November 18, 2018
See   Jesus'   Sunday   Sermon

The instruction, the direction and guidance on
how to live, everyday, you are upon the Earth,
was sent to you over two thousand years ago.
The "Message," holds all you need to know.
"Love one another!"  And be kind to all
creation.  And The Holy Spirit says:
There is no need to wander,
seeking that which you
need.  There is no
need to wonder
what you need.
You have what you need.
Following the course of The Way
will bring you true happiness, and con-
tentment.    There is no need to travel far.
There is no need to read, and read, and read.
That emptiness, that place which feels deserted
within you, can be: filled, and warmed, and main-
tained, with the love of God, with the light of God!

November 24, 2018

one another!
If you know what this
means, then rise-up, and do it.
Be kind to all creation!  If you know
what this means, then rise-up, and do it.
Turn the other cheek!  If you know what this
means, then rise-up, and do it.  Bless those
who curse you, and spit upon you!  If you
know what this means, then rise-up,
and do it.  If you know that
what the Earth needs
is peace, then
and be the bringer of peace!
And The Holy Spirit says: Set aside
the ways of arguing, fighting; set aside
the ways of separation from God; for, it is
the time of peace.  It is time to drown-out the
call  sent  forth  by the purveyors of war,  with  the
song of peace, carried on the lips of the children of God.

November 23, 2018

When you see the tide of unrest approaching,
becoming a wave of anger and frustration,
resembling a wall of water, looming over
you, threatening to fall upon you, be still,
and embrace My love!  Embrace My love
in such a way that it is light within you; and
then, let My light of love flow from you, and
watch the wall of water be reduced to a pool
of peace, around you.  The power of love
can soften the hardest soul.  Be
at peace this day, and
embrace it,
so you understand
at last, the power of a peaceful
presence.  And The Holy Spirit says: Be
still, and embrace the peace of God.  Be
still, and let the power, of the peace, move
through you.  Embrace it in such a way, that
you become "The Peaceful Presence of God."

November 22, 2018

Let the celebration
of this special time of year
begin in your heart; and, let
your heart be filled with
thanksgiving, for all
that you have;
and, let
giving flow-
out of your heart,
onto all those around you!
Celebrate Thanksgiving!  And The
Holy Spirit says: Happy is the one who is
thankful for what they have.  Content is the one
who holds gratitude upon their heart.  Appreciate all
that comes to you.  Be thankful in all you think, and say,
and do; and, let your heart be a heart filled with gratitude.

November 21, 2018

Use that which you have been given, in
a most unique way, magnify it, multiply it,
spread it around, and share it, with all who
will receive it.  Let your presence, your
words, your deeds tell the story of:
the joy you feel; the thanksgiv-
ing that is in your heart.
And The Holy Spirit
says: Resist
the temptation
to hide, or to keep,
or to hold onto, in any way,
all that you have.  Use that which
you have been given, and as you use it
more is created by you.   Magnify it, and
more is created by you.   Multiply it, in ev-
ery way, and more is created by you.   Create
more with what you have by freely giving it away.

November 20, 2018

Open your arms, and share the love,
that is flowing from Me to you, with all
those around you!   Without reservation,
share the love!   The more  you share  the
love  that I give  unto you,  the more love
will pour through you, the more you will
be blessed,  the more  you will  "know
love!"   Set aside  any temptation
to: correct, or criticize, and
just love.  Love is the
answer! And The
Holy Spirit
Be thankful
for your eternal life,
and share the love of God,
which flows  into,  and through  you;
for, the more you give, the more you shall
receive!  Share the love of God, and be thankful!

November 19, 2018

for that which
you have; and, if
you have little,
be thankful
for that
you have.
If you have nothing
at all, be thankful for that
which you have.  Why do I say
be thankful for that which you have,
when you have very little, or nothing at all?
My child,  when you prayerfully ponder this,
you will understand,  you have eternal life!
Be thankful, that you will live forever, ex-
perience much,  and grow in wisdom,  as
you move through The Corridors of All
Time, knowing, I AM with you!  And
The Holy Spirit says: Gratitude,
those who know gratitude from within,
find contentment easily, because they are thank-
ful, and appreciate that which they have. When you
have been given the gift of eternal life, be thankful.

November 17, 2018

Think of creation ~ as ~ with you!
Release the thought, that creation was,
and begin to incorporate the present,  the
current time,  by saying,  "Creation is ... ."
Creation began with a thought, and it con-
tinues today, moving, spreading, mold-
ing, perfecting.  It will only be
complete, when it makes
the full circle,
and comes back to
the point of origination;
and then, it will go-out again.
Still, it will never begin, again, at
the same point of the original creation.
Each time it circles around, there has been
the art,  and the practice of  perfecting.   So, it
continues; even with the ending of one cycle, and
the beginning of another.  The goal is absolute per-
fection!  And The Holy Spirit says:  You have the op-
portunity, right now, to create, to work with God.
Do not let this opportunity for today slip through
your fingers.  Realize your potent potential,
and power.  Create ~ for God ~ today!

November 16, 2018

still, be quiet, so
that you  might be  wrap-
ped in a blanket of white, en-
folded  in  serenity,  tranquility.
There is no need to stir; be still.
And The Holy Spirit says: More
is accomplished in peace.
More is accomplish-
ed when there is
More is
when you address
one task at a time.
In this manner, each
stitch will be taken, as
it is meant to follow the
other.   When  you  stitch  a
garment, if you are in a hurry,
you might miss a stitch; and e-
ventually, the entire garment
will unravel.  Be still, be
quiet.  Take each
task in order,
and soon
the garment
of the day will be done,
each stitch taken.  Be at peace.

November 15, 2018

here it is,
a new day; open
your arms to receive this gift!
Open your heart and embrace this sacred day,
a time set aside for you to continue a creation
I began billions of years ago.  I trust in you.
Create.  And The Holy Spirit says:
Do not let
the sanctity
of this day escape you.
As you breathe right now,
you feel the sweetness, the
blessings, the grace.  Hold these
things in place through the day; for,
you are creating, something which will
never melt away.  This day will live in The
Corridors of All Time as your creation.  Create!

November 14, 2018

Hold your tongue,
and: do not criticize others,
do not chastise others, do not
find fault with others, do not
tell others what to do, what
to say, what to think; for,
your way, might not be
the way, they are
meant to travel.
And The Holy Spirit says: Rather than
criticizing others in any way, be willing to en-
courage those you meet, be willing to support those
who are in doubt,  or are questioning.   Use the power
and the light you are receiving from God: to be a rock,
to be a firm foundation, to be love!  Do not push those
who are tumbling, do not kick those who are down,
lift-them-up with thoughts, and words, and
deeds.  Do not be an impediment,
be a helping hand, today!

November 13, 2018

the temptation
to try and tell others
what to do.  Instead, use
the energy productively, and
apply the direction to you.  And
The Holy Spirit says: It is best
to hold your tongue, and
listen.  It is best
to know
what is upon
the hearts of those a-
round you,  rather than
sharing what is on your
own heart; then, when
you know the hearts
of those around
you, loose
to share what is on
your own heart, in a way that
will be tender, and sweet, and loving!
In this way, you will be kind to all creation!

October 28, 2018
See Jesus' Sunday Sermon

the temptations
to fall, into sorrow, or sadness,
hurt, anger, frustration; resist the temptations
to fall into any negative energies!  And while you might ask,
"How do I know, which is negative?"  I say to you My child, you know it
by the way it feels!  Strive first to stand in the light that I send to you; for, My
light is flowing to you, into you, seeking to move through you!  It is there, always!
In My light you are as you are meant to be.  When you are in My light: you are
at peace; you have no enemy; your power is My power; your light is My
light; your love is My love; and all I have is yours.  Therefore,
My light is your sanctuary, and your dwelling place.
And The Holy Spirit says: Seek first
The Kingdom of God; for,
The Kingdom of God
is within you.
It is near to you,
it is within your reach; but
sometimes it becomes covered-up
with debris, with desires of this, or that, as
you are reaching-out into the world, created by man,
trying to find joy and happiness, when all the time true joy and
happiness is found within The Kingdom of God, that is with you!
Today, be at peace!   Let today be a study,  of a peaceful presence.
Come the end  of the day,  you will have become "a peaceful pres-
ence," and you will then "know the power," of a peaceful presence!

November 12, 2018

are blind,
and cannot see, and
if you are deaf, and cannot hear,
you still have all you need, if, you know The Voice
within, guiding you to love one another, and be kind
to all creation.  And The Holy Spirit says:  Today,
close your eyes to the ways
of the world,
close your
ears to the
sounds of the world, and
return to the core of your being:
to know The Voice; to acknowledge
the guidance; to accept the direction, to
love one another, and be kind to all creation.

November 4, 2018
See  Jesus'  Sunday  Sermon

It is possible
to have competition
without frustration, or anger,
or bitterness.  When a game takes
place, and all participants take part,
the celebration at the end, celebrating
a win, should include all those who have
participated, who have taken part, be-
cause each participant is responsible,
in their own way, for the victory;
for, the one who runs fastest
has been spurred-on,
by the others.
The goal is achiev-
ed, when all are trying;
therefore, all participants
are worthy of the celebration!
Apply this  to all things,  including
all inhabitants of Earth!  And The Holy
Spirit says: Let there be celebration and joy;
let there be celebration and joy all over the Earth!
You live; you breathe; you touch, and you feel; you drink,
and you taste; you reach-out, and extend love, and you know
the feeling of love!  In fact ~ those who love ~ know love better,  in
the giving!   Be at peace this day,  and celebrate,  celebrate each victory,
and be sure to include all participants; for, every player has a part in the victory!

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November 11, 2018
See Jesus' Sunday Sermon

the best course
of "advancement," is
revealed, in the retreat!
And   The  Holy  Spirit   says:
Your everyday life has a rhythm,
sets a course, and you follow your
course.  The course is often one of
repetition; and, while the work
of the day might not always
be repetitious, the act-
ions of rising,
and working,
and eating,
and sleeping, seem
to fit into a pattern, that is
slowly formed, over the years;
and sometimes, in following this pattern,
in executing this repetition, you do not realize
that you have become burdened by the weight of the years.
You only see this: when you stop; when you rest; when you remove your-
self from the daily events; and take a deep breath.  Much is revealed, when you
take the time to retreat, from the world created by man, to sit, and take the hand of God.

November 10, 2018

Reject outright, the temptation to engage-in arguing, in order to make a point.
Choose to be ~ the point of life and light: ~ by being the bringer of love, by being
the bringer of kindness, by being the bringer of joy.   My child, I created you, and
you shall live, forever!   Bless every second, and minute, of your eternal life, with
the pure energy forms of love, creating light;  for, within the light is found: kind-
ness ~ compassion ~ and understanding; and, ~ this is the fertile garden ~ from
which abundant gifts grow, and are harvested.   And  The Holy  Spirit  says:
Make the decision not to waste your precious energy, engaging in argu-
ments, which prove futile.   When you enter a room today, whisper
to yourself,  "I am peace!"   With the step over the threshold,
and beyond, whisper to yourself, "I am love!"  As you en-
gage, and encounter others in the room, whisper to
yourself,  "I bring you my blessing!"  In this
Way, you will make your way, through
the day: being peace, being
love, and blessing
all you en-

November 9, 2018

you are called
to rise-up, and go:
whether it be from
your home, your
your city,
your state,
your country,
leave a memory:
of love; of support; of
courage; be it marked by:
a petal of a rose; or a memory;
or a blessing.  When you return: to your
home, to your work, to your city, state or country,
seek first that which was left behind by another, to mark The Way.
Seek it, and you shall find it: a piece of love, a memory, a blessing.
In beginning this practice, you follow The Way, marked through
the night and through the day, by those rising-up, and going,
as they are called; mark your steps, and mark them well,
with petals of love,  so those following you can tell,
a man or a woman of God has walked this way;
therefore,  let us  follow  in their footsteps
today!    And  The  Holy  Spirit  says:
Every step  you take  is sacred.
When you pick one foot up,
and put the other down,
it is as a prayer, up-
on sacred grou-
nd; walk this
Way, to-

November 8, 2018

speak to
just  a  few,
I  speak  to  all;
for,  I AM God,  of all.
I do not say this boastfully,
I say it with responsibility;
therefore, I speak to all!
So, why is it that so
few hear Me?
And The
Holy Spirit says:
It is possible to clear
away the passages, the hall-
ways, the paths, the roads that lie
within you, and throw open the door to
the Kingdom of God; and let flow, as it is
meant to do; for, once you have done this,
The Voice of God  will fall upon  your ears,
fill you with light, and you will know wisdom,
all the years  you  walk  upon the Earth.  Take
the time  to clear the debris,  and open the door,
and then you will hear a Voice you have not heard
before! The Whisper of God will fill you with glory
and you will be eager to tell all the story, of how you
"walk upon the Earth, 'knowing,' the glory of God!"

November 7, 2018

to find fault with others
is around every corner, behind
every door.  So, let me give you a clue,
a key, a helping hand, so that you might keep this
menace away from thee. Every time you are tempted
to find fault, to be angry, to judge another, in any way,
use that as a sign!  Turn inward, and make the correct-
ion there!  If there is envy, replace the envy with under-
standing!   If there is anger, replace the anger with love!
If there is frustration,  replace the frustration  with com-
passion!  Once this is done you are relieved of the tempt-
ation  immediately,  and  you grow  in  My  love  for you!
My daughter, My son.  And The Holy Spirit says:  Some
days are good for practice; therefore, let this be a day
chosen for practice.  Practice, being: kind, compas-
sionate, and understanding; but, even more im-
portant than this,  practice:  looking upon
others, with love; looking upon your-
self with love; refusing to judge,
in any way, shape, or
form.  Let
the cor-
let the
modification, be
done within, come the
night, you will be free again!
Today, should be a day of practice!

November 6, 2018

Most often, when you encounter another individual,
just in the encounter itself, there is an invitation to join them
in their energy, the energy either they have either created, or picked-up
along the way, and decided to nurture... to feed... to host!  Think about that!
You can say, "No, thank you,"  or,  you can say,  "Yes."  So, today, when you
encounter someone who is a bit grumpy and out-of-sorts, make a decision
right there.  Are you going to accept the invitation to be grumpy and
out-of-sorts? Or, are you going to say, "No, thank you," and
move on your way?  It is your decision.  Which
invitations will you accept, today?
And The Holy Spirit says:
Just as some bring you an invitation
to join in their energy through the course
of the day, you too meet others, and extend an
invitation to join you,  in the creation, of energy!
Wash your face,  before you go-out  into the world;
brush your teeth before you go-out into the world;
put on fresh clothing,  before you go-out into the
world; and adjust the energy you are creating,
in such a way,  that,  with every encounter,
your invitation is, "Come into the light
of God, with me, today!"

November 5, 2018

do not permit
the times you have set aside
to be quiet and prayerful, to turn into
times of chastising yourself; for, what you
consider to be: past transgressions, shadowy
deeds.  Let the times you set aside to be in quiet,
and prayerful meditation, exclaim the glory that is
within you, exclaim the intention of good thoughts,
and good deeds, and sweet sacred words.  Focus
on the good, that is within you; for, My child,
Heaven is with you!  Therefore,
go into the day, in
in celebration
of all the glory
that is with you!
Turn your head from
the darkness.  Set your sight
on the light of The Way!  And The
Holy Spirit says:  Resist all temptation
to ridicule or chastise yourself.  Use the time
that is given you, to sing, in celebration of the glory
of God, and the glory of God that is within you.  Celebrate
all that you are; for, you are sacred, and God loves you very much.

November 3, 2018

There is something every inhabitant of Earth can do,
in their own way, to bring about peace upon the Earth.
Be kind to one another, and to all creation!  Kindness is
its own language; there is no barrier, no wall, that kind-
ness cannot reach through, around, and over.  Be kind
in your actions, be kind in your words, and let kind-
ness take root and spring forth in your thoughts;
for, this is where it is born!  Reach-out, with
kindness!  And The Holy Spirit says:
If you can imagine, everyone
upon the Earth
conceiving one
thought, of kindness, and
then,  carrying  it  to  fulfillment,
you can imagine ~ a world ~ of peace!
You do not have to speak the same langu-
age, to be kind.  Kindness reaches through all
barriers.   You do not have to be a certain age.   It
does not matter whether you are man, woman, or child.
It does not matter: where you come from, your education
level, where you live, what you wear.  Let kindness be born,
within you today, and then go forth and deliver kindness!  The
world is in need of kindness.  Be the bringer of kindness, today!

November 2, 2018

have been times,
when you have read books,
or watched movies, or listened to stories,
about individuals whose accomplishments are examples
of what can be done, while you live upon the Earth!  Every person
living upon the Earth is given the opportunity to accomplish great things;
but often, the sounds, and the chaos, and the confusion of the world, creat-
ed by man, dim the promise, cover the possibility. Take yourself to a quiet
place; be still; wrap your body in a robe of wisdom; and listen; and, The
Holy Spirit will guide you into all truth, and you will know, and you will
no longer be afraid to rise-up, and go, walking into the destiny, that is
yours!   And  The  Holy  Spirit  says:   When you are quiet,  and listen,
and  hear,  confidence  grows,  within  you!    When  you  are  sure  that
you can  sit down,  and  talk  with  God,  listen  to  the  words  of  Jesus,
and be lifted-up,  upon  the  wings  of  The  Spirit  of  God,  what can stop
you?    Nothing  can  stop  that  which  you  are  meant  to  do,  when
The  Power  of  God  is  moving,  within  you!   Open the door,
and  embrace  The  Power,  embrace  The  Love,
embrace  The  Light,  and  ride  upon
The Wind, through the day,
and through the

November 1, 2018

on the good
you have done,
the good deeds you have done,
the times you were kind to other people,
understanding, and compassionate.  Focus on the times
you have been good to yourself... by resting... by eating well.
When you begin to focus on that which you have done that is good,
you will see, and understand yourself better, closer to how I see you;
for, I see the good,  in that  which you do.   And The Holy Spirit
says: Whatever you are seeking, you will find; so, to-
day, seek-out the good things you have done,
and celebrate!  Celebrate your life
in the light of that which
you have done
that is good;
and, from
this celebration
there will come a desire
to do more, and more: that is good,
that is kind, that is generous.  Soon,
the  light  of the good  will shine,  and
eliminate  darkness,  and  shadow,  totally.
Look for the good and you will find the light.

October 31, 2018

No matter
what you are to do
today, let it be done in peace.
Do not be anxious, about what comes
to you, do it in peace.  Whenever you take that
which comes to you, and do it in peace, it carries that energy
in the final completed action; therefore, what comes to you to do,
can depart from you, filled with peace!  And The Holy Spirit says:
Let the understanding of this, settle within you.   It is important
that your creation hold the energies of, and live in, the light
of God!  Therefore, when something comes to you,
to be done by you, let it be done in peace, so
when it goes from you, it carries that
message to all who see it,
or hear it, or hold it,
or know it.

October 30, 2018

When you have a home, and furnishings in the home, and articles of great value,
and there, in the home, those you love reside, you take measures to protect your home,
and all that is in it: you set-up alarms; you put locks on the doors and windows; you follow
a set of procedures, put in place, so that you might pick-up your phone, ring a number, and
help comes immediately!  If that which you treasure is catches on fire, you follow the same
procedure.  And professional firefighters come to protect that which you have, before it is
a total loss.  And in the event there is some tragedy, or great natural disaster, that wipes-
out all you have, you have set in place yet another device, or another system, called
insurance, to protect you from loss. You do all these, and other things, you go to
great lengths to protect that, which you have!   You protect your body,
with health insurance; you protect your life, with life insurance;
you protect your house, your vehicles, your treasures,
with some type of insurance.  You take steps
to protect that which is not eternal;
what are you doing to protect
your eternal treasures; for,
My child, you are spirit, first!  And
The Holy Spirit says: Just as with material
things, there are "unseen thieves," who come in the
night, that are the agents of darkness, and shadow.  They
plant thoughts in your head, thoughts of: fear, and worry, and
doubt, anger and hatred.  There is a way to prevent these agents
of darkness and shadow, from intruding into that which is yours, your
sacred space, the sacred space which holds great treasures, the treasures
of light, and love, and peace, and charity, those things that you cannot see them-
selves, but their results are so apparent, that they shine in the light of God.  Begin to
think about protecting your eternal treasures; and, do not permit the agents of darkness
and shadow:  to rob you of the glory that is yours;  to injure the spirit that is yours;  to in-
vade, in any way, that sacred space, which is meant to hold the light of God.  Be vigilant, be
ready to protect the most important treasures you have, the treasures that are unseen.  Do not let gossip, or other "ways of the world," rob you of the glory of God, that is with you!

October 29, 2018

As you make your way through each day, of your lifetime
upon the Earth, you will encounter many crossroads.  When you reach
the crossroad where you find another in need, and at that time you can give
from your heart, and from that, which you have, give, with great joy!  You have
reached that place for a reason, and it is a lesson, it is a season!  So, where you find
lack, give that, which you have, to remove the lack, and replace it with love, and kind-
ness, and generosity, and move along!  When you encounter the crossroad where you are
in need, where you are seeking a kind word, a gentle way, be open, and permit another to
come into your life and say, "Here, I have enough to share, let me give, let me wipe-away
the tears."  Embrace, and welcome the gift!  There is importance in giving, and there is
importance in receiving!  They are both lessons, designed to complete your heart,
and your understanding, of your time upon Earth.  Where you see need, and
you can, give!  Where you are in need, and there is one willing,
receive!  Let the cycle live, within you!  Let the circle
be complete, within you!  And The
Holy Spirit says: Amen,
over, and over
again, a-

to every man, woman,
and child, on Earth, everyday!
And at The Quiet Place, we conclude
our morning prayers with these words asking
God, what we should know, today: "Our Creator,
God, what is it that You wish for us to know, today?"

God says: