Sunday Sermons
Febuary 28, 2016
Ignite The
Flame,  Of  Noble
Thoughts, Words, And Deeds

  I AM with you!  I AM with you, and you believe it!  You believe it; because, within you, you have the wisdom to know it is so.  For those of you who believe that I can reach-out, and touch you, speak to you, and you will hear Me, and speak to Me, and I will hear thee, you are communicating between dimensions, understanding, at the core of your being, that this is possible, for you would not do it in vain, you ‘know,’ it is possible.  You are a willing participant in trans-dimensional communication.  You speak, I hear you.  I speak, you hear Me.  It is a miracle, set in place before anyone can even recall the time.  It is ‘perfection, in communication.’   

“You are well into a new year.  It is a year of change, of completion, of finishing one project, and preparing to move into another.  It is a year when communication is important; and the type of communication is important. 

“Now, you can choose to raise your voice, and be loud, insisting that you be heard over the crowd; but, this is not communication.  This is domination.  This is force.  Making people hear what ‘you think,’ is important, does not ensure that they will embrace, or listen, to what you think is important.  I am about to tell you how you can ensure this will be a most glorious year, by communicating with God, first, before all other things!

“Set-aside the teachings of the world, just for one minute, and envision this.  See yourself, sitting quietly: in a meadow; or by a brook; in your favorite room.  Wherever you find peace, balance, and harmony, see yourself there.  Now, see a light, coming into you, and flowing from you, and see yourself appear to be talking, taking part in a conversation which prompts a smile to appear upon your face, drawing closer, you will see tears, rolling down your face.  These are not tears of sadness, as you can see, clearly, there is joy upon your face.  You are talking to God!

“And, after you have communicated with God, and God has communicated with you, you rise-up, and walk into the world, where you are surrounded by people.  It is possible, in this vision, to see your thoughts, as they are forming within your brain.  Look at them.  They are beautiful thoughts, thoughts of helping others.  Look at your thoughts, your noble thoughts, free of judgment, ready to serve others.

“Look at the vision, do not lose it, keep going.  As you are walking in the crowd, what do you see?  Your light has not diminished, by being in this sea, of humanity.  It is reaching-out, leaving sparkles, and sparks, on each one you pass!  And, when given the chance at last, you stop, and put your hand on the shoulder of an elderly man, and speak to this man.  And once you move on, he too wears the light, and the smile, and the tear of joy!

“This is not a vision of something that is impossible.  This is a vision of something each of you can do.  The only thing that keeps individuals from acting in this Way, is their desire: to do what they want to do; to have what they want to have; to say what they want to say.  It is ego, it is separation, and isolation from everyone else.  It is thinking you are better; or perhaps, even thinking you are worse.  Isolation smothers.  It keeps you, from others. 

“As you finish the rest of this year, let it be your goal, to communicate with God, first!  Ask for help, and guidance, so that your thoughts will be noble, and your words will bring to life this nobility created within you, and your deeds will announce to the world, this is how you think, therefore, this is what you do; for, as surely as the sun rises, and sets, anyone around you can tell exactly what you are thinking, because it is shown in the words you speak, and the things you do. 

“This is a year, upon Earth, that will bring great change, completing one cycle, and starting another.  It will be easy to be distracted, and caught-up in frustration, and anger; but, there will be some, amongst you, who will sit with God, receive the wisdom, and fan the flames of noble thoughts, and words, and deeds, until they are afire, with noble desire!  You will see them walking down the street, driving past you in a car, sitting quietly on a park bench.  You will know them, because they are ‘glowing,’ because they are smiling, with a little tear, showing complete joy, and contentment! 

“It is time to deliver that which you seek.  If you seek peace, deliver peace.  If you seek love, deliver love.  If you seek tranquility, deliver tranquility.  If you seek wisdom, be the voice of wisdom.  If you seek compassion, be the touch, and the hand, of compassion.  If you seek understanding, listen, and be the ears of understanding. 

“This morning, the hand of God hath touched the flame, igniting, within you, the desire to do the same, to rise-up, and walk-out into the world in the name, of God.  Noble thoughts, noble words, noble deeds, these things you are to deliver to the world, to those in need!”   

Sunday Sermons
Febuary 7, 2016
The Way, To
Walk With God,
And Know True Peace

  I AM with you!   When you believe, and feel My presence, recognize My vibration, and know the energy I carry, you wait for the message, knowing, it will lead you to the light, and direct you along The Way; for, when you walk along The Way, ‘peace,’ is your reward.   

“I will come quickly to the point… there is one amongst you hearing these words… who set the example for the day, by rising-up, recognizing, immediately, the temptations creeping-in, from the shadows, and cast them from him, going directly to God, seeking guidance, from God, being taught, personally, by God; and, God responded; for God is ever present; and the temptations were cast away, falling back into the shadows, no longer threatening the day; and the light was present, and it was good.  This, My brothers and sisters, is how every day should begin, for it holds the promise of a good day.

“As you awaken, before your day begins, you can be sure that temptations will try to slip-in, and distract you from where you intend to go.  You will fall, within their midst; and they will carry you aside, unless you open your heart, push-away your pride, and call upon God, your heavenly Parent, quickly, and fervently, ‘God, I know you are with Me.  Let me feel your presence.  I connect to You.  My decision is to walk with You this day.’  And once this is said, you are on your way to a bright and happy day!

“There is something miraculous about knowing, fully, that you are connected with God, and accepting and embracing the presence of God with you, as you walk into the day!  It brings you a sense of peace, and no matter what others say, or do, it does not distract you, from the presence of God.

“Use this example today.  When you are, walking, or sitting, or driving-around, or just playing, with a very dear friend, or family member, one whom you love, and trust, and admire, you do not stop speaking with them, or touching them, or being with them, because of all of the distractions going on around you.  There can be noises in the street, there can be conversations between people walking by, there can be changes in the day, from cloudy, to bright, or rainy.  All manner of distractions can occur; but, when you are with this one you love, and admire, and respect, your focus is with them, and your conversation, and your love, and your touch are all with them; and, all things happening, in the world around you, pale in comparison to the connection you feel, with that one you love, and are with.  Use this example to hold your connection with God this day!  Do not be distracted, and in this sweet communion, in this sacred union, you will walk, and God will show you The Way, and the day will be filled with peace!”

Sunday Sermons
March 13, 2016
The Time
Has Come When
All Shall Be Taught By God

  I AM with you!  When you are awake, you celebrate, knowing that I AM with you!  It is a miracle, that you can hear Me.  And this miracle was set in place, so that you would never be alone, as you journey upon Earth; for no matter how far you travel from Home, you can: hear the whisper, know the direction, and be confident, and comforted, by the hand of God, your Eternal Parent; for, as a good parent teaches their child, our Eternal Parent teaches each child, individually, according to their gifts, and abilities to hear, and know The Way. 

“When you find you are in need of a surgeon, you do not go to the School of Surgery and ask a student to perform the procedure for you.  You ask, you seek, you look, hoping to find the surgeon who is the most accomplished in this field, who has perfected the art, and is well known for all they have been able to accomplish; and, once you have made this contact, you feel assured that you are in good hands.  You do not seek-out a teacher who is still a student: learning, stumbling, passing, failing.  No, when you seek a teacher, you seek the one who has perfected that which they are teaching, one who has mastered that which they are teaching.

“And it was the same when the original creation plan was set in place, it was determined that the perfect way to teach God’s children of Earth, would be, for them to be taught by God, their Eternal Parent; and, in this Way, they would be taught by The One, Who was perfect, Who had created, Who had brought all things into being!  In the world today, this fact, is often overlooked; as the children of God are encouraged, and prompted to read book-upon-book-upon-book, studying what other human beings have written down and, you do find knowledge, as it was dispensed to another; but, to be guided perfectly, by the hand of The One, Who created you, you must be still, and quiet; for, God will speak in a whisper, to show you The Way, to give you the tools, to hand you the keys.

“God teaches each child what they are to know, where they are to go, how they are to speak.  This assures that all things will flow within the Divine Plan.  Do not mistake that what God speaks to you is what you are to teach, or enforce, or insist others learn; for, God has created a plan wherein each child, woman, and man, will know what they are to do; and, when each one picks-up their role, and completes it, as guided, the result is the perfection of God, because the teaching did spring forth from the perfection of God.

“Do not be dismayed that the teaching you receive is not embraced willingly, and eagerly, by those around you; because, you are being prepared for something uniquely your own, your inimitable mission.  Do not be disheartened when others receive messages which do not seem right to you, because they are being asked to do something that might not be suitable for you, as it is uniquely their own, their inimitable mission.

“A village filled with none but carpenters, soon lacks for food, and a village filled with cooks, soon lacks for houses; and, you can carry this on, and on, and on; but a well-balanced community, with each individual, performing the task that they are specifically guided and talented to do, is beautiful to see; everything is available in just the right proportion, and all things work in harmony. 

“The lesson today is for each of you to be willing to be taught by The Perfect Teacher, The One Who knows your heart, and your soul, and your spirit, The One Who created you, The One Who loves you.  Today, seek to be still, and quiet.  Ask, and you will know, and begin to take the steps.  Your dance might be different, the rhythm might be different, the words you sing might be different; but your dance, your rhythm, and your song will be perfect, just as you are meant to be.  ‘Be ye perfect,’ as your Creator in Heaven is perfect.  You attain perfection, by taking the hand of God!”    

Sunday Sermons
January 17, 2016
Create A
Healthy Body,
And Environment,
Living As A Child Of God

  I AM with you!   When you feel My presence with you, you feel the energy of love, you feel the energy of understanding, and compassion; for, I do understand you.  I hold compassion for you, as you make your way through trials and tribulations; yet, I do not want to waste time commiserating with you.  When I come to you, I come to encourage you, to look at what you are doing through the eyes of eternal reality, and push all negative energy aside, so you can spring through every challenge, and ride upon The Wind, to completion, until it is done.  I tell you this is possible, no matter what you must endure, it is possible to endure it, with the energy of light, rejecting outright, the energies of shadow, and darkness.    

“I do not believe that you can tell Me how much the population of Earth spends on medicines and vitamins, supplements and syrups, on all types of ailment remedies; but I assure you, the cost is astronomical!  The most interesting thing is that a lot of the preventive medicines are not even absorbed by the body; they are purchased, ingested, and expelled from the body, doing little good, if any at all.  There are gym memberships, and clothing and attire bought, for the sole purpose of exercising the body, to keep it in good shape; but he only thing ~ you really need to do to stay healthy ~ is to stay in the light of God!

“Now, I will tell you something, give you an example.  Have you ever had this experience?  You know someone, you see them from time to time, sometimes maybe every day, you know what they look like, you know how they move, you know what their voice sounds like.  And then, all of a sudden, one day, they walk into the room, and they look different, they look younger, their voice has a lilt to it, their step is lighter, their smile is brighter.  You wonder, perhaps you even say, ‘What have you done?  You look so beautiful/handsome today.’  And the pause indicates that they are deciding whether they should share that they are ‘in love,’ with someone, and that someone is in love with them!

“You see it right before you, exactly what the power of love can do to the human body!  You look better, you stand taller, because of the love you are feeling, and giving.  The exchange of love is providing good health, radiant health, and changing aspects of the personality, even from a tendency to gloom, or sullenness, to joy, and generosity, gratitude, thanksgiving.  You see this, you know it, you hear it, you read it, you watch it in movies; but, have you ever sat down, and really pondered, that this is the ‘medicinal’ answer to good health?  It is that simple… Love!

“You also see examples, all around you, of the absence of love, and light, compassion, and understanding.  All you have to do is to visit a home for the aging, or go visit the home of an aging individual.  If they are alone, and have very little contact with love, then they tend to be bent-over, slow, eyes growing vacant, and dim.  This is what the absence of love resembles.

“You have the power to create a healthy atmosphere and environment for yourself, and everyone around you, in fact, everything around you, including what you consider to be inanimate objects.  I feel heads turn, and doubt questions springing-up within you, especially with the mention of ‘inanimate objects.’  But, I ask you, have you ever walked into a home, where you feel the energy of love in a room, when no one is in the room?  And, on the other side of the coin, have you ever walked into a room where you felt anger, when no one else was in the room?  You were feeling the energy deposited in the walls, and the ceilings, and floors, and furniture, by those who lived there.  And, it either gives health and vitality to that room, or it makes it feel as if it is a crypt, a place for the dead.

“You ‘know,’ these things, you ‘experience them,’ and they are definite signs for you.  Which are you choosing, the signs say, do you want to live in this room, or that room?  Create the environment in which you wish to live!  Those who hold onto anger, or who hold onto resentment, who hold grudges, who cannot release what has happened in the past with forgiveness, create a sick atmosphere, within themselves, for others, and in the homes, and buildings, in which they dwell, or work.  And the same is true for outside, and all around, the trees, and the grasses, and the flowers.  You can look at a garden, and tell there is love there.  You can look at a garden, and feel other energies, as well.

“All of the people upon Earth are creating atmospheres, and environments, by what they think, and say, and do!  And what they think, and say, and do, is either poisoning them, and you; or, bringing health, and vitality to them, and you!  It cannot be any other way.  This is the energy of creation, and what happens with thoughts, and words, and deeds! 

“I encourage each of you to begin to work with this information.  Make it your intention, no matter what is going on around you, to take care of your spirit, and your soul, and your body, by creating, by ingesting, love, peace, serenity, joy.  Dance freely, sing, if the spirit touches you to do so, because dancing, and singing, and being joyful, is honoring God.  Being out of sorts, and grumpy, sullen, angry, or resentful is an abuse of the power you have been given to create.

“Lest I stray too far from that which I originally intended to tell you today, I call Myself back to my original point to say, if you will begin loving, being in love, love God, love yourself, love those around you, with a brilliant energy, you will look younger, you will feel younger, your body will be vital, and healthy!  That is the only pill you need to take, it is the pill of love!  Create the environment in which you wish to live, and if it is an environment of love, you will be healthy, and you will be happy, and you will be content, with what you have, for the love will be inside of you.  This week make sure to take your daily pills: of love, of generosity, of compassion, of understanding, of forgiveness, of tolerance, and everything else will fall into place, and the joy you feel will show on your face, and your body will begin to heal, and you will feel better than you have in a very long time, because you are living upon Earth as God intends you to live, as a child of God!”     

Sunday Sermons
January 10, 2016
And Know That
God Is With You Today

  I AM with you!  I AM always with you.  It is impossible for Me to be in you, and you to be in Me, it is impossible to have this close connection, united as one, without the ability to hear each other, and feel each other’s presence.  My words, and your words, move through the veil.  My intentions, and your intentions, move through the veil.  My thoughts, and your thoughts, My words, and your words, My deeds, and your deeds, are together.  We feel, we know, we hear, we are one, in a way that is puzzling to you, at this time; yet, in your faith, you believe it, and this believing draws you nearer and nearer, to the comprehension, and understanding, of this beautiful mystery of The One.      .     

“Today, I want to tell you a story.  I AM going to use two men, let us say two brothers.  They look the same.  They speak the same language.  They grew-up in the same town, and they have the same values, and morale code.  I AM telling you the story of two good men.  One of the men, let us call him Jacob, sets his jaw firmly, as soon as he awakens, and heads-out into the world, to make his way, to make a living, to take care of his family; and along the way, when he finds need, he tries his best to fill the needs of those around him.  Jacob is a good man.  The other brother, let us call him Matthew, wakes early, he does not set his jaw firmly, counting all of the things he needs to do during the day to make everything right; the first thing he does is to fall to his knees, press the palms of his hands together, and call-out, ‘God, tell me what I need to know.  This day is yours.  I wish to know, before I go.’  And in the sacred silence, comes the whisper, ‘Matthew, do this today….’  And Matthew sets out, walking into the world, going about his business, making a living to take care of his family, with a song on his heart, because he has been told
The Way!

“The difference between these two brothers is very slight, for both of them are good men; and, the same story could be told about two sisters, or a brother and a sister, a husband and wife, or any partners in life.  The only difference between the two in the story is that ‘one is determined to do it on their own,’ while ‘the other, acknowledges the presence of God, and the power of the presence of God, and rises-up to go into the world, as the hands, and the feet, the ears, the eyes, the tongue of God.’  There is clear direction for the one who calls on
God; and, when you are moving through your lifetime upon Earth in this way, even though you find yourself in a most precarious situation, you do not feel lost.  You stop, and say, ‘Okay, which way do I go, now?’

“Without clear direction, there is a feeling of isolation.  When you are lost, doubt and fear begin to cripple your movement; you do not know which way to go, even though your intention was to do good at the start, you can still find you are lost.

“The first thing to do every day, is to connect with Home Base.  Call Home, and say, ‘Good morning, I am here.  What am I to do today?’  That sounds very simple; but I can assure you, when you begin your day that way, there is confidence, your stride is sure, you speak the words God intends for you to speak, and your thoughts are solely on the connection you must maintain with God.  This is how I lived, when I was upon Earth!

“If you are worried about what is going to happen, or who is doing this, or that, you wake-up forgetting to call Home.  You set your course, you rise-up, and march-out into the world, with determination to do good, to get it done; but, there is something missing, and it is that sacred sweetness, that touch, that connection with God, to begin your day.

“Do not let the world overwhelm you, rob you of sleep, constrict your thoughts and your dreams, so that they are tied-up, and focused on one situation, for that one situation is but a blip in time, that is eternal, unending, forever!

“And so, I give you a suggestion, for your week.  ‘Make a note, put it by your bed, tape it to your mirror, tie it to the steering wheel of your car, whatever you must do, to remind yourself, to begin your day, calling Home.’  And, I can assure you, if you begin your day, in this Way, everything that comes to you during the day, will also have an answer, a solution, a resolution, within easy access!  When you encounter the day with God, you begin to see the day through the eyes of God, and you see the miracles all around.  I have given you the story of two brothers, both good men, one working hard to do good, the other, walking with God, and doing good, with ease!

“You are first children of Spirit!  Think of yourself in this way.  Do not label yourself a man, or woman.  Do not limit yourself as old, or young, weak or strong.  Pick-up that which is yours, by your inheritance, and recognize yourself first, as a child of God” 

"This is my command: Love
each other." . . . Jesus . . . John 15:17
The Promise
"If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching.
My Father will love him, and we will come to him
and make our home with him."  ... Jesus ... John 14:23
Holding these words in our hearts, we opened the door
to the every day Presence of Jesus, walking
with us ... teaching us ... The Way.
And, onto the mountain,
there came the words promised...
Sunday Sermons
December 20, 2015
The World
Is Waiting For
You To Give Birth To
That Which You Are To Do

  I AM with you!  I greet you with an embrace, I hold you close, and touch your face, so that you might feel My presence with you, and know, you are not alone! 

“It is easy to feel alone, while you are walking upon the Earth, making your way through the world created by man.  There are so many people around you; yet, very few will reach-out, and take your hand, in a gesture of friendship, support, encouragement, and love.  Therefore, there is ‘the illusion,’ that you are alone, even though you are surrounded by those you cannot see with the human eye, yet you can feel with your heart, and your spirit knows them well.  You are surrounded by your guardian angels.  You are surrounded by those who have taken the pledge to watch over you, as you walk the edge of Earth, as you make your way through the sea of darkness; for, this is your adventure, you are on the journey, which is your lifetime, upon Earth.  And when you are done, it will read like a book, from beginning to end, all the steps that you took, strung together so that they make sense, once it is done.  But midstream, or in chapter four, it is not complete, there is the possibility that it might seem strange, impossible, disconnected; but, if you will continue on your journey, at the end it will be complete, the book will be done, and the author will head Home.

“Most of you hearing these words, or reading, these words today are preparing to celebrate the season, or the day, of Christmas.  This is a day set apart in memory of My birth, a celebration for many, a time of great joy for many, and that is as it should be.  Yet, I do want you to understand, and remember, as you go into the final days of this celebratory season, that before My birth… there was a stillness… a silence… surrounding My parents, Mary and Joseph.  Before you give birth, there comes a time, when even the baby in the womb grows still.  It knows, it is preparing to make the final push through the veil, down the corridor, onto the Earth.  The baby is still; the mother and father wait, for the time draws near; and, nothing is more important!  You can always tell when the time has arrived, everything in the body is set, and ready to go, and through the process, there comes birth, there comes life!

“While most of you are not preparing to give birth to a child, every single one of you can be preparing to give birth to that which you hold within you, to that which has been jammed, clogged-up, held in place, suspended in space, unable to arrive.  Sometimes because of doubt, or fear, definitely because of worry, and concern, you hold within you, that, which you are to deliver; unwilling, perhaps unprepared.  But I AM telling you, you will be ready to celebrate the New Year, in a new way, if you will be still, and make the decision, that ~ you are going to give birth ~ to that which you carry, within you!

“There is something that each one of you can deliver to Earth, can deliver to the world, and although it might appear to be very similar to what others are delivering, it is uniquely your own. 

“Babies are born every day, and most babies resemble each other.  They look like babies, but every single baby carries a thumb print, or a foot print, that is uniquely their own.  They are delivered onto the Earth, to walk into the world, looking similar to all other children, or adolescents, or adults, as they make their way; yet, there is something about them that marks them clearly as unique.  This is the same with what you are to deliver onto the Earth, to send into the world.  Your gift might be similar, but it bears the thumb print of God.  It was planted within you to do; therefore, do not hesitate to give birth. 

“Be still.  Feel your gifts, growing, within you.  Feel the seeds sprouting, ready to develop.  Give birth to that which you are to do!  The world is waiting, for you!”

Sunday Sermons
December 27, 2015
Listen To
The Whisper, To
The Voice (Of God,) Within

  I AM with you!  Feel My presence around you, for it is important for you to feel the air, the energy, around you change, when I speak to you, from within; and I speak to you today, to show you how you can begin to walk the path, to find The Way, so you make the journey, upon Earth, with little dismay, content, happy, and joyful! 

“Many of you, hearing these words, or reading these words, are familiar with the words that others might speak to you, indicating that, to be happy, you must follow your heart.  You hear it often; but then, the words change somehow, and turn out to mean that you are to follow what is on their heart for you, to make them happy about what you do.  This is not what your Eternal Parent, God, expects, or demands, or commands, of you in order to have His love.  It is important to remember that the love of God is with you, period.  No explanation need to take you any further down the road.  God’s love is there, in the fullest, and most amazing, amount!  It is all there.  The only thing that can hinder the full experience of God’s love comes from within you: the walls you have erected, and the debris you have stacked in the corridors of your sacred self.  Therefore, to feel the love of God, in a total experience, you must tear down the walls, and move the debris, and then you will feel, and then you will see!

“Once this is done, how do you proceed?  You are fully connected with God, and you feel the love, in every way; but how do you walk into each and every day, how do you find your way?  I give you the answer.  You must stay connected with God, and listen with your heart, and your soul, and your spirit.  ‘Which way am I to go today?’ is the prayer of your morning.  ‘Thank You for showing me The Way, and all the gifts along The Way,’ is your prayer of the night.

“Once you have committed to follow your heart, the words written upon your heart come to life, begin to speak, as they are living, and then comes the whisper, heard only by you, the Voice of God, telling you, leading you, into what you are to do.  And the whisper says, ‘Turn right,’ and you go, heeding not the words of the world, which say, ‘Go to the left.’  The path to the right might be narrow, might be tight, because it is not traveled so much.  The world calls, and beckons, and many go; but, having fully known God, you are willing, and ‘know,’ The Whisper within you is The Way to go, and so you begin.  The journey is amazing, the signs are obvious, and when you look-up, into the night, your star is leading you.  The Voice says, ‘Stop,’ The Voice says, ‘Turn this way,’ or “Turn that way,’ The Voice might even say, ‘Now, circle around, and go back,’ but, The Voice is leading you, as if you are in a marvelous board game, to find all of the treasure that is meant to be yours, and then, proceed on the road, heading Home.  The tasks, and the chores, of the day, that you live in this way, do not seem so much work, as they do play; because, you recognize that this is the adventure of your lifetime. 

“To have this experience, and to know it fully, you must: be willing resist the temptation to dabble in another’s adventure; be willing to hold your tongue, when tempted to tell another that they must go this way, or that way; be willing to be content, hearing The Whisper within, and going your way.  When you do this, you will look around, and to your surprise, you will see, with your own eyes, that there are others walking with thee.  They are walking with you, because they are directed, just as you, your ways are similar, The Voice familiar to each of you.  So, you find yourself with those who are like you, seeking The Way, walking The Way.  You do not have to demand, or command, manipulate, or coerce.  These are friends, who know The Way, and walk with you, every day, because The Whisper speaks to them, and doth say, ‘Here!  This is The Way, walk in it!’

“These words seem so appropriate as you say goodbye to the year that is almost complete, shake-off the dust, and prepare your feet to set the new course, into the New Year.  Before you start, be still, what do you hear?  Is it The Whisper?  Is it The Whisper of God, you hear?”

Sunday Sermons
January 3, 2016
Is Speaking
To You Today, Listen,
And You Will Know The Way

  I AM with you!  I speak, and you hear Me!  You speak, and I hear you!  There is no secret to this communication; it is what we can do.  I speak, and when you listen, you hear Me.  This is how we communicate.  We are in ‘communion,’ in this prayerful state, crossing the lines of dimensions, holding each other with our words, and our thoughts; and, as a result of this communion, your confidence grows, and you know which way to go, because you hear Me!  

“Most of you, hearing these words, or reading these words, have put together, in some fashion, an ‘emergency kit,’ a box with specific items in it, which you might need, in the event of an emergency.  Your kit might hold a flashlight, some matches, candles, band aids, antibiotic creams of some sort, you might have batteries, and other items.  You have checked-off your list, and you made sure everything was in this box, this kit, and that it is easy to locate.  You know where it is.

“Some of you have watches that are small computers.  They will give you the time, they will tell you the weather conditions, they will give you directions to restaurants, and movie theaters, and churches.  Still others, might have small hand-held computers, or some device, which gives you helpful information.  You ask, and you receive the answer.  You put in a destination address, and you receive the directions on how to get there.  Still others of you, might have purchased vehicles, which speak to you, and tell you when your fuel, or your tire pressure, is low, and give you directions on where to go, and how to get to your chosen destination.  You surround yourself with items, with devices which give you pertinent information to assist you through your day, to help you find your way.  But what do you do, when your devices fail, when you are on your way to an important meeting, and the GPS in your car fails?  Many of you find you are lost, unable to locate the right street, perhaps on the other side of town, miles from your destination. 

“There is a desire to know the way, to have the information.  There is a desire to know where you are, and not to be lost.  You do all of the necessary things to help you make your way through the world created by man; but, what are you doing for your ‘spiritual,’ emergency kit?  You do have one, you know!  Your spirit holds all of the valuable tools!  When you were created by God, you were programmed so that you might hear God, at all times!  God is ever-present, ever with you, speaking to you, so you might know The Way.  Yet, most of you do not know how to listen, do not know how to use your spiritual emergency kit, your spiritual device, your DPS (Trans-Dimensional Positioning System); consequently, and sadly, most of you do not know what God is saying to you.

“If you will spend today in a quiet way, setting your intention to feel the presence of God with you, you will begin to hear the voice of God within you!  This is the most valuable gift you have been given, the ability to hear God, the ability to ask a question about where you are to go, and what you are to say; yet, this gift is rarely used today.  You place much value on the devices in your vehicle.  They will guide you to a destination, if you turn them on, and if you listen to the guidance; and, it is the same, with your spiritual life!  God will lead you, if you ask, and then listen; but, you cannot hear, the soft whisper of God’s voice calling to you: when you are living in chaos, and confusion; when you have stacked walls of debris around you; when you are building monuments of envy, or greed, or hatred, or anxiety, or worry, or concern.  You are stacking these things all around you, and soon, it is difficult for God to be heard, by you.

“This is an excellent time for you to give some thought to your communication with God.  You are beginning a new year.  God is ready to speak, and show you The Way.  Will you take the time to lend your ear to this precious communication?  If you are listening to the voice of God, all else is going to be right, when you put this communication with God first!

“By maintaining My communication with our Father, our Eternal Parent, I always knew The Way.  I could go through every day, knowing exactly what I was meant to say, and you can do this too.  There is nothing more important you have to do, than to listen for the voice of God, which will lead you, into all truth, into all good, into the light, where you will see, and as you see in this light, all events, and situations, and people around you, will be illuminated in the light, and you will know all you are meant to know!

“The world of man has created thousands of devices to show you the way from one side of town to the other; and you feel they are very important, and you purchase them, and you take care of them, so you are not lost, in the world created by man. 

“God, The Creator of All Things, has instilled within you the ability to communicate with Heaven!  How much value do you place on this ability, this gift?  Do you take care of it?  You cannot purchase it; for it is a gift, from Heaven, given to you, outright, and when you use it, it will get you from one dimension to another, it will open the lines of communication between you on Earth, and our Eternal Parent in Heaven, and when you open these lines, when you use this gift, you will never be lost again!  The gift is yours!  Spend some time today, learning how to use the gift; it is beyond earthly value; it is priceless; it is sacred; it is your birthright; it is your heritage; as a child of God! 

“Be still, and call Home, today!”

Sunday Sermons
January 24, 2016
The Way,
And Dedication
For The Glory Of God

  I AM with you!    I bring you words of encouragement, and support, today.  I reach-out to you.  I draw nearer to you, moving down the corridors of time, listening to the echoes of all that has been, is, and will be, for we find ourselves, you and Me, standing in the present piece of eternity, and it is a wonderful place to be.  When you reach-out your hand to follow Me, one of the things you learn, one of the things you see, are the blessings that surround you: abundant, rich, and full; but, the most vibrant blessing of all is, that you are; and if you are, you will always be; for if you are, you are eternally alive, living, in the present piece, of eternity!    

“Today I wish to bring you some information which will guide you into how to live your life on a day-to-day basis, some practical information.  Most of you realize that it is rather easy to be at peace, when you are in prayer, when you take an hour, or a day, or a week, to draw nearer to God, to feel the presence of God, to live in the light of God.  It feels wonderful, and in those times, you feel like you are a child of God, living upon Earth; but knowing, it is just a visit.  So, you are living on Earth now, and although you practice staying connected with God, sometimes daily events can distract you.  I wish to help you today, to find a way, to move through your day in peace, and stay connected with God! 

“There will come to each of you, probably often during your lifetime, the necessity of performing tedious tasks.  They show-up here and there, for some of you, they might be constant, daily, weekly, monthly; but, each of you has your own tedious tasks, with which to deal, to handle, to complete.  They might be mental, or physical, but it makes no difference, they are usually something you would rather not do.  You would rather put them aside, and wait until later; but, eventually, later is the present minute, and you must address whatever tedious task is yours to perform.  So, let us get about ‘knowing how to do this, at a spiritual level,’ because it will take practice, before it becomes part of your daily exercise; but once you have mastered this, your days will be more pleasant, because even the most tedious of tasks will be handled, and done, completed, for the glory of God!

“When your intention is to do something for the glory of God, that changes the perspective, you look at it differently.  In a very large way, it is similar to something as small as what you are preparing for a meal on Wednesday, compared to what you would prepare for a banquet, or feast of great celebration.  You go about them in different ways.  The daily meal might be put together rather quickly, with very little thought, the other is done with intention, and purpose, and care, so that all is right, and there is a feeling of celebration in the air, when it is complete.  You feel different when it is complete.  It is an accomplishment, not just one more task done, and behind you.  So, I encourage you to look at every tedious task as your opportunity to prepare the great feast, the great banquet, a celebration.

“The first thing you must do, to approach your task in this manner, is to accept it, and be content with it.  As you rise-up today, does it fall to you to plow ten or twenty acres, preparing a garden?  Accept it.  It is yours.  Acceptance is first, and then, look at it differently.  How are you going to go about this task?  Why not try, going about the task, with the intention of doing it for the glory of God? Changes the whole perspective, does it not?  So, you have accepted your task, and your intention is to do it for the glory of God, and you begin.  Using plowing the fields, as an example, you plow your rows straighter, or curve them artfully, you do it with care, and by the end of the day, it is done; but, you have ‘a sense of accomplishment,’ that is higher, than if you had done it, to get it behind you, and cross it off your list.  Now, it is something to look upon, as the plowing of the fields dedicated for the glory of God.  It is true, the ten or twenty acres plowed is an example; but you can do this with everything which comes to you, no matter how tedious the task might be. It does not matter if the task is mental, or physical, it is changing your perspective, and this is done so quickly, when you accept it, and dedicate it to the glory of God.

“I know this sounds simple; but, I can assure you, if you take-up your task today, or tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, by accepting it, and looking at it as an opportunity to prepare the grand feast, or banquet; and then, take the next step of dedicating what you are doing for the glory of God, you will go about it in a different manner.  In fact, half-way through, or maybe even sooner, you will realize that everything you are doing has become a prayer, a communication with God.  You will find that you are speaking with God, as you work, and this is an added blessing.  And this is how your days will go, if you practice this exercise.

“I can assure you, that it will work; but I also assure you, that it will take practice, for this to become part of you, part of the way you do things, the way you handle everything which comes to you; acceptance, and dedication.  Think of it as the feast, or the banquet.  In fact, rather than preparing a midday meal, thrown together quickly, in order to eat and fuel your body, why not begin to see everything that comes to you as the opportunity for great celebration!  End the weekday meals, and let every day, be a day of feasting, and banquets. 

“Let every day be a day of acceptance, and dedication!  Let your life be filled, with the glory of God, and the glory of God will shine about thee; and Earth will be different, because of thee, and the Way ~ you took the tedious task, ~ and made it what it should be, ~ something you are doing, for the glory of God!”  

Sunday Sermons
January 31, 2016
A Dysfunctional
Relationship ~ To A
Functional Relationship

  I AM with you!  I seek to speak with you, so that you might know The Way, and in speaking with you, hopefully, provide the encouragement and support necessary, for you to set all things aside, but your connection with God, so that you are willing to walk The Way!     
“Today, it is important that we speak about relationships.  And I will to do so concisely, and precisely.  In order to change a dysfunctional relationship, into a functional relationship, you must be willing to change!  No board meeting, no rule, or no giant objective written upon a board, so all can see, will guarantee positive change.  The only way positive change is brought about, is from within yourself.

“There are very few willing to stand-up, and live the change, that flows from their lips, embodied within words strung together so beautifully that it seems to encourage others to want to sing the same song; however, once the singing is done, and the song is complete, what is left is to live the song, live the change! 

“There are many relationships, and these relationships often carry issues, and baggage, history; but, what we are going to address, very simply, today, is what is termed ‘a dysfunctional relationship.’  I AM not going to give you the clues, or the keys, on how to make this a glorious, wonderful, loving relationship.  I AM going to tell you how you can make the change ~ to alter a dysfunctional relationship, ~ creating a functioning relationship.

“The first thing you must do, if this appeals to you, is to set all baggage, all history, pride, ego, and a desire to be right, aside. You will not make a dysfunctional relationship functional, by walking through the meadows and pastures of the past.  The only way to make it functional is to acknowledge the relationship at the present time, and then, set your course to be functioning in the positive, in that relationship.

“No matter what is said to you, or done to you, you can always respond, ‘Okay.’  There are many such neutral responses to something that is said, or done to you, which seems, or feels, inappropriate.  Practice, and learn how to use neutral responses, rather than to react to the negative energy; for, if you react to it, you are hooked into it, and you magnify it, by ‘re-acting,’ to it.  The only way to move into a functioning relationship is to acknowledge what was said; when you did not say it, it did not come from you, and the only way you can make it yours ~ is to accept it ~ by ‘re-acting,’ to it.  Therefore, listen to what is said, and say, ‘Okay, I hear you,’ and stop it there!  You are the piece of the puzzle, the key, that will change the dysfunctional relationship to a functioning relationship, by mastering your actions.

“Always let your words be positive, no matter is said to you!  Always let your thoughts be positive, no matter is what is said, or done, to you!  Now, this is not what the world teaches you to do; in fact, the world would hope that you would prepare yourself for a confrontation, or an argument, wherein you would come-out the winner, with all of your points made.  But, I ask you this, what good is that?  When you find yourself in the darkest pits, in the midst of despair, and you call-out for help, and you see, or feel, your angel there, what does your angel do, or say?  What does your guardian angel say to you, at that time?  Your guardian angel never reminds you of all you did wrong.  Your guardian angel reaches-out to you, and says, ‘Come, I will show you The Way.  Walk in it.’  And this is precisely how you change a dysfunctional relationship into a functional relationship.  You need to be functioning in balance, and in light!

“If another person is out of sorts, ‘Okay.’  If you offer assistance, and another person seems surly, or unwilling to cooperate, ‘Okay.’  Do what you think you need to do anyway!  Sweep the floor, wash the dishes, drive the car, mow the grass, whatever you are guided to do, do it; but, there is one caveat very important to performing these things, do them ‘for the glory of God!’  Do not do them for someone else to tell you how grateful, or thankful, they are; always maintain your connection
with God, and do everything you do, for the glory of God!

“Very few of you will be willing to step-up to the plate, accept the relationship, and the responsibility to ‘be the change,’ you are desiring.  I can assure you, it will change; but, the change needs to come from within you.  All you need to do, to prove this point, this statement, is to make an exercise, a practice of it.  Most of you, hearing these words, or reading these words, will encounter, if you have not already done so, a relationship that is just not functioning as it should.  Make sure you are the functioning piece, and then I promise you, when you are gentle, kind, compassionate, and understanding, setting all ego, and self-righteous feelings aside, the dysfunctional relationship will change, because you are living the change you wish it to be!  It is that simple. 

“It is time to recognize the power, that is yours!  You can change all things; but, the change must come from within you!  Do not try to teach another how to function.  Let it be your desire to live, think, speak, and act, in such a way, that any around you stand-up, and say, ‘That is The Way, I will live today!’”   

Sunday Sermons
Febuary 14, 2016
Is The
Gift, Which
Will Never End

  I AM with you!  I AM with you, especially today, with love, for God creates all things with love, and that love pours forth, from The Creator, to all who will embrace, and know, the love of God; for there is no measure to God’s love, it just flows, with intention and purpose, to all who will drink from the cup of God’s love!  So, on this day, I pronounce, and announce, that God’s love is for all!  Come, and taste of it, come and drink of it, and let it flow into, and through, you, continuing on its way into every piece, and fiber, of creation, magnified, as it passes through you, and your heart; God’s creation, magnified by the children; present, always!   

“It is appropriate today to speak ‘of love,’ in a very simple way.  You feel the energy of love, even when it exists in a form that you cannot see.  You cannot pick-up love, and put it on a table.  You cannot hang it in a closet.  You cannot wear it, or drive it, or eat it.  It is an invisible, an unseen, ‘power,’ that is present.  And, often times, that powerful gift of love, coming from God, is magnified by the children of God, letting it flow, and passing it on, in such a way, that they, too, are giving the gift of love, every single day!

“You can hear love.  You can hear the intention, and the purpose of love, through the words, another says to you, or in the words you say to another.  ‘I love you!’  Three simple words, forming a very powerful statement, a commitment, a gift!  And love is spoken in other ways as well, or shown, or exhibited in many ways; for you give the gift of love, more than one hundred times a day: a touch, a whisper, a look.  Every time you pass this gift to another, you are magnifying the greatest gift of all, because within the energy of love, it is possible for the human being to rise-up, and do the most noble deeds, because of this energy, love!

“Every day a man and/or a woman might rise-up, and go-out into the world to work, so that their family can be fed, and clothed, and have a place to live.  Look at this as the gift of love it is; it is an unselfish act performed by one, for others.  Look at those who go to places of work where they are intent on saving others, those professions which require you to run-in and save those who are struggling to get out, no matter whether it is from fire, or drowning waters, or perilous storms, or times of war, there are those who have said, ‘I will do this,’ and they put their lives on the line to save others.  With intention, and purpose, this gift of love is given, and you see the noble acts of courage, and bravery, and the power of love, flowing from God, continues, magnified in the hearts of these people!

“You see the gift of love in so many ways, performed so many nights, so many days; countless acts of love, displayed.  It is easy to let these gifts slip into what is considered a normal day’s routine; yet, they are anything but routine.  I would suggest to you today, to see the gifts of love, on parade.  Every time someone looks at you with love, or touches you with love, or takes your hand, or gives you a kiss, or does something for you to make it easier for you to exist in the world, see it as the gift it is.  Do not become jaded.  Do not turn your head, without noticing.  See the power of the gift of love in action, every single day, in even the smallest way, someone: holding a door open for you; bending down to pick-up something you have dropped; sending you a card; or, picking-up the phone to call you.  Every time you give, or receive, some small gift of love, see a Valentine heart, floating in the air; every time see it there; and, by the end of the day, you will be surprised that you are walking in a sea of hearts: some, you have given; some, you have received; some you see, floating from others you do not even know, but the gift they desired to give goes on and on, riding the energy, the vibration, moving with The Wind; Love is the gift, that will never end!” 

Sunday Sermons
Febuary 21, 2016
Who You Are,
And Say It, “Hello,
I Am From Heaven”

  I AM with you!  I speak your name, or I move the air about you, and you feel My presence.  I come to you, and wish to speak with you, so that I might encourage you to complete your mission, and come Home! 

“There is something that would serve each of you well, while you are on you mission upon Earth; and that is to ‘Remember, and know, who you are, as surely as you know your own name!’ 

“Most of you can bring yourself to say it; but few of you can bring yourselves to believe it, in full!  Make this statement, right now, say it aloud, ‘I am from Heaven.’  Repeat it once again, ‘I am from Heaven.’  When you say it, you feel a vibration within you, a stirring within you.  It is different from saying that you are from New York, or Los Angeles, or Des Moines.  ‘I am from Heaven.’  Say it again.  Doesn’t that feel good?  It is Truth, moving throughout your body, and actually, moving from your body, as you say the words, out, into the world, into the things of Earth.  Every time you say it, it moves more solidly into the things around you, and your presence changes, because you are putting on the robes of Home. 

“I know the world of man would change, if each time you greeted each other, instead of saying, ‘Hello, I am Joan, from Maryland,’ you would say, ‘Hello, I am John, from Heaven, a fellow traveler upon this Earth!’  Greeting each other in such a way would establish purpose, and recognition of your birth, and your mission; but, no one greets each other that way.  You tend to greet each other with your birth name, sometimes your occupation, sometimes, if your family is prominent, and well-known, you announce who is your uncle, aunt, or father.  You say all manner of things, but no one ever says, ‘I am from Heaven, a fellow traveler, upon the Earth,’ because, if you did this, you would have to acknowledge that you are on a mission; and then, once you acknowledge that you are on a mission, you would have to take stock, take inventory, look at what you are doing.  Are you even attending to your mission, or has it fallen by the wayside?  One thing leads to another, accepting who you are ~ is embracing what you are to do ~ before you come Home.

“This is powerful information, and yet, while what you are to do is important, you are not left to do it alone.  There has been set in place a method of communication that is without fail.  The methods of communication, you have upon Earth, between individuals, or parties, or companies can fail.  Lines can go down.  Computers can go off-line.  Language barriers can prohibit complete understanding of what the other is saying.  Storms, and fires, and floods can interfere with communication.  But, there is no failure in the communication system between those in Heaven, and those upon Earth.  It is a whisper away!  It is always with you!  It is miraculous, that you can stop what you are doing, contact The Creator of All Things, and ask for guidance; and, once received, continue on your Way!  This is amazing, and wonderful!  It is perfect; and, it was put in place so that you would not be alone in your mission!

“Spend some time today, saying aloud, ‘I am from Heaven,’ and you will begin to feel a tingle, moving up and down your body, because you are announcing it, and you are accepting it, and as you accept it, you begin to embrace it, and when you embrace it, you pick-up the mission that was dropped days, or years ago, and begin to understand your purpose, better, because there is purpose in all life!

“‘Hello, I AM Jesus.  I AM from Heaven.  I AM a fellow traveler upon the Earth, and I AM with you.’”     

Sunday Sermons
March 6, 2016
Use God’s Gift
of Freewill To Create
Love, And Light, And Peace

  I AM with you!  I reach-out to you, from the peace of Heaven.  It is an amazing thing, this peace of Heaven, it moves into you, and you are filled with love!  It moves into you in such a way, that you have confidence, and strength, and courage, to such a measure, that you are ever willing to permit others to experience the way in which they are guided, to experience life, as they are meant to experience life, to live without correction, or restriction, or confinement from you.  This is the lesson, shown to us, by our Eternal Parent, our Creator, God.  The Power of God is undeniable, the Light of God is undeniable; yet, within all of this power, and all of this light, there is the Peace of God that holds contentment, comfort, and confidence, which allows ‘freewill,’ amongst all creation!  You do not know the full purpose, and extent, of freewill, at this time; but, when you return Home, you will understand, you will see, and you will know.

“My brothers and sisters, while it is true, you cannot know the full extent of ‘God’s Gift of Freewill,’ while you are living upon Earth, you can experience a small piece of it, by living in the peace of the love, and the light, of God.  And here is how you will experience freewill, and what it can do while you are upon the Earth, for it is actually intended that this gift of freewill will be the guiding power which leads to years, and years of peace upon Earth.  It is a key to The Way.  It will take great practice, and you might be surprised at the restraint it will require, sometimes feeling as if you literally have to hold your tongue, to keep it from wagging; but, once you initiate, the intention to spend a day listening without judgment, hearing with understanding, compassion will rise within you, and you will begin to see, as God sees! 

“At the present time, the norm upon the Earth, is to separate yourselves into categories, into clubs, into parties, into groups, and countries, and nations, sometimes into neighborhoods, families, and associates.  Wherever you can find those who think as you think, speak as you speak, and live as you live, there is the temptation to join them, and either ridicule, mock, or complain about the others.  Sometimes the difference created within these associations is great enough to cause dissention, and sometimes war.  The heated debates never resolve anything, if you have lived long enough, you know this.  War never really resolves the issue; it is still in there, possibly hidden; but it is not resolved by war; and, if you have lived long enough, you see this, you know this.  There can be uneasy peace, a peace wherein one feels as if someone steps out of line, the war begins again, the family feud begins again, the hands, which once reached across the table in accord, are now fists raised in discord. 

“To practice, within yourself, exercising the gift of freewill will take concentration; but it is well worth the effort.  Do not argue, even in your thoughts.  Raise your thoughts to the place of connection with our Father, our Eternal Parent.  Hold that connection, that friendship, that relationship above all things, and in doing so you will find that: God is really not willing to fight with the other neighborhood; God is really not willing to wage war with the other country; God is really not willing to take your side in an argument with someone you once considered a friend. 

“Be guided by the will of God, and the will of God is that all of the children upon Earth have freewill!  They can decide what they want to do, what they want to say, and how they want to think. 

“Now, while this might appear as if this would cause everyone to be in isolation, each from the other, it is, in reality, the exact opposite.  If you can hold your thoughts with God, that is what you are giving birth to, you are creating, with every thought!  And where do these creations go?  Do you think they remain in your head?  They are powerful energy!  They are powerful energy which comes from Heaven to you, and through you, they are magnified!  These thoughts are magnified, and thoughts go-out from you.  You can feel when someone is thinking they do not like you; but, you can also feel when someone is thinking ‘of love.’  And this is what God is going to be doing, and how God will bless the Earth, and all of the inhabitants of the Earth.  So, we must find those willing to set their self, the ‘s-e-l-f’ aside, and concentrate on God, and the will of God; and, the will of God is not to argue, or fight, or wage war. 

“I can assure you, in fact, verily, I do promise you, if you can create within your thoughts, thoughts of love, and light, and peace, these thoughts you send forth from you, like birthing a child, and watching it grow, will go-out into the world, and find other thoughts of a similar nature, and these thoughts will come together, and they will rise-up, and they will be the light, which will illuminate shadow and darkness!

“You will not convince someone that you are right, and they are wrong, as you argue, and fight; but, if you send these noble thoughts of love, and light, out, into the world, then they exist.  You cannot knock them down.  You cannot blow them up.  They are there.  And, the more you think it, and the more you create, the more that is there. 

“This is your exercise for the coming week.  How much peace can you deliver through your thought, through your connection with God?  The will of God is love, and light, and peace!”