June 22, 2018

one another,
and be kind to all creation,
for, if you will take the time, and
set your course to love one another
and be kind: you will find energies
flowing to you, that are filled
with light; you will re-
cognize that
you are overflowing,
beyond what you thought
was possible, in measure, with the
energies  of  understanding,  and  compassion.
And as the energies of understanding and compassion,
flow into, and through you, there will come the gift, of pa-
tience, and you will find you are at peace!  And The Holy Spirit
says: One thing leads to another; and, when you are willing
to put your foot upon the path,  set your course,  upon The
Way, fill your sails with My breath, then it is easy to love,
to be kind, to have understanding, and compassion, for
others, and therein, hold the gift of patience.  And
from these things will come to you wisdom;
and, within these gifts of the heavenly
kingdom ~ you will find ~ peace!

June 21, 2018

Once you embrace life upon the Earth
as just a tender piece of eternal life,
then you begin to see all life, with-
out limiting ~ what you call life,
to the brief piece of eternity
you experience upon Earth.
Once you comprehend eter-
nal life, then you begin to see,
as I intend for you to see.  And The Holy
Spirit says: Once you comprehend eternal life,
and see the beauty, and the majesty, in being
an eternal being, then you embrace birth,
and your perspective is altered, about
that which you call death;
and, you begin to see
what you once referred to as death,
as birth, rebirth, returning to the heavenly king-
dom, continuing your eternal journey, as a child of God!

June 20, 2018

to react to what
another says, or does,
with frustration, or anger, or
animosity.  Alter this course, and act
with kindness.  Let My love flow through you;
then, you will be using the energy of Heaven,
the energy of love; and, this love will be
the light that shows The Way, to
peace.  And The Holy Spirit
says: Reject
the action
of love and light,
of  peace,  and  kind-
ness, and understanding.

June 19, 2018

The best way
to lead is to show The Way;
therefore, let your actions speak,
let your actions be the words today!
And The Holy Spirit says: Live the words!
Live the words you wish to say; for,
there is truly, no better way, than
to demonstrate, exhibit, show,
by your actions!   There is
no  better  way,  than
to live the words,
you wish to

June 18, 2018

you have
a question, be
still, ask for guidance,
and you will receive the answer,
or be prompted to find the answer, within you.
And The Holy Spirit says: Many times, the children of God u-
pon the Earth ask for guidance, and they are given guidance; yet,
they reject the guidance; and, spend hours, and possibly days, seek-
ing the answer that is already within them.  Be still, ask, and receive.

Father's Day, June 17,
2018, See Jesus' Sunday Sermon

have been given
the power to create; therefore,
do not spend so much time: making, amas-
sing, and gathering things that you must leave be-
hind. Spend your time "creating," the riches, the wealth,
that you can bring Home with you, for the currency of Earth,
the world created by man,  you must leave behind;  but,  the cur-
rent,  the energy of the heavenly kingdom,  you can bring with you.
Therefore, create the energy of  love, and kindness, and compassion,
understanding, forgiveness. Work with these things that are unseen,
because there is no limitation to what you can create, and bring with
you, for these energies will pass with you.  And The Holy Spirit says:
There is no limitation to what you can create, when your creation
has to do with peace, with love.  There is no limit to the love
you can create.  There is no limitation placed upon the
kindness you create.  There are no boundaries
to compassion, to understanding, to for-
giveness.  These are the eter-
nal treasures.  Store-
up your wealth

June 14, 2018

While the journey you are taking is distinctly your own,
it is not meant for you to walk alone; for, I AM with you
every step of The Way!  I send you signs, and markings,
every day.  Open your eyes, and see the signs.   I have
surrounded you with My glory.  Look around.  Read
My signs.  Tell your story.  Let My glory be seen
in you!  And The Holy Spirit says: Hundreds
of times every day, you are given the
opportunity to rise-up, and say,
"Thy will be done!"  In
so doing, you
are working
closely with
The Creator
of All Things; so, as
you go-out into the world
today, acknowledge who you are:
by your thoughts; by your deeds; and, by
your words.  Bring forth the glory of God, today!

June 13, 2018

willing to
take the hand, of
those ~ who are ~ grieving,
and walk  with them,  awhile;  and,
let them feel your peace and comfort,
until, once again, they are able to smile.
And The Holy Spirit says: There are times
when words will not suffice; that is when
your presence is more, much more, than
being nice:  it is a comfort,  it is a hand,
it is a heart,  it is love,  extended from
one to another. When you experience
the times when words just will not
be enough: be present, be kind,
be compassionate, be

June  10,  2018
See Jesus' Sunday Sermon

Many times
a broken, or crushed
heart,  is  covered-over
with  bravado, curtness, an
interesting  sense  of  humor.
Since you do not know,  where
this heart is hidden, who carries
a broken heart, let it be your in-
tention, to be kind to all people,
no matter how brash, or cruel,
their words might be at times;
for you do not know, what is
hidden, within them, what
they hide from view, so
let it be done, that
the only thing
they know
of you
is that
you are kind,
considerate, compas-
sionate, and understanding.
And The Holy Spirit says: Do not re-
spond, when someone is unkind, with bitter
words,  or quick retort.   Let it be  your intention to
live in The Light of God, and bring forth The Love of God,
no matter what you encounter, no matter who you encounter.  It is in
this Way, that you will be The Light, and The Love, of each, and of every day!

June 16, 2018

the stream
follow its course
until it is enfolded in-
to the larger body of water
it will call  "home,"  for a while,
until  it  is  drawn-up  into  the  clouds,
there resting until it is released to rain down
upon the soil,  the rivers,  the mountains of Earth,
once  again.  Then, once again,  it  continues  the  journey
to follow its destiny ~ to be enfolded ~ in a larger body of water
it will call home, until it ascends into the sky.  And The Holy Spirit says:
You will have a better understanding of your own adventure upon the Earth,
if you will sit quietly,  and observe nature,  all around you!  See the cycles,  they
continue.   Watch  the  stream ~ as  it  follows  its  course ~ completing  its  destiny.

June 15, 2018

step you take
is a step along The Way,
a step upon the path, leading you
up the mountain; for, there is a mountain
you must climb; and, there will come a time, when
you wake-up, and say, "I do not wish to climb."  But
once you sit, and rest a while, you will rise-up, and say,
Now, I am eager to climb!"  And The Holy Spirit says:
You are upon the mountain.  Do not try to climb
the mountain in one day.  Take your time,
and look around you, and see, what
surrounds you, all along
The Way; for,
there will
come the day
when you reach the top,
look-out, and see what is spread
below; and, that which is below you, and
the very air around you, will bring great joy
to your heart, and you will sing-out, "I did it!"
And The Voice of God will whisper, "I know.  I told
you My child, I told you, you could do it; and, you did."

June 12, 2018

Happiness comes from contentment within, from a
comfort and a joy, in knowing that you are My child; for,
if you truly know you are My child: you will live with happi-
ness; you will be contented; and you will rest in the comfort of
My arms.  And The Holy Spirit says: Do not fool yourself into be-
lieving that you will be happy, when: you have a brand new car,
a shiny piece of jewelry, or any other material possession, be-
cause ~ you will not be happy, ~ by ~ gathering possessions,
by having things: you will know happiness, by knowing
God is your Eternal Parent, and within the love
of God, you shall experience
all things!

June 11, 2018

Do not concern yourself so much about what others are thinking, or do-
ing, or saying; for, this path, of judgment, will surely lead you astray!
No, go first into your own being:  clean-up, and remove the debris
from your heart,  so that you might love, freely;  clean-up, and
remove the debris  from your ears,  so that you might hear
lovingly, and freely:  clean-up, and remove the debris
from your eyes,  so that you might see,  clearly,
with the love of God.   And The Holy Spirit
says: Once you have cleared the debris
from your being: you are filled with
the light of God;  you hear  the
words of God; you are guid-
ed into the ways of God;
and the ways of God,
are:  Love,  and
Light, and

to every man, woman,
and child, on Earth, everyday!
And at The Quiet Place, we conclude
our morning prayers with these words asking
God, what we should know, today: "Our Creator,
God, what is it that You wish for us to know, today?"

God says: