Dec.  17,  2017
See Jesus' Sunday Sermon

you are "of spirit,"
you are of spirit ~ first; ~ and,
your experience in the physical realm,
walking in the third dimension for a while,
will be greatly enhanced,  every time  you seize
the opportunity: to reach into the spiritual realm,
to taste its glory; to tell the story of your earthly
experience, as a being of spirit, walking-in the
world of man.  And The Holy Spirit says: Do not be
"tempted," into confining your earthly
experience to the material,
to the physical.
You were
to be spirit,
the material, the
physical, the world
created  by  man.
By doing this,
you have
the opportunity
to make it a glorious adventure!

December 23, 2017

I hear the prayers of My children upon the Earth,
and I look around to see ... "Who will I send to be 'the
answer,' to that prayer?"  And often, I knock on the door,
and I whisper to thee.  "I call you to service," and you rise-up,
and go; I send you forth and you answer the prayer with My love
flowing through you!  The one crying in need, in despair, sees Me
in you!  I call My children, to tend to My children, so that love,
might grow!  And The Holy Spirit says: When God calls you, the call is
often soft, and quiet, a whisper heard in the night.  "Whom
shall I send?"  And those who are willing to
hear, rise-up, and answer.  "Here
I am Lord, send

December 22, 2017

Wherever the love of God
reigns, a garden of joy grows-up
to fill the hearts of the children of Earth
with song.  Let it be so, My children.  Let it be
so.  And The Holy Spirit says: It is impossible to live
within the love of God, and not have joy upon
your heart, no matter what the situation.
When you know The Creator of all
things has great love for you,
this brings joy to your
heart, as noth-
ing else

December 21, 2017

situations, can be
resolved, with love; for,
the one willing to love, there is un-
derstanding, and compassion, within their
being; and, using these gifts, will bring results
that demanding, and commanding could never
achieve at all.  Be love!   And The Holy Spirit says:
When you encounter an individual, or a
situation, which seems impossible,
difficult at best, be still, and let God's
love, flow, into, and through you, and onto
the individual, or situation.  That is the best
thing  you  can  do!   Then,  be  still;  wait;
and, watch for what The Holy Spirit
will do, th-

December 20, 2017

as you feel
yourself slip-
ping into a place,
where you envy what an-
other has, be quick to cast that energy,
from you, and scrub-down the walls, of your inner-
being, so that envy, does not invade.  Be mindful, if you find
yourself in a place, where greed is taking over, and you want that,
which another has, or you greatly desire something which is  ap-
parently out of your grasp.  Cast the energy of greed from you;
for it will bring darkness, and the darkness will overshadow,
and consume you, and your desire will not be for the good,
and the glorious; but for that, which seems to evade you,
coming from the world, created by man.  Do not per-
mit your inner-being ~ to be corrupted ~ with envy
or greed.  And The Holy Spirit says: Be mindful of keep-
ing your inner-being as clean as possible, so
that, when the light is shining,
within you, you are
magnifying it,
as one million
mirrors, reflecting,
the light of the sun; this is a
glorious sight, and glorious feeling.
Prepare for the light to be filling!   Prepare for
the day of light; for, you are meant to be the vessel of light!

December 19, 2017

Be still.
Breathe deeply.
Cast from you any agitation,
disturbances, and chaotic energy.
Breathe deeply, and establish peace.
When you are in peace, it is difficult
to get weary; but, when you are car-
rying agitation, and chaos, and dis-
ruptive energies within your being,
it is easy to get weary.  Walk in
peace.  And The Holy Spirit says:
Let all things be done
"in a state, of
When you
establish peace
within your being,
all that comes forth from
you, including your thoughts,
carry peace,  hold peace,  deliv-
er peace.  Therefore, be at peace.

December 18, 2017

not take
satisfaction, in
another's misfortune.
Do not set your path, in
the ways of vengeance, or
retaliation; for, you will
find in this atmosphere
of making light of an-
other's misfortune,
or setting your
or retaliation,
will bring darkness, and
shadow, quickly; and, you will feel heavy, and
you will grow weary, and mean-spirited.  When anoth-
er's name comes to you, ~ bless that name, ~ in forgiveness.
When a situation, or an institution comes to your mind, bless,
and forgive.  Do not hold a grudge; for every grudge you hold,
grows, in weight, as you make your journey on Earth.  And The
Holy  Spirit  says:   You are meant to sing, and dance, upon the Earth
and see the glory of God, and proclaim it, in your joyful song.
Forgiveness is the way to reach this state of joy!  Bless,
and release, and forgive all things!

Dec.  10,  2017
See Jesus' Sunday Sermon

The one
who is humble:
knows who they are;
and, is content; has a heart,
filled with gratitude, and compassion;
is quick to celebrate the gifts of others; and, lives
a life filled with peace;  for,  in their humility,
they find it easy to be one, with All That Is,
doing their part, playing their role, com-
pleting The Eternal Picture, The Divine
Plan,  just as they are,  using the gifts  they
have been given so that they shine, as brightly,
as the Christmas star. And The Holy Spirit says: In a world
which celebrates excess, in fact, confuses success with
excess, it is not easy to find a humble man, in
the true meaning of the word; for,
one who is humble
is content,
who they are,
without finding it neces-
sary to belittle others to stand tall.
Today, sit a while within the energy of hum-
ility, and begin to know it, as The Powerful Gift it is!

December 16, 2017

The one
who is willing
to alter their perception,
even ever so slightly, grows, in wisdom,
as they acknowledge another's place, and another's
right to be in their place.  And The Holy Spirit says: When
you can see, and "know," and acknowledge,
without hesitation, or desire to have
others conform to your way, then you
have reached the pinnacle, the place many
seek to realize, to know; holding, at that moment, the
peace of the wisdom of God, "knowing," to bless,
and let it go.  This day, walk in
the light of God, and
be content

December 15, 2017

Fear not; for I AM
with you!  My hand, will lead you;
My breath will lift-you-up, as if "on wing;"
My power will be your strength; My truth will be
your wisdom; and, My love for you,  will be the faith
you  need,  to carry you through  that, which  the world
created by man,  brings to you  each day.   And The Holy Spirit
says: Find your sanctuary of peace in the arms of Mother Earth
each day; for the trees and the flowers and the valleys and the
oceans will be the comfort, and the peace, of Earth, as you
walk, with The Wisdom of God.  Be The Light of God
as you walk upon the Earth, and your light
upon the Earth, will illuminate
the world created
by man.

December 14, 2017

Go where you are guided, with
a happy heart, and your path will be
blessed, with the gift of love.   And The
Holy Spirit says:  Do not lament, your jour-
ney.  Do not cry-out, in woe and worry;
for, God has touched your heart, with
the gift of song!  Therefore, sing
of the glory of God; and,
you will find

December 13, 2017

Every human being is taking their journey,
and their every path is uniquely theirs. Do not at-
tempt to pull, or draw another, from their path, until
they are ready to make a slight alteration;  and,  with that
desire, and that desire alone, the path moves majestically, from
shadow to light! This is how it is designed; for, each being, as their
birthright, was given the gift, of freewill!  It is important, that The
Divine Plan has "freewill," interwoven between every choice made.
Each path, belongs to an individual being; and, each individual
being is, uniquely, a vital piece of The One! And The Holy Spirit
says: Rise-up this day, and resume: The Way; your journey;
your adventure;  and,  be excited,  for the adventure!
This present piece of eternity, you are experi-
encing, is one that you will treasure,
forever!  Make it fitting;
make it honorable;
make it exciting; and,
filled with laughter and joy.
You do not have to go to movies,
or read  adventure  stories,  to realize
the adventure, happening, right within you.
Seize it as the opportunity it is,  another day,  along
The Way, of the great adventure, of your lifetime!  See what you
can do with it.  Enjoy every step; for every step leads you into The Divine!

December 12, 2017

Today, practice, practice living
your everyday life, every hour, every
minute of this day, without making excuses
for what happens!  It is time to strip from you
the temptation to make excuses, for this, or that, or
the other.  Acknowledge this, or that, or the other, and
then, set it straight, outright!  Excuses deny you the beauty,
and the glory, of a lesson to be learned!  My children, you are
looking at it, incorrectly.  See everything that happens, as either
a blessing,  or a lesson,  which brings a blessing,  of its own;  and,
when you do this, everything that happens along the pathway of
your lifetime upon Earth, you will see, as a blessing!  See it,
bless it, release all animosity, involved with it, and bring
the lesson forward, freeing yourself, and all others.
Spend today whispering, "No excuses!"  And The
Holy Spirit says: This day should be as a game,
a grand board game, charting
every hour, seeing
what happens to you;
no, really seeing it; and then,
acknowledging it, and embracing the blessing,
or embracing the blessing of the lesson.  Know the lesson;
learn the lesson;  wear the lesson;  become the lesson;  so all can
learn, as they see you; for, this is exactly what your brother, Jesus, did
do!  Live, and learn, see, and bless!  In this Way, you will truly live in peace.

December 11, 2017

Do not be led into the trap
wherein you believe that you know
everything you need to know; that your way
of doing something is always the best way; that
change cannot be accomplished, without much suf-
fering; for, in this state, you could very well deny the
messenger, sent to you, or miss the message altogether.
No matter what you are doing, be open; for, I send mes-
sengers to lead you!  Your journey is taken, one step, at
a time.   No journey is taken, when, you are standing in
the same place.  You must encourage yourself to move,
to move forward ~ or the journey will not be complet-
ed.  Open!  And The Holy Spirit says: You might find it diffi-
cult to believe but messengers are sent to you every day.
Sometimes they come to you, as an individual.  Some-
times  ~ they come to you ~  as the song of the bird.
Sometimes they come to you in visions, someti-
mes in dreams; but God doth send the mes-
sengers, so the children can be led, a-
long The Way!  Do not miss the
message, because you
shunned the mes-

Dec.  3,  2017
See Jesus' Sunday Sermon

If you desire to be the bringer of change, if
you desire to see change, first, establish the change
you wish to happen, within your being.  Peace will not come
upon the Earth, until the hearts of those who live upon the Earth
are filled with peace!   Love will not come upon the Earth, until the
hearts of those  who live upon the Earth,  are filled with love.   Com-passion will not come upon the Earth, until the hearts, of those, who live upon the Earth, are filled with compassion.  The hearts of those who live upon the Earth, will be changed, to hold peace, and love,
and compassion, one at a time, two at a time, three, four, five,
into the millions; but, it all begins with one heart, holding
peace, and love, and compassion.  And The Holy Spirit says:
Today, be the bringer of peace, and love, and compas-
sion by creating peace, and love, and compas-
sion, within your being.  That is how
it begins.  That is how you pre-
pare for the change,
for the com-

December 9, 2017

Prepare your heart, and prepare it well
so no animosity, or hatred there, doth dwell.
Clean it, so it shines with My light; for I give it
to you, so that it will sustain you, day and night.
Let the light that is yours shine.  And The Holy Spirit
says:  Prepare, in such a way, that you reach into
each crevice and crack, and pull-out the de-
bris, so that you might truly say, "I am
ready.   God, I am ready.   See my
light, it is a reflection of You
and all You have done
for me; and, I will
carry my light

December 8, 2017

is good
to remember
that when I ask you to do
something, it is important to "know," that
how you are being led is not for temporary comfort
in the present, but preparation for a grand unfolding
of tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow.  It is the
stroke by the painter's hand on the grand canvas.
The entire masterpiece is never complete, until
every stroke has been accomplished; there-
fore, no matter what you are asked to do,
it is important, in fact vital to the final
picture, to The Divine Plan, to The
Grand Tapestry.  And The Holy Spirit
says: Sometimes it is difficult
to understand the ways of God.
The Wisdom of God ~ is ~ for The One,
the completion.  The Divine Plan is unfolding
by every second.  You are a piece of The Divine
Plan, and that which you are asked to do is vital
to the completion, to the wholeness of The One!

December 7, 2017

times, it
is necessary
for things to change,
so that they can remain the same,
so that you can produce, that which you need to produce.
When it is time for change,  it means that something
needs to evolve; and, usually, when something
needs to evolve,  or change,  someone
also needs to evolve or change.
Embrace the change
which will assist
in your evolution,
so that things might be
the same, so that you can
produce that, which you are meant
to produce, and do so efficiently, and ef-
fectively.  Do not exhaust yourself, in the battle,
to resist change; embrace change!  And The Holy Spirit says:
Celebrate ~ when you have a teacher who will lead you through
a change;  for,  it is as if you are going back to school, to learn an-
other subject, so that you might be more productive, in that, which
you do.  Jesus carried to Earth change, and those who listened, and embraced the change, ~ found true happiness, ~ and miraculous life.

December 6, 2017

It is easy to notice
what others need to do, what
"corrections," others need to make;
but, noticing what others need to do
is a distraction, from what you need
to do; close your eyes to the world,
and take the journey within, and
there, "make the corrections."
And  The  Holy  Spirit  says:  Once
you  free  yourself,  from
the inside out, you are
totally free; and,
once you are
you find
there is no need
to be noticing, what
others, need to change, or
do.  Free yourself!   Go within,
make the changes, and begin to live.

December 5, 2017

heal yourself,
one blessing at a time;
and, when you find you are blessing
all mankind, then, your healing is complete.
Begin today.  And The Holy Spirit says:  It is time.
It is passed time.  It is the present time; and,
in this present piece of eternity,
begin to bless.  Bless
every person
who comes in-
to your thoughts.
Repeat the blessing,
over and over, until it is
complete.  This day, begin
healing yourself, by blessing
all you meet.  In your thoughts,
and in your actions, wherever you
go, bless the world, and make it so!

December 4, 2017

the words or the actions
of others tempt you to distraction,
be still; go within; for, within your being
is your kingdom, your realm, your dominion,
the place, where you are the master.  Master that,
which is brewing, within you.  Cast the storms, from
within you, and create the light of a new day dawning.
Be at peace!   See the world,  through the eyes of inner-
peace.   And The Holy Spirit says:  When you come to finally ac-
cept the truth ~ that you cannot really change another ~ you
will be at peace ~ you will turn your attention, ~ and focus,
toward calming,  and creating peace,  within your being;
for, this is where you are to do your work; and then, as
you rise-up to walk out, into the world, peace moves
with you, peace radiates from you, peace is quietly
distributed amongst those you pass, those you
meet,  those you greet;  and,  The Living
Word is brought forth through what
you think, and say, and do.
Focus your atten-
tion within

November 26, 2017
See Jesus' Sunday Sermon

It is important
that you heed My words
regarding forgiveness; for, forgiveness
is the key to your peace; and once you have
forgiven, and peace is established, within you,
happiness, and joy, are your daily companions.
And The Holy Spirit says:  While there is time remaining
practice forgiveness, for yourself, and others!  Do
not waste the time you have been given, saving
it, for another day.  Practice forgiveness,
then peace, and happiness,
and joy will be

December 2, 2017

to focus on the
good:  in  others,  in
yourself, all around you;
because, where you place
your focus, where your at-
tention  is focused,  that is
what, you will notice.   Fo-
cus on the good others do.
And The Holy Spirit says:  If you
are constantly telling your-
self, about the things, you
lack, where you do not
measure - up to your
expectations, then,
that is what you
begin to beli-
eve about
this day
on the good
you do, and then,
the good will shine bright-
er, in you, and from you, and
bless all you do.  Focus on the good.

December 1, 2017

Miracles unfold
every hour of every day; but,
if you turn your head, or question,
and doubt them, you deny yourself
the glory, of the miracle.  Open to
the possibility, and be amazed!  And
The Holy Spirit says: God speaks; and,
most often, the voice of God, is
as  a  whisper,  within  your
being!  The tap on the
door is gentle;
and, for
who will open
the door, those you will admit,
and permit, entrance, and believe,
the communion with God is sweet,
enduring, everlasting, conversation
between Parent and child, strength,
and love, flowing from one to the oth-
er, as the miracles continue unfolding.

November 30, 2017

Follow your heart, and do that, which brings joy,
that which you love to do ~ because ~ it is in this Way
that you will feel ~ My love, ~ flowing through you, as you
do, that, which brings joy to you.  It is all connected!  And The
Holy Spirit says: When you are forced to do something, you do not do it,
with the energy that you would put into doing, that, which you love to
do! Let your heart guide you! Turn your head from those who would
chide you, and prompt you into something ,that is not yours to do!
Your heart knows what it is;  your soul knows what it is;  your
spirit knows what it is, you are to do;  and,  when you sit
quietly, and you are silent, you too, "know," what
it is!  It can be no other way; for your heart,
and your soul, and your spirit are
you!  Therefore, you al-
ways "know,"
what to

November 29, 2017

So many times, I
touch the one bearing a heavy load
of mistakes, missteps, and transgressions,
with the ability to see each one, as, a lesson,
creating  stepping-stones,  leading  to  a  place
of clarity,  and forgiveness,  and understanding.
Often, I use the one least expected, to show The
Way.  Do not let your past, stand in the way of
a future and a present, filled with light.  And
The Holy Spirit says: When you understand, who
you are, that which is happening around
you, begins to make sense; and, you
can draw order from chaos, by
seeing, as God would have
you see, by acknow-
ledging what is
but see-
ing it
in a
that you see it,
know it, and forgive all
things about it, creating "a lesson,"
which will go with you, all your eternal life!

November 28, 2017

you do today
prepares The Way, for
tomorrow.  And The Holy Spirit says:
By forgiving yourself, all others,
and every situation,
you create
a lesson;
with you
into the new
time, the new days,
into a place which, be-
cause of that which you do to-
day, will be much lighter, and brighter.

November 27, 2017

It is
the effort to
establish peace,
within your being, for
when  everything you do,
echoes the peace,  from which
it  grew,  there is  confidence!  And
The Holy Spirit says: Let peace be the garden,
from whence your thoughts sprout words; and,
the words, coming forth, from the garden of peace,
direct the deeds you do; then the garden of peace grows
all around you, because it first was established, within you.

to every man, woman,
and child, on Earth, everyday!
And at The Quiet Place, we conclude
our morning prayers with these words asking
God, what we should know, today: "Our Creator,
God, what is it that You wish for us to know, today?"

God says: