September 23, 2018
See  Jesus'  Sunday  Sermon

Remember, I sent, unto you, My Holy Spirit,
to be "your counselor, and guide you," from within,
so that you might feel the support, and hear the guidance,
and grow in confidence, and know The Way!  And The Holy
Spirit says:   So that you might know you are never alone
The Holy Spirit of God was sent to you.   Even when you
are standing in the middle of a desert, you are not alone,
you shall know The Way.  Even if you are afloat in the
middle of a vast ocean, you are not alone, you will be
shown The Way.  Even if you stand at the highest
peak, on the tallest mountain, with no one a-
round, and your head in the clouds, you
are not alone, you will know
The Way, because I
AM, within

September 29, 2018

Love one another,
and be kind to all creation.
A child can hear the guidance, hear
the direction, and know The Way; but,
as you grow in years, as you age,  you at-
tempt to make this direction, this guidance
more complicated,  and complex, making it
so much so, that you feel you are not wor-
thy, that you cannot follow the direction
I have given you, and you fall by the
way.  But the child, knowing the
clarity of the direction, sets
its foot upon the path,
and confidently
goes about
the day,
and being kind.
And The Holy Spirit says: It is
not necessary to make any other rules,
or regulations; it is not necessary to make others
conform,  to your own rules  and regulations;  the only
thing necessary for peace to prevail, is that each individual
practice:  loving  one another,  and being kind  to all creation!

September 28, 2018

Let the past be forgiven,
let the present be blessed;
for, the future is a promise.
And The Holy Spirit says:
The  wise  live  in  the
present, piece
of eter-
making it
the  best  piece
of  eternity  it  can  be,
with regard to what they are
creating.  In this manner, the day
is blessed,  and sacred,  a preparat-
ion for the future, which is a promise.

September 27, 2018

If you wake-up this day still harboring guilt, hurt,
worry, anxiety, anger or frustration, or any other
negative energy residue left from days before,
come here, come sit with Me, and together
we will cleanse these things from you.
We will move them out.
We will cast
from you
all doubt;
and, we will replace
these places,  which once
held shadow,  with  My love
and light for you.  Come, this
is what we shall do.  And The
Holy Spirit says: Check how
you feel; check what you
are thinking. Be vigil-
ant, before you
open your
or go on your way,
clean-up the negative debris,
and residue, of yesterday, and make The Way
ready for a grand new day.  It does not matter what occur-
red before.  You have the opportunity to throw open the door
to a new day, and go forth.  Take the opportunity.  Seize the day.

September 26, 2018

the urge
to spread gossip,
to repeat what another, or
others, say to you about some-
one else.  Hold your tongue.  Do not
let this energy flow from you.  Stop the
energy, as it comes to you;  and then,  begin
to bless... to forgive... to release... on behalf of
others:  those  who are the victims  of the gos-
sip; and, those who are the spreaders of the
gossip.  Bless all, and let peace fall upon
you, and all those around you.
And The Holy Spirit says:
Reject the tem-
ptation to
to speak ill
of others; for, in
speaking ill of others
you are cursing others.
Choose to... bless... others!
If you must  speak  their  name
speak it, with a prayer and a blessing.

September 25, 2018

still, and quiet,
from within your being.
When you are still and quiet within,
it is easier to establish love on the exterior,
it is easier to let love flow into and through you,
and out, and onto, all those around you.  Be still!
And The Holy Spirit says: You might ask, "Can
it really be  so  easy?"  And, I answer you,
"Yes, it is easy!  When your intention is
to do the will of God, love will
come, naturally, because
love is the will of

September 24, 2018

you choose to
walk the path of enli-
ghtenment, your journey is
still a journey, you still face ob-
stacles, decisions are to be made; but,
as you are on the path of enlightenment,
these obstacles,  this journey,  these decisions
occur within the energies of love and compassion,
understanding, forgiveness; and, in this way, and in
this light, the journey becomes sacred.  And The Holy
Spirit says: This day you will walk along the path.
You will encounter situations.
You will encounter individuals.
All the things that come to you
can be acknowledged by you,
and blessed by you.  Reject
the energies of frustra-
tion. Reject the
ideas of
Reject all things
which interfere with light,
which diminish the light in any way;
for,  you are  to be  a light,  unto the world;
therefore, go forth this day, and let your light shine.

September 22, 2018

your true value.
Know  your  worth.
Know your greatness,
that  comes  to  you,
directly from Me;
for, I love
Many on Earth
might be able to say
that their mother or father
is  this  person,  or  that  person;
and, the name holds some significance.
All stand back and say, "My goodness.   You
are the child of so-and-so?"   Today, ponder, and
then realize, in every way, that you are a child of God.
And The Holy Spirit says: Yes, you are a child of God;
and, while it might be easy to say, or sounds like the
words of a song, you might sing, or teach to child-
ren, the importance of the statement has not
made it, clearly, into your being, has not
found a seat of importance, within
you.  So, today whisper it
to yourself, over
and over,
"I am,
a child of God!"
Let the realization sink-
in.  You are a child of God,
and your destiny is to return Home,
and live, forever, in the light, and glory of
your Eternal Parent, The Creator, of All Things!

September 21, 2018

the hours
of this day, looking
back into the past, or won-
dering, what lies ahead.  Today, is
The Present Piece of Eternity,
that is a gift, to you!
Look around.
See that
is with you.
See the present
eternity, today!  And
The  Holy  Spirit  says:
There was never a better
day, for dancing or singing.
There will never be a better
day, for taking a long walk,
or gazing up into the sky.
Use that which has been
given, unto you.  If
there is a hand
which reaches
for yours,
hold it.
If there
is a heart
which loves you,
love back.  Let today be the per-
fect day, as it will never come again!

September 20, 2018

you will
take the time to
follow  the thread
of your belief  in Me,
you will soon  come  to
understand a bit the mira-
cle, and the mystery, of faith.
And The Holy Spirit says: Faith
is an interesting gift.  It is one of
the few things that you will embrace
without seeing, without having con-
crete evidence of its existence; it
is something born within you,
borne by you; and, when
nurtured, grows
to such
a degree that
you can do all things
in faith.  Today, celebrate the
gift, the miracle, the mystery, of faith!

September 19, 2018

of you,
My children,
who are waking,
I call to you and say,
it is time to rise-up, rise-up fully,
and pay attention to the signs, as they come to you,
because they will point The Way, and they will do so rather clearly,
if you will look, notice, see, accept, and embrace that, which is sent to you,
without consideration, of what you might choose to do, but in a desire to follow
The Way, you choose to read the signs, and follow!  And The Holy Spirit says: All of
God's creation can read the signs, floating through the dimensions.  The birds of the
air, and the beasts of the ground,  the fowl,  the fish,  all creations, read the signs of
the seasons,  or the signs of each other,  and know:  what to do, when to prepare,
when to move forward, when to stop, and stay.  The green kingdom of Earth,
the seas and the rivers, as well, all read the signs, and know what to do:
whether to enjoy the budding of spring, or the first falling leaf of au-
tumn; whether to rise-up and shine, or to sink below the blanket
of Earth,  and be still,  for a while.   Human beings are slower
to see  the signs,  because they have walked  farther, and
farther away, from nature.  It is hard to see the signs
when you live in concrete and steel, but still,
they come.  Be still, be observant, and
vigilant, and watch for the
signs, for they

September 18, 2018

upon the Earth
is much like a river, flowing.
Sometimes the river flows slowly, some-
times the river is filled with power, moving quickly.
Each day within that river of your lifetime upon Earth is an experience of
changing energies.  Begin to look forward to each day, and the changing energies:
to see how you can adapt to those energies, moving all around you;  to see if you can
work with those energies in such a way, that they do not impact you, but rather, you
impact the energies, so that they do not change you, but ~ you ~ alter the energies
to fit your day, beautifully, to fit your purpose, exactly.  And The Holy Spirit
says: Do not permit "dread," to slip into your thoughts, wishing
you did not have to face something, or do something, or
experience something.  Alter your perspective
slightly.  Understand that all things move
into, stay for a while, and then leave,
the space around you.  Let the
energies flow.  See them
come, and see them go.
Work with the ener-
gies.  Soon you will know,
and master, each that comes to you.
Look forward to each day in the river that
is your lifetime.  Flow with the river, learn the
energies of each day,  and celebrate,  all along The
Way; you are in the river of your lifetime, upon Earth!

September 17, 2018

It is rarely easy to forgive
the one who believes their actions were,
or are, justified; but, with practice, it can be ac-
complished.  And The Holy Spirit says: When you ascend to
the plateau where forgiveness comes easy, for all things, you
have reached that place, and that degree of understanding, re-
garding energy, and you begin to participate, in the repairing,
and the moving, of energy  upon Earth.   You see clearly
how forgiveness ~ is the key ~ to moving energy
effortlessly, to keeping all areas
clear, of debris.

September 16, 2018
See  Jesus'  Sunday  Sermon

Do not let the ways of the world, 
the challenges of the world, the responsibil-
ities of the world, rob you, of the glory, of living!
There is a way to address each challenge, each re-
sponsibility that is yours in peace and tranquility.
Breathe deeply, be still, and you will feel My
love for you; and, the energy of My love
for you will carry you, through, each
day, step by step, all The Way.
And The Holy Spirit says:
When there seems
there is too
much to
do, the
you can do
is to be still,
stop, take a look
around, survey all that
needs to be done, and then,
begin, one thing at a time, one
process at a time, until you have
reached a place,  a station,  a level
where anxiety is no longer your part-
ner, and you can see clearly, progress
is being made.  This can all be done
peacefully, calmly, and quietly.

September 15, 2018

Lead your life in such a way,
that it is obvious, every day, that
you are led  by The Light.  And The
Holy Spirit says: Live your life in The
Light of God.  Do not make complex
that which is simple, and the simple
answer  to every question, which
might arise begins with love!
Soon you will learn  how
to master the ener-
gies within the
scope of
and, all
things will come
together.  Creation be-
gan with the energy of love.
Let it continue, through you!

September 14, 2018

Your life upon Earth will be different, My child, if you
set the intention, and the course: to follow the guidance
sent your way; to read the signs sent to you, which come
each day; to pay attention to what you think you should
do, rather than dismissing it, because you categorize it
as only your imagination, something you thought-up.
Begin to accept everything that flows your way, as
an alarm, as a call to service, as a good action
to follow, as the words you should say; and
then, sweep all thoughts away, which
are less than noble.  I smile
upon you, as I say,
"And that is all for
you, to do, this day."
And The Holy Spirit says: This
guidance is good, and true; and,
while God might smile, and think 
it seems a lot for you to do, actually
it is not so much, when you think of
all you must do, to undo, that which
is done every day by you.  This
direction is given to you
so that you might stay clear,
and be free, of all manner of debris.
Be at peace this day, and ask, and you will
know The Way, because it has been said, "Seek,
and ye shall find.  Knock and the door shall be opened."

September 13, 2018

Strip from yourself all things
except the gentle spirit, you find within;
and, if you do not find the gentle spirit within,
plant one there, and then begin to nurture it, and
let it grow, because it shall be, that the gentle spirit
will heal the wounded!  And The Holy Spirit says: When
comes the day, that all are screaming,  yelling,  running,
and in a chaotic fervor, there will be those gentle spirits
who have been trained, and brought-up, in The Way;
and, they will not be disturbed, by the noise of the
day, they will open their arms, and say,
"Come, and be healed!"

September 12, 2018

The climb up the mountain,
which you once thought impossible,
becomes possible, with a change of attitude,
and preparation.  The swim across a body of water,
which you once thought impossible, becomes possible,
with a change of attitude, and preparation.  The words,
"I cannot do that," become, "I can do that.  I will do that,"
with a change of attitude, and preparation.  And The Holy
Spirit says: The second you change your attitude, about
accomplishing a goal, victory is within your reach.
With  every  hour  you  spend  in  preparation
your  goal  will soon be  accomplished;
and when you say, "I will do it,"
it shall be accomplished.
All this happens,
when you
you can do it,
change your attitude,
and make preparations.
Adopt  this practice, today;
and, all that seems impossible,
will fade away, leaving before you
endless  possibilities,  glorious  days!

September 11, 2018

try to
others, by
telling them:
what they did wrong;
what they are doing wrong; or, if
they continue along the path they are following, what
they might do wrong.  Choose to correct that which needs changing
within yourself!  Make these corrections, and improvements, within yourself.
Do not correct others, until you have realized "perfection;" for, My child, once you
realize perfection, you will have the wisdom to see that you cannot tell, or speak, or cajole
others, into doing what you think they should do, and have the result you expect.  The best
way to show The Way is to live The Way!  And The Holy Spirit says: Be the living word;
for, others see what you are doing, others hear what you are saying; and, in seeing
what you are doing, and hearing what you are saying, they have an idea of
what you have been thinking.  In this manner, others make their
free will choices to follow the example,
or to reject the example.  You
speak with your deeds!
Show The Way, by
being the living
word; be love,
and be kind,
to all cre-

September 10, 2018

take the time,
and put forth the effort:
to adorn their bodies, with
jewelry and clothing; to deny
themselves food, to change their
appearance; to paint themselves to be
more appealing; to pay someone else to cut-
off this or that, or to put this or that on, in order to re-
create their bodies.  There is much time taken on the presentation
of the seen, the body.  I say unto you, spend that time on the unseen spirit that
you are.  Address the issues which need addressing, in fact, which are calling-out to
be addressed.   Change your perspective!   Practice using love!   Practice being kind!
Practice understanding others, and holding compassion for them!  Practice charity!
Do not adorn the seen, and neglect the unseen, because the unseen spirit
animates the body.  And The Holy Spirit says:  Do the things
which will give you health,
and happiness, which
will give you contentment,
which will lead you to peace.
Sit quietly, and practice humility,
and generosity ... and kindness ... and
compassion!    These are the things,  and
The Way to health, and happiness, and peace!

September 9, 2018
See Jesus' Sunday Sermon

I know your days are busy,
filled with work, and responsibility;
yet, I ask you to do something for Me,
with Me.  When you rise-up, to go-out
into the day, come sit with Me, first,
come sit, and we shall pray; and,
I will bless you, and give you
strength, and courage,
to carry you
the day.
And The
Holy Spirit says:
When you stop, first,
before you begin your day,
to sit with God, you bless the day,
you bless The Way, and The Way is made
clear, for you, because of what God did say unto
you.  Begin each day, in a special way, sitting with God.

September 8, 2018

Every time you entertain negative thoughts
about another person, or a particular situation,
you immerse yourself in the energy of that individ-
ual,  or that situation , you make yourself a prisoner
of the thoughts,  of that individual,  of that situation.
Freedom is blessing, releasing, forgiving, and loving.
Do not become entangled, or ensnared, with what
others are thinking, or saying, or doing.  You
cannot control what another thinks,
or says, or does.  How-
ever, you can master
your own thoughts,
your own words,
and your own deeds
in such a way, that they re-
flect the glory, of The Kingdom
of Heaven.  And The Holy Spirit says:
You have a responsibility to maintain your
thoughts: so that they are the seeds of peace,
and light, and love; so that they are the seeds
of understanding, and compassion, and kind-
ness.  This responsibility is set, with you!

September 7, 2018

With the coming of each new day
you are given the opportunity to free yourself
of the chains, and the shackles, that hold you down,
that keep you from moving forward, upon your quest:
to see the light, to know the glory, to hear the story, of all
creation.  So, as you begin this day free yourself.  Free yourself
of any grudge you might hold.  Free yourself of any hesitation you
might carry regarding forgiveness, or love.  Drop those things im-
mediately.  Take a deep breath; and then, feel My love flowing
to you, and let it continue to flow into you and through you.
And,  in this manner,  off-you-will-go,  into the new day.
And The Holy Spirit says: As you spend years upon
the Earth, the burdens that you carry
might grow heavier, and heavier.
They will grow heavier, and heavier, if
you cannot free-yourself of past grudges,
if you cannot open your arms, and your heart,
and  say,  "Yes,  I do  forgive you."  And,  in so saying,
forgive yourself  as well.   It has become a common practice
in the world created by man to hold grudges, because you feel
you are justified, to hold-back forgiveness, because you feel
you are justified, because you feel, perhaps in most cases,
that "the other person," is the guilty party.   Erase  this
thinking process  from you.   Open your heart,  and
do as Jesus instructed you.   Forgive all things
in order that you, too, might be forgiven!

September 6, 2018

is the one
who "chooses,"
the path of humility
and loves all creation.
And The Holy Spirit says:
The one who finds the gift
of freewill, and leaves it in-
tact, in the hands of each re-
cipient, is blessed, many times
over; for they hold the wisdom
to understand, and know, that,
that which God has given, is
meant to be so.  Do not
take from another,
what God
has given
to them, freely,
The Gift of Freewill!

September 5, 2018

Let love
envelope all you do;
for, love is the energy which
lifts - you - up,  brings  great  light,
supports you and all those around you
in the arms of comfort, and confidence.
Wherever you are let love  be there  too,
with you.  And The Holy Spirit says:  Even
the most challenging individual  can fe-
el the gift of love, flowing,  from you.
When you open  to the love of God
let it flow through you, and dir-
ect  it  right  to  them.   It is a
powerful gift,  a gift rare-
ly  received;  for,  few
know  that  love  is
the most impor-
tant ener-
gy of
is the
of creation,
and The Power
of Love is within you!

September 4, 2018

Do not use
your precious energy
to pollute the world, with angry th-
oughts, and words, and deeds.  Do not pollute
those around you, or yourself, in this manner; for,
anger  is  a vicious energy,  a sword  that will strike
the creator, as quickly as the victim, of this energy.
Cleanse yourself of anger, by standing in the light!
And The Holy Spirit says: When you come to under-
stand "the importance of energy," how it moves,
sometimes subtly, sometimes with great impact,
and force, you will come to the place  where
you desire to  master the energy  around
you.  When that day does come, rise-
up and master, so that the ener-
gy around you is pure,
and light, con-
ceived in

September 3, 2018

directly in My light.
Refuse to react to another's
negative thoughts, words, or deeds;
for,  in reaction,  to negative,  you magnify the
negative, you add-to the negative; but when you stand
firmly in My light, and act, from My light, with My love,
the course of the energy changes, and My peace, moves
in where chaos once did reign.  And The Holy Spirit says:
It has become common practice, in the world created
by man, to heap reaction, upon reaction, upon
reaction, exchanging negative energy.
The only way to stop chaos,
and confusion,
and anger,
and mistrust, and
any other darker energies
rampant in the world today, is to let
the love of God flow through you, and pour-
it-out; and, this love, flowing from you, poured-out
on the angry sea will calm the waters, will bless thee.

September 2, 2018
See Jesus' Sunday Sermon

your life,
in such a way,
that you bring the joy
of My light, and My love,
into every day.  This is how
you continue My creation.  In your
attempts to maintain, and sustain, life
upon Earth, always remember to season
all that you do with love, and understanding,
and compassion.    And The Holy Spirit says:
Sometimes ~ it appears that ~  to follow
The Ways of God, you must give-
up the ways of the world,
and this is not true.
You must:
bring The 
Ways of God
into the ways of
the  world,  with  you!
Let the ways of God permeate
all you do.   When you work,  work with
The Light of God all around you.  When you play,
let the light of God illuminate, all that you do.  In this Way
your joy and your excitement for your life on Earth, and eternally,
will be illuminated for all to see ~ will mark your path ~ will show The Way!

to every man, woman,
and child, on Earth, everyday!
And at The Quiet Place, we conclude
our morning prayers with these words asking
God, what we should know, today: "Our Creator,
God, what is it that You wish for us to know, today?"

God says: