October 28, 2017

There are two ways to try to make changes for the good,
in the world, today.  One way is to try to convince others
to change their ways, to match your ways.  Another Way
is to go within, and make the changes, you seek, within
your own being.  When you choose the way ~ to try to
change others, ~ it very rarely succeeds.  When you
choose The Way, to go within, and make changes
in your being, it most often succeeds!  In one,
you impact very few, for the good.  In cho-
osing the second, you impact many, by
the good  you do,  by transforming
yourself, into that, which, you
seek, in others.  And The Holy
Spirit says: Everything you
seek, you can create!
For  those  of  you
who seek love,
create love;
then, you will
experience love,
at a higher level.  For those
of you who seek understanding,
go within, and spend some time creating
understanding.  Create compassion.  Create
charity and kindness;  and,  you will experience
these things at a higher level!  Where there is lack,
create, and you will be filled by your own creation!

October 27, 2017

within you
the ability, and
the capability, to override
every challenge, every temptation.
All that is required ~ is the desire ~ to do so,
and the intention: to follow the desire,
to complete the task, to over-
ride the negative,
in a flowing,
And The
Holy Spirit
says: You have, with-
in  you,  a vast storehouse,
filled  to  overflowing,  with  gifts
from The Creator of All Things; and, this
storehouse,  packed with gifts,  is yours to use,
during your lifetime upon the Earth, so that your
journey will be easier, so that the adventure will be
completed, successfully.  Take the time to go within,
and visit the storehouse.  Make yourself familiar
with the gifts you carry, and use them well.

October 26, 2017

you are
major or minor
discomfort, or pain
which is intense, be it
of body,  spirit,  emotion
or a situation, use this time
to focus your attention on a con-
versation, with Me! Move through this day
asking Me questions: and waiting to hear, or know,
the answer; creating a dialogue that goes on, and on, and
on; holding your focus, holding your attention, until the day
is done; and you realize, with the setting of the sun, your major
or minor discomfort, your pain which is intense, of body, spirit,
emotion, or situation, is diminishing.  And The Holy Spirit says:  In
times of stress, or need, focus on Me.  Begin a conversation
with Me, which requires My answer,
and actively involve yourself
in this conversation,
directing your focus,
and attention, on conversing, with Me,
conversing with God, conversing with Jesus, conversing
with angels, all the day long, a running conversation between
Earth and Heaven.  It is healing, and it will repair the wounds, it
will mend the tears, and you will find relief, with the setting of the sun.

October 25, 2017

will be
easier, for you,
to reject temptation
if you will see it, the encounter,
as I see it.  When you are tempted, darkness and shadow
comes to you, attempts to ensnare you; and when you give-in,
you become a part of that darkness, and shadow, even if only for
a while; but, when you will use your energy, and practice rejecting
the temptation outright, you overpower the shadow and darkness
with the glory of the light; and all things are better on Earth,
and in Heaven, as well.  And The Holy Spirit says:  It is good
to have "the understanding,"
regarding shadow and darkness,
and how to use your freewill choice
to set them aside.  And, it is also good
to understand, and see, "the power of the light
that is within thee," because when you reject the shadow
and darkness, it is overpowered by your light!  Be the light of the world!

October 24, 2017

use the present
to practice perfecting
aspects,  of  your being.
Use  the situations,  you
encounter, to practice
wherever there is
work to be
Practice patience,
practice understanding,
practice compassion, and love.
Practice in the face of any situation.
It is in this way that you turn every situation
into something positive; for, that which you have faced, you
have not only mastered, but you have accelerated your learning.
You have taken the lesson, and made it work in a very positive way.
So, whatever you face today, practice.  And The Holy Spirit says: Sometimes, it can be a challenge to be patient.  Sometimes it can actually be a challenge
to be kind, to be understanding, to hold your tongue, to smile.  Whenever
you encounter a situation, which requires great good of you, practice,
so that you meet the measure, and go beyond.  Practice
so that you might know The Way.

October 23, 2017

Shoes get dirty and muddy,
and when you clean-them-off,
and they are restored, they look
new.  Clothing does the same thing,
too.  Cars,  and bicycles,  even houses,
do get dirty; but once cleaned, they are
restored, renewed.  The same, My child,
applies to you!  Sometimes, your spirit,
and your soul get a little muddy; but,
when you take the time to sit, and
polish, and clean, and restore
them, to their original
beauty, you shine,
as the sun,
you shine
as the sweet,
gentle moon, on a dark
winter night.  Today, look
through the muck, and the mire,
look through the dirt, and the mud, and
see, the original beauty!  And The Holy Spirit says:
As you take the time to clean objects, to clean yourself,
your body,  take the time to clean your spirit,  and your
soul, restoring them to the magnificent presence they are.
Today, is a good day... to clean-up... to restore... to renew!

Oct.  22,  2017
See Jesus' Sunday Sermon

and know,
the miracles, in this way:
appreciate the divinity, the sacredness,
and the sanctity, the glory, shining into, and through,
your humanity; that, in the human being form, you can
experience My love, flowing into, and through you,
and onto the Earth; and, in human being
form, bless the Earth
with the glory
of Heaven.
And The Holy Spirit
says: When you think, or
remember, all that is divine,
and holy, add to it that the divine,
and holy, passes into, and through, you;
and, it is in your human being form, that you
deliver this to the Earth... this divineness... this
holiness,  this sacredness.   The human being,  is
the connecting piece between Heaven and Earth.

October 14, 2017

A good way to establish a peaceful environment
is to practice patience.  Refuse an inclination,
or invitation, to be abrupt.  Be patient.  And
The Holy Spirit says: A peaceful environment is
good for your health, spiritually, and
physically.  Within the peaceful
environment, there is very
little stress, if any; and,
the body is at peace,
as the spirit nurtures
peace.  Practice patience
today, and peace will grow a-
round you, and you will feel heal-
thy, and happy, physically, and spirit-
ually.  Practice patience, and create peace.
October 15, 2017
See Jesus' Sunday Sermon

It is time
to know your mission.  Why
are  you  upon  Earth?   Some of you
are upon Earth to be a witness, to see, and
to state, clearly, that which you believe, maybe
not so much in words, in preaching, and teaching;
but in how you choose to live your life; for My child,
I have given you freewill; therefore, that which you do,
upon the Earth, is: what you will, to do, upon the Earth;
what you choose to do, upon the Earth; and, the outward
sign of your deeds, is a silent statement of: what you hold
dear, what you hold important, what you believe!  And The
Holy Spirit says:  You are blessed to be upon the Earth.  You are
filled with the grace of God!  And you carry the gifts of God
with you; however, you have been given the gift of freewill,
and this gift gives you the opportunity to make choices,
to choose that which you are going to do; and, your
choice, is a statement!  It is the quote of your
lifetime.  Make your choice, and
act, accordingly!
October 21, 2017

your head
from the slightest,
the most remote temptation,
to worry, fear or dread, what this day
holds-in-store for you.  This is an opportunity
for you.  Set before you is the opportunity to create
a day which you have sometimes wished would exist,
a day filled with light... and love... and peace!  That
time is now!  It is in your hands.  Create the day
from your most divine thoughts, and plans!
And The Holy Spirit says: Rather than pondering
what is wrong with the world,
rise-up today,
and make all things right
with the world.  Do not focus on
the negative, focus on the positive; and,
wherever you have the opportunity to create
light, do so!   This is your day to create.  Do so.

October 20, 2017

Take a challenging day, one step at a time,
one piece at a time,  and soon,  you will be
through it.  And The Holy Spirit says: A book ~ is
read ~ one page at a time.  A dance is danced
one step at a time.  A song is sung one word
at a time.  And even the most taxing jour-
ney is completed, by taking one step at
a time.  Do not be afraid, worried
or anxious.  Do not let fear
rob you
of the
of your life-
time, just take it
all one step at a time.

October 19, 2017

I have given you the gift of eternal life;
therefore, celebrate the accomplishments
of others eagerly, and with great joy.  Speak
the encouraging words, others long to hear; for
when you encourage others, you are filling your
cup, as well.  Drink of the cup!  And pass it a-
round.  And The Holy Spirit says:  Sing your song.
Dance your dance.  Live your lifetime
to the fullest measure, and
encourage others
to take a deep,
long drink,
from the
cup of life
as well.  This
is your time on Earth,
live, and celebrate; for, God has
given unto you ~ the gift ~ of eternal life!

October 18, 2017

Your days
of blessings, and grace,
are far more numerous, than are
the days of challenge you might face.
Change your perspective; and, focus on
your  blessings,  and  grace!   And  The  Holy
Spirit  says:  Focus your attention on lack, and
you will see lack.  Focus your attention on
abundant  blessings,  and  grace,  and
you will see, abundant bles-
sings, and grace!
October 17, 2017

the gift
of support, and
encouragement, be
uplifting with your words,
instilling confidence, when-
ever, and wherever possible.
And The Holy Spirit says: Use your
words to build-up, rather
than to tear
October 16, 2017

Sometimes, even when you read the signs,
the message is not always one you wish to acknow-
ledge.  Still, if you will follow the signs, I send unto you,
your path will be made easier as you rise-up and do, even when
you do not want to do.  And, during the process you will see, your
faith will increase, abundantly!  Walking The Way, is The Way, to:
happiness and confidence, dealing with the things of life, with ease, in peace, without chaos.   And The Holy Spirit says:   Surrender, might not be
your favorite word; however, if you will try, for just one day, to watch for
the signs, all along The Way,  and follow,  you will see,  your day turns-
out in a glorious way!  No matter what you face there will be a sign
to say, "Here, this way!"  Follow the signs, and you will make
your way, through each and every day, feeling confident
as you go, feeling peace as you know, you
are reading the signs, you
are walking, The
October 13, 2017

You ask Me what you should "know," and
I say unto you, love one another; you ask Me
what you should do,  and I say  unto you,  love
one another;  you ask Me  what you should read,
so you might grow, in wisdom, and I say unto you,
love one another;  then,  I will lead you to another
thing, which you can do, another place where you
can go, another text which you can read; but,
to grow in wisdom,  and to serve,  and to
know, first, you must love!  And The
Holy Spirit says: Take the first step,
today; and the first step, a-
long The Way is to
love, one an-
October 12, 2017

Recall the joy, and comfort, of an embrace, hav-
ing someone, you love, wrap their arms around you,
and draw you to them: so close you can feel the other's
heartbeat; so close you can feel the breath, flowing thro-
ugh your hair; so close that it feels as if the heartbeat, and
the breath, are one.  And The Holy Spirit says:  God's arms are open,
and all you have to do is welcome the embrace, and the arms en-
fold you, and hold you, and draw you so close, that you feel
the presence of God; and, The Wind moves your hair,
and you "know," you are there, in the arms
of God!  You feel as if you are
one with God, and
time stands
October 11, 2017

Before you begin the day, find something
that will prompt you to smile, find something
that will prompt you to laughter; and then, you are
truly ready to begin the adventure of the day, because
all things are enhanced with the joy of laughter, with
the blessing of a smile.  And The Holy Spirit says:  You are
off, on another adventure today.  Look, they come to
you over, and over, and over, every day, one day
after another, all bringing you an op-
portunity.  You are off,
on the adven-
ture of to-
October 10, 2017

Are you
watching, for the signs?  I
will surely, send them.  I will send you gifts,
to assist you in your mission.   I will send you people
to bring you a message, to point you in the right direction.
I will whisper.  I will contact you in dreams.  I will send you
visions.  Pay attention; and, embrace the signs.   And The Holy
Spirit says:  As you watch for the signs all around you, and in the
night in dreams, be sure to pay attention to the signs of your
body.  Are you sluggish?  Are you grumpy? Are you
tired?  Do you feel as if you need rest?  For,
as surely as God send the signs, from
Heaven, to guide you along
The Way, your body
is sending you
to assist you,
throughout the day.
Pay attention, read the signs.
October 9, 2017

the days
are sunny, and
filled with light,
let us experience
Earth, together,
Creator and
The Wind
fill our sails,
gliding over crystal-
clear water.  Let us experience
Earth, together!  And The Holy Spirit says: Living
life: experiencing Earth, holding the hand of God,
walking in peace ~ singing all day ~ resting all night.
This is how you can live, upon Earth!  Try it today, ex-
perience life upon Earth, in a divine, and different way!
October 8, 2017
See Jesus' Sunday Sermon

Live, every day,
as if it were your final
day, upon Earth, preparing
for your journey Home; for, on
your final day,  you will  not be
so concerned about being right
about  this,  or  that;  or about
retaliation for transgressions.
On your final day, you will
long-for the sweet times,
when  you  were  kind,
compassionate, and
for, you will
see, and
that these
are the gifts, the
gifts you gave away, and
the gifts you will take with you.
And The Holy Spirit says: Be mindful of how you live,
this day: be quick to smile; be thorough, with kindness; be
deep with compassion; and, be long with understanding.  Focus
your attention on  assisting others, on making their lives better.
Draw nearer to God, and you will "know," this is The Way!
October 1, 2017
See Jesus' Sunday Sermon

of nothing,
I created everything.
I conceived, all, with My thought;
and, giving power to My thought,
I spoke the word, and it was done.
I created everything.  All things
spring forth from the thought.
And The Holy Spirit says:
God created,
and the creation
is beautiful.  God
created the angels,
God created the Heavens,
God created the Earth, and all
that is upon Earth, and pronounced
it good,  because  it was the intention
of God to create great beauty, and good.

October 7, 2017

to you
in dreams,
and visions.  I
will speak to you
as we walk together,
and talk together.  Do
not be dissuaded, by the
ways of the world; for I will
show you The Way, and ask you
to be My light.  I will ask you to bear
My light to the children who are crying,
who are in need, who are in despair.
The only thing you have to do
to know where I AM send-
ing you is to respond,
"Here I am Lord,"
and I will guide
thee, every step
along The Way.
And The Holy Spirit says:
When you here that calling,
do not turn your head, do not let the ways
of the world distract you, from what The Whisper
said; for the call has come to you, and it is you who
must rise-up, and answer.  Those who ~ are called ~ are
prepared for the mission.  When you hear the call, rise-up.

October 6, 2017

My ways
are of love,
and compassion,
and understanding; and,
for any who are interested in cleaning,
and maintaining, and repairing, their own home,
I will show you that, which you need to do; for, when you are intent
on making all things right, with your surroundings, with your being,
there is less time to take note of that which you believe is wrong with
another's home, with another's being.  Make it your intention
to clean your own house, and all things
will fall into place. And
The Holy Spirit says:
Parents show
The Way, for
their children,
in what they do,
and in how they act.
Let your actions speak for you.
In order to do this, tend your thoughts,
making sure they are good; then, the words
that come from you will follow; and let the deeds
you perform be an outward sign of your thoughts, con-
firming your words.  Show ~ The Way ~ by living The Way.

October 5, 2017

of My children
read about Me.  Some
of My children, talk about Me.
Some of My children, speak with Me,
ask Me questions, and wait, until
they hear The Whisper, and
know Me!  These
children: live
with Me;
sit with Me;
walk with Me;
dance with Me;
sing with Me; and,
live, eternally, with Me!
And The Holy Spirit says:  Be not afraid.
Do not be worried, or concerned.  Remove
doubt, from your being immediately, and trust; for,
the hand of God moves; and for those who are willing to listen,
The Voice of God is heard!  Be at peace this day; and know, God is with you!

October 4, 2017

you appreciate
that which you have, your
life upon Earth, is greatly enhanced.
Therefore, appreciate the day, appreciate
all the good things you experience.  Ap-
preciate a kind word, a smile, a touch
of love!  Appreciate these things,
and see, they are as the salt
and pepper, added to
a dish, making it
just a bit tastier
than it was before!
Season your day with ap-
preciation.  And The Holy Spirit says:
Be quick this day: to smile; to pass a-
long a kind word; to touch someone gently
on the back, or take their hand; to acknowledge
the gifts given, from the smallest, to the most grand.
Season your day, and the day of others, by being the salt
and pepper, for their day!  Kindness, compassion, under-
standing, generosity; give these things freely.  Appreciate
all you have; for, you have much, for which to be thankful.

October 3, 2017

by the seeds
of doubt, sprinkled
all around you, and on you;
and, possibly, within you.
Take My hand.  Rise-up.
The angels surround
you, and go be-
fore you.
you are destined
to complete a mission,
designed specifically for you,
and the gifts you have been given,
it is not impossible!  All things are pos-
sible, when you shake-off the seeds of doubt.
And The Holy Spirit says:    Follow your heart!   Do not be
held in place by fear, or doubt, or worry.   When the call
goes-out for you to rise-up, you hear it, within!  Listen!  Lis-
ten with your heart, and when you hear The Whisper; rise-up!

October 2, 2017

That which you "know," is little.
Do not close yourself to the guidance
of The Holy Spirit.  Open your heart, and
listen to the still, small voice within you; for
it is in this Way, that you will grow in wisdom,
and much will be revealed to you!  And The Holy
Spirit says: Be mindful, that you do not grow ar-
rogant, about the little you know; for,
there is much more, for you to
learn, and much more
will be revealed
to you, if you
will be still,
and quiet,
and listen, for
the whisper, of the
still, small voice within.

to every man, woman,
and child, on Earth, everyday!
And at The Quiet Place, we conclude
our morning prayers with these words asking
God, what we should know, today: "Our Creator,
God, what is it that You wish for us to know, today?"

God says: