  and,
in this way, your way will be the different way:
the kind way, the compassionate way, the
understanding way, The Way
of Wisdom.
And The
Holy Spirit says:
When you are caught
in a traffic jam, with no way out,
and horns are blaring, and tempers are flaring,
look, and see, and know, and then be still.  Begin to bless
each car, each thought, each reaction.  Do this with every encounter of
turbulence, or frustration.  It does not matter whether it is an institution,
or a municipality, or friends, or family.  It does not matter what it is.  The
turbulence reigns, and will not be subdued, until it is blessed, and calmed
by you!  And your blessing will touch others, and they, too, will feel the
peace, and soon peace will reign, and turbulence will be subdued.

May 21, 2018

is within
you; therefore,
in it, be bold and courageous.
Set your intention to use the power of My love
for all things, this day.  It will be in this way,
as you live this day, that all around you
will see, and know, by your words,
and your actions.  And by
your words, and
your actions
you will show
The Way, because
The Way was conceived
in the power of love!  And The
Holy Spirit says . . .   Just for today, try
this: slip-off the clothing of ego; step
into the garments of God's love; bless
rather than curse; forgive, rather than
to withhold; understand that in all cases
of trespass, they do not know what they are
doing.  If you have awakened and you open and
hear Me, it is your responsibility to love, and forgive!

May 19, 2018

parent might
sometimes give dif-
fering  counsel to  each
child.  To the studious child,
with their head down in books,
the parent might whisper, "Look,
look out  the window,  see the butter-
fly?"  To the child who is always running
outside, the parent might whisper, "Come, sit
with me, let's read a book."  To the child who is
bold, the parent might whisper, "Think, before you
act."  To the reluctant child, the parent might whisper,
"Run free!   Run  across  the  meadow,  without hesitation;
and feel the wind, in your hair!"  Different counsel, for differ-
ent children, bringing them balance.  And The Holy Spirit says: Do not
be reluctant ~ to follow The Whisper ~ you hear,  from within.   Do not hesit-
ate to rise-up,  when all others are seated,  when The Whisper within,  says,
"Rise-up!"  Do not stop, when The Whisper encourages you to run across
the meadow, when all others find a path that is broad, and well-paved!

May 18, 2018

Take the time
to be still and quiet,
to set yourself aside, from
all that is familiar to you;
and, I will speak to you;
and, I will comfort you;
and, I will answer your
questions; and, you will
know, what to do, because
the answer to your questions
has been found, deep within you!
And The Holy Spirit says: It is best, when issues arise,
which can put you to the test, to refrain from running around,
or calling-out in worry or concern.  When issues arise, the best thing
you can do ~ is to be still, and listen to The Whisper ~ within you!  Ask,
and it shall be given unto you!  Have faith in knowing, that the answers will
come, from within you; for the promise was made over two thousand years
ago, that each of you would have a counselor, and The Counselor would
speak to you, and guide you,
from with-

May 17, 2018

Great things
result from the doing of small things,
the doing of simple things; therefore, begin your journey
into greatness by first doing the simple things: be thankful for
the life you have been given; and, be thankful for the Earth, and
all she gives you; love one another; be kind to all things!  If you
can do these simple things, you will find you are living a life
filled with great miracles.  And The Holy Spirit says:  Go into
this day, with the intention to love one another
and be kind; and,
stop during the day
to make sure that this re-
mains your primary intention.
By doing this, all you accomplish
today,  will be accomplished  with-
in the energies of love, and kindness!

May 16, 2018

Do not focus your
attention and your energy
on what another is called to do.
Do not focus on another's mission;
choose to focus on your own mission,
on your own journey; then, at the end
of the day,  you will have a feeling, of
confidence,  rather than  frustration,
because The Holy Spirit is guiding
each of you from within; there-
fore, you might not under-
stand, where another is
going, or where an-
other has been;
but you will
that The Holy Spirit
is guiding you, from within!
And The Holy Spirit says: I will not lead you
into shadow and darkness; therefore, if that is
where you find yourself, struggling to be free, then
know, within you, your guidance is not coming from Me.
I will lead you exactly where you need to go.  I will lead you
in such a way,  that you:  hear that which are meant to hear;
see that which you are meant to see;  and,  do that which you
are meant to do. The key word, in all these words, is you, you!

May 15, 2018

Do not withdraw,
or become sullen, or sad,
or angry, if someone hurts your
feelings, speaks-ill of you!  Choose first,
when you feel offended, to bless!  Be an active
participant in your healing, by offering blessings of
healing to others, first!  As you practice this blessing
of others, you will experience spiritual growth; and,
you will find it is easier to bless, than it is to carry
offense within!  And The Holy Spirit says: Let your day
be filled with joy!  Stand in the light of God!  Be
quick to sing!  Look around you, and let all
nature ring-out, the creation story, of
God.  Be caught-up in the mira-
cles, of God; and, bless all
you see, bless all you
know; for, it is in
this Way, that
you will

May 14, 2018

I send you signs,
and I send you guidance;
and, for those who learn how to
watch for, and read the signs, and lis-
ten,  and hear the guidance,  the journey,
upon Earth is easier.   Even  when  it is chal-
lenging,  you feel fulfilled,  because you know:
you  have  read  the signs,  you  have  heard  the
direction,  and  you  followed!   And  The  Holy  Spirit
says:  As you make your way upon the Earth, taking
the  journey  of  your  lifetime,  possessions  can be
stripped  from you  in various ways; but, your fe-
eling of confidence,  and fulfillment,  cannot be
taken from you, because it is built inside you.
When you are fulfilled in the light of God,
it cannot be taken from you.  Rise-up
today, and watch for the signs,
and read them; listen for
The Whisper; and

Mother's Day
Sunday, May 13, 2018
See  Jesus'  Sunday  Sermon

If today, you find yourself upon Earth, you made it through!
You traveled, from the heavenly kingdom, departing fully spirit,
and arriving upon the Earth plane, as spirit in human form, wear-
ing a body, created, just for you!   You passed through the portal,
onto the Earth, and the portal, through which you passed, was
your mother giving birth!  As you are aware of your eternal
existence, your role as an eternal being, be aware and
honor your mother, as the portal through which
you are able to have an Earth experience.
Now I say unto you, if you are down,
rise-up, so you might grow in
strength; if you are al-
ready standing,
prepare to go forth.
Gather your courage.
Your time upon Earth is brief.
You are there for a purpose.  Celebrate
your temporary existence upon the Earth; ex-
plore; and do all, you are meant to do; for, soon,
you will hear the call, and come Home!  But for to-
day, look around, celebrate, and play, upon the Earth;
all Heaven  and Earth  moved,  together,  so that you might
have an Earth experience! And The Holy Spirit says: Hold gratitude
in your heart; for, if you live, now, you shall live, forever!  Be thankful for
your life, your eternal life, and your temporary, earthly, life.  Be thankful!

to every man, woman,
and child, on Earth, everyday!
And at The Quiet Place, we conclude
our morning prayers with these words asking
God, what we should know, today: "Our Creator,
God, what is it that You wish for us to know, today?"

God says: