January 14, 2018
See Jesus' Sunday Sermon

not be
afraid; for,
I AM with you!
This is "your time to
shine!"   You  are  writing
your part, with: every thought,
word,  and deed.   You are the star
of this lifetime.   Do not diminish your
role.   It is important, for you to "know,"
that I AM with you!   Go into this New Day
without fear and understand that everything
that comes to you is yours to master.  Oh, the
excitement of this day, you will experience it
all;  and,  come the end,  in just a few hours,
you can look-back, and see: what you did;
how you did it; how you created history,
with you in the starring role!  And The
Holy Spirit says:   Do not be afraid!
Stand-up, and play the role
you are meant to play.
That role is you,
as you are,
right  now,  today.
Do not wait to step into
the spotlight, until you think
you are ready;  for,  if you are br-
eathing right now, you are ready.  The
spotlight is there with you!  It is the light
of God ~ shining ~ upon you.  Do not put-off,
for another day, what is yours to enjoy, today!

January 20, 2018

your head from confusion.
Refuse to surrender your thoughts to
the chaos,  and the clanging,  and the noise
of the world, and sit with Me; for as we sit, and
you are quiet, you will hear, and know, exactly,
where you are to go, what you are to do; and,
this is possible, because all the answers
you are seeking, are within you.
And The Holy Spirit says:
Wisdom is
never found in
chaos, and confusion;
wisdom is found in peace,
and quiet, nestled within faith,
and  trust  in  "the knowing,"  that
God sent you forth,  with  all  you  need
to complete your mission, and return Home.

January 19, 2018

and praying,
are the first steps to
knowing, and believing.
Have faith and believe.
And The Holy Spirit says:
Today, rise-up,
and let your
be to reach
a new plateau,
connecting this life,
with all eternity!  To-
day, rise-up and "know!"
Today, rise-up, and "believe!"

January 18, 2018

It can be a challenging task to reset a course,
once it has begun; therefore, do not begin a day out-of-bal-
ance, or on the wrong foot, or veering-off in the wrong direction.
Sit with Me, before you begin; and, let us set the course of the day,
and it will end better, this way.  And The Holy Spirit says: Once you have set
the course, and you are off, it can be difficult to turn around, go back, and
begin again, or to alter the course in any way!  Therefore, there is great
importance to how you begin a day; for usually, how you begin a day
is an indicator,  of how  the day  will stay.   Take the time to sit
with God, and then, you will know clearly which path
to trod; and, it will all come in peaceful ar-
ray, and you know exactly
what you are to
do, each

January 17, 2018

you encounter
you already hold the
answer, the key, a gift
which will enable thee
to move the challenge,
to push it away.  Not
one thing, which
comes to thee
is some-
you can-
not handle.
Take a deep breath,
rise-up, and follow, as you are led.
And The Holy Spirit says:  The more you sit quietly,
and ask for direction, the more clearly you hear
the answer!  You recognize the way the answer
flows to you, and all opens before you, with a
clarity unknown, before you sat with God!

January 16, 2018

will be
many days
when temptations
seem to come at you from all directions,
prompting you, and encouraging you:
to practice the ways of the world; to
retaliate; to get even; to get back,
at another person for something
they said, or did.  I encourage you
to choose to elevate your thoughts,
and words, and deeds, at times like these.
Resist the temptation, to join an-
other's energy creation,
by creating an
all your own.
Do not retaliate,
elevate, and create light.
And The Holy Spirit says:  It appears as if
the longer you live in the world created by man,
the easier it is to choose retaliation, for something
which has been done, or said.  This only draws you
deeper, and deeper, into what another is creating; and
soon, you are in muck and mire, created by others; but, co-
created by you.  Do not retaliate.   Elevate, what is happening:
by bringing the light, by blessing with love, by establishing peace.

January 15, 2018

I send you signs, and messages, every day,
even ~ throughout the night ~ they come.
Signs come to you, messages come to you
wrapped in dreams, in words others say,
in words you read in a book, in some-
thing you see.  A message could be
in a tree, with leaves damp
with dew, and glisten-
ing in the sun-
it could be a sign
as you drive along the road.
Do not ignore the signs, or the messages,
that catch your attention. Do not curse the signs,
or the messages, which catch your attention.  Pray for
the wisdom, to understand the signs, and the messages;
for they will lead you to where you are meant to be.  And
The Holy Spirit says: The ancient ways, and the ancient people,
were enriched, and deeply filled with life, because they
knew how to look for, and read, the signs, they
knew how to accept the messages, and
take all these things in prayer,
until they held the wisdom
to understand the message there.
Incorporate these ancient ways into your
new ways, so that you might clearly know The Way.

January 7, 2018
See Jesus' Sunday Sermon

given you
life, and I love you!
I will be the source of your courage,
and your strength... fueling you... into whatever it is
you are to do,  with My love, and light.  My hand
will be waiting to guide you.  My arms will be
waiting to enfold you.  This is My promise
to you. And The Holy Spirit says: When you have faith,
and trust,  in  your  Eternal  Parent,  there is nothing
which will stop you from completing your destiny, and
moving on;  for,  your Eternal Parent  is The Creator, of
All Things; and, The Creator of All Things is reaching-out
with a guiding hand, and open arms,
which will enfold you.
Take this promise,
and move into
the new

January 13, 2018

For those of you who might feel abandoned, rejected, or
vilified, I call you to come, and sit quietly, with Me, and you
will feel My presence with you; and, I will whisper to you, and
you will know, that, as we sit, and as we speak, your feelings of
abandonment, rejection and being vilified will slip away.  I will
not commiserate with you.  I will encourage you to rise-up, and
go-out, and seek any, who feel abandoned, rejected, or vilified,
and minister unto them, speak to them, talk to them.  Let Me
speak to them, talk to them, through you; for, the only way
to chase away the darkness, and shadow, shrouding you,
is to throw-off that cloak, and minister to those
around you.  As you lift it, from them,
it is lifted from you!  And The
Holy Spirit says: Do not
sit in misery,
and shrouded
with darkness, and
shadow.  Rise-up, and
be the light to others; and,
as you take care of others, you
find your misery slips from you.

January 12, 2018

the temptation
to be quick to point-out to others
the error of their ways; for, they will see, and know,
that which they are meant to see, and know, at the time
they are ready to see and know it.  Be quick to show kind-
ness.  Be quick to let your understanding flow, and let your
understanding live in the knowing, that it is better to tend
your fire, than to try to tend another's fire.  Be quick to
kindness, understanding that, at the right time, every
thing will fall into place.  And The Holy Spirit says: There
is great temptation, to correct others!  For those who
are able to override the temptation, and simply
bless others, there is great reward, because:
their heart becomes more tender; and
they understand more completely;
they forgive themselves; they
sit  with  God;  they  see
the truth, and they
"know," The

January 11, 2018

Do not
use your eyes
to glare at others,
judging that they are
doing wrong.  Do not use
your eyes to stare at others
in question, or mistrust.  Close
your eyes to the ways of the world,
and sit quietly with Me.  Then, open
your eyes, and let the world, and all in
it, see the light, and the glory of Heaven,
streaming through thee!  Let all the world
see: reconciliation, forgiveness, and kind-
ness, wherever you cast your glance.  And
The Holy Spirit says: Do not glare, or stare,
in condemnation, or mistrust, or
doubt, questioning what
others are doing,
or saying.
Use your eyes
so that others might see,
and know,  God,  through you.
Let the world ~ see, and know: ~ re-
conciliation, forgiveness, kindness, love,
light and peace, streaming from your eyes!

January 10, 2018

I love you.
I give you My light, and
My love.  I give you all things good,
so that you might have that which you need,
to make your way, over the Earth, on your jour-
ney of this lifetime.   Stay close to Me.   Bring your
joy, and your times of sadness, or temptation, to Me.
Do not be tempted to worship: at the altar of anger; or
hatred; or greed; or even frustration; for these are not
what you need.  Do not make these things your god,
focusing on them daily, or hourly; for, they will
deplete you; but, I will complete you!  You
are My child!  Sit with Me!  And The
Holy Spirit says: Turn your head
quickly, from those who
will say to you,
"You have
every right
to be angry."
"You have every right
to hate that person, or this institution,
or that organization."  "You have every right."
Turn your head quickly; for, I say unto you, these things
will feed on your anger,  and your mistrust.   When you are
in doubt, sit with God, quietly, and you will find the wisdom
of your Eternal Parent ~ will show you the Way ~ out of sha-
dow... and darkness... into the light... and the glory... of God!

January 9, 2018

Practicing kindness
will bring a contentment to your life,
that is filled to over-flowing with peace; and,
in this peace, you will find you are truly happy.
Practice kindness, with enthusiasm, looking for
every opportunity to extend this gift.  And The Holy
Spirit says:  Practice kindness; for it is good to do so;
and, when you make the effort to do so, you are
rewarded!  You are rewarded with content-
ment, and peace.  You know it is right
to do; and, once it is done, you
are eager to do it again,
and  again!  Find
in kind-

January 8, 2018

You are a majestic being,
willing to travel to Earth for a while,
to restore light, so that there might be peace,
and Earth might return to The Garden it was intended
to be.  There will be many temptations to distract you.  Do not
lose your focus.  Remember, you are the creator of light, and with-
in the light there is held love; and within love there is the sweet, gen-
tle song and presence of peace. And The Holy Spirit says: When you are tem-
pted to enter into an argument, or to be upset, or to be distracted into sha-
dow, stay focused on the creation of light; for, this is what it means to be
one creating light, in the darkness.  If one candle can light a room,
your intention to be the bringer of light, will cast shadow
and darkness from you, and all around you
there will be rejoicing.

Dec.  31,  2017
See Jesus Sunday Sermon

are the creator of light,
the light which comes from within you!
You choose to magnify the light, or to diminish
the light.   Do not hide your light, under a basket.
Do not cloak your light, in darkness, or shadow.   Set
your intention to be the light; and do not permit tem-
pters to destroy your light.   And The Holy Spirit says:  You
reach your full potential, and your power is at its most
magnificent, when you realize who you are, and you
maintain your connection, with God!    It is that
simple!  When you are ~in~ the light of God,
you do no harm to yourself, or another.
When you are ~in~ the light of God,
you magnify the light of God,
and bless the Earth
in so do-

January 6, 2018

For I shall
send you a sign, and
the sign will shine brightly,
a star in the sky, for all to see; and,
those who will look, and see, and follow,
will be led to where they are to be, and they
will embrace, and know the mystery.  Rise-up
and follow your star! And The Holy Spirit says: Only if
you are willing to follow your star... will you see the
miracles... will you know The Way... will your feet
walk the path... you were destined to walk. The
miracles are all there!  A star, and the signs
are there to guide you; but, to see, and
know, you must rise-up, and be
willing to go, to follow
the star!

January 5, 2018

Blessed are those who seek Me, in the sacred
sanctuary of their inner-being, and within that
chamber, find Me, waiting; and, in that peace
we meet, and speak, and the communion
is complete!  I reach-out to you, My
children, every day.  Blessed
are those who find
The Way
to reach-out
to Me, and say,
"I love you."  And The
Holy Spirit says: Do not hesitate
to be still, and quiet, so that you
might hear The Whisper of God, and
know The Way, and the path to trod,
for you will find peace, and solace,
when you take the hand of God.

January 4, 2018

Make the time, every day, to set aside things of the world,
the things that so often distract you from The Presence of
Spirit, and be quiet.  Sit in silence, and feel what is going-
on all around you; sit in silence, and you will know I AM
with you; and I will give you the strength, and the cour-
age to rise-up, and walk back into the world, created
by man, refueled, grown in wisdom, and,
surely, in peace!  And The
Holy Spirit says:
Do not be in a rush.
Slow your pace, and you
will find your peace.  Work with
the intention to complete your work;
but not in frustration, ... or worry, ... or hurry.
Make the time to enter the chamber of silence, breathe
deeply, and speak the name of God; and, you will find peace.

January 3, 2018

What would like to have today;
spiritually, what would you like to have?
It does not matter whether you would pray for:
peace, or quiet, or excitement, or joy, adventure, a
spiritual adventure, a miracle.  Whatever you want,
it is possible to receive it, in triple form, magnified
greatly, if you will provide to others... what you
would like to have, for yourself!  And The Holy
Spirit says: Let us say, your desire for today
is joy.  Be quick to be joyful, with an-
other, or others.  Every oppor-
tunity, this blessed day, of-
fers to share that which
you would like to
have with an-
other, do so;
for, the
who gives
the gift to an-
other,  cannot  possibly
be  void  of  it,  at  all.   Come
the  end  of  the  day,  you  will  find
that you are filled to overflowing with joy,
because you have given so much joy to others.
As you give... you will find... there is more to give!

January 2, 2018

Today, watch, and be vigilant for
every opportunity to practice kind-
ness; for, when you notice one oppor-
tunity, you will be surprised that you
notice more, and more.  It is not that
the opportunity to practice kindness
grows less, and less.  You will sur-
prised that opportunities come
flowing to you, allowing
you to practice,
and bless
with the gift
of kindness.  And The
Holy Spirit says: In the world today
it can actually be difficult to practice
kindness; it is not taught, it is not shown;
therefore, watch, observe, be vigilant, seek
every opportunity, and then seize the mo-
ment, and bless the world with kindness.

January 1, 2018

often find it difficult
to show kindness and compassion;
whereas the humble raise the practice
to an art, that is divine!  Whenever you
touch another with kindness, you are
touching them, with My love, My
compassion.  And The Holy Spirit
says: Do not pass-up
the opportunity
to show kindness,
tender mercy, compas-
sion; for, every time you take
the opportunity to do so, these
things are magnified within you,
and you grow, in the ways of God.

Dec.  24,  2017
See Jesus' Sunday Sermon

Do not set your course in such a way, that
you cannot accept what comes your way.
Be vigilant, and watch for the signs,
and then you will see, that, which
is divine, that which is for you,
that which is The Way to go.
And  The Holy Spirit  says: When
you rest in the lap of God,
when you walk The Way,
then you are at peace
every day,
your faith leads you
to a place of trust, trusting
God knows, "knowing, The Way."

December 30, 2017

you have,
every word
you utter, and
every deed you perform
be measured with proportions of
kindness, love, compassion, and understanding.
In this way you will bless the Earth with every word you say;
and, to make sure, that your blessing of Earth, is filled with
the joy, brought about by kindness, love, compassion, and
understanding, guard your thoughts carefully.
And The Holy Spirit says:  So many call-out
in prayers, "God, what is it
you want me to do,
tell me, what do
you want me
to do?"  Yet,
they ignore
the basic step,
the first step, love
one another.  Everything
else will fall into place, if, you
will remember, "Love one another."

December 29, 2017

Take some time today to create, within
your being, kindness!  Nurture this amazing
energy.  Kindness appears, at first, to be weak, when
it is actually quite powerful.  Sometimes it can be a chal-
lenge to be kind.  Be kind, anyway!  If you can be kind, when
it is difficult to be kind, you will soon find it easier to love, when
it is difficult to love; and, when you reach the place where you are
able to love when it is difficult to love, you will find you are wear-
ing the robe of understanding; and, within understanding, there
is the wisdom of compassion!  This is what the world needs
right now: kindness, love, compassion, understand-
ing, even in the most difficult of situations.
And The Holy Spirit says: Rise-up, and
create, within your being,
great kindness

December 28, 2017

You have traversed the corridors of a year, which is quickly coming
to an end.  The year has been seasoned with: laughter; and joy; and tears;
now and then pondering, sometimes, confusion, chaos maybe; but, through-out the year, ~ as you walked the passageways of the year, ~ there were great
things created!  And, it might surprise you to "know," that, the greatest cre-
ations, have been with your thoughts of kindness, gentle compassion, under-
standing, for those around you;  for, these creations do not stay within you; but as living energy move from you, and continue to live, to alter, to mod-
ify, and to change, that, which it encounters, forever!   While the new
shoes you might have bought and enjoyed for a while, have a cer-
tain lifetime, that which you create, within your thoughts,
and  bring  forth  into  the  world,  with your words
and your deeds, that, lives forever!  Therefore,
ponder the majesty, and the power, of the
creation, of your creation, of that which
you create within your thoughts.  And
The Holy Spirit says: Your entire experi-
ence of this lifetime, can be altered im-
mediately, the course set straight, instantly,
simply by adjusting your perspective, and making it
your intention  to become  the grand creator  of magnificent
thoughts.  Give the world the gift, of that, which, you have created,
by sending forth the energies of peace and compassion and understand-
ing.  This is a good way to end, and begin, a new journey, into a new year!

December 27, 2017

Set down the basket which burdens you with its weight,
and begin releasing yourself... by forgiving yourself... totally,
deeply, and truly, forgiving yourself! Then, continue the forgiving
by addressing each, and every individual, associated with each, and
every situation, completely, thoroughly, and totally.  You will know
the forgiveness is complete... when your basket is empty... and it is
no longer a burden.  And The Holy Spirit says: There is no need to be
weighed-down.  Lay down your burden!  It shall be resolved,
and released from you,  immediately.   As the forgiveness
begins, it grows lighter.  As the forgiveness continues,
it grows lighter still.  As you make your way thr-
ough this forgiving journey, you will find you
feel lighter, you feel more alive, you are
ready to live,  fully,  in the light
of God,  burdens  gone,
forgiveness com-

December 26, 2017

of life upon Earth
is meant  to be  taken
one  step,  at a time  from
cradle,  to crib,  and continu-
ing on,  the journey  is  divine,
all meant to be  taken,  one step
at a time.   And  The Holy Spirit  says:
Be willing to accept the guidance,
for The Hand of God will move,
and The Breath of The Holy
Spirit, will lift-you-up,
and you will go,
you will
to places
you have never
been before; and,
all you need to open the
door  is faith  and trust  in
the guidance, you are given!

December 25, 2017

Every time
a child is born,
there is an opportunity:
for change; for redemption; for peace;
so that The Glory of Heaven, the Home Place,
will be flowing through that child, touching all!
Do not diminish The Glory of The Child.
In fact, let this time be a rebirth
for you!  Strike from
you, all old habits
and ways, cut
them from
you.  Rise-
up as a child,
willing  to  take
those steps, that are
beckoning  you!   And  The
Holy Spirit says: Families celebrate
birth; and, it is good, to do so.  Within
every family,  there is an opportunity, for
rebirth, to caste-out the old ways; and, put-
on the cloak of the new ways: the ways of love,
the ways of forgiveness, the ways of compassion!

to every man, woman,
and child, on Earth, everyday!
And at The Quiet Place, we conclude
our morning prayers with these words asking
God, what we should know, today: "Our Creator,
God, what is it that You wish for us to know, today?"

God says: